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    How to maintain a Filter without resetting when Grouping and Ungrouping rows

    Hi All, I am running a filter with a bunch of groups for my PnL. The challenge is that I have a column that lets me know that a particular row has no values and to reflect "H" (Hide) or "K" (Keep). So when I use the filter it hides the empty rows for that particular PnL. Its a template so these...
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    Group/Ungroup vs Pivot Table

    Hi all, I was just looking up on Group and Ungroup functions of the Outline tools in Excel, and I wondered if the Pivot Table is able to do what both of them do. So my question is: What is the main difference of the two? What can one do and the other cannot? In what circumstance would you use...
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    How to OutlineLevel for a hierarchy

    Hi I am trying to find a way to automatically outline a hierarchy in Excel (group rows) I cannot find a code to do that either For example: <tbody> Code Item Rollup 1 A Title 1.1 B Subtitle Level 1 1.1.1 C Compare 1.2 D Subtitle Level 1 1.2.1 E Subtitle Level 2 F Compare...
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    Sort within outline group

    Hi all, How do I sort within an outline group? I have a set of data grouped by country, and would like to sort both levels of data by the same column. Using a regular sort function just sorts the country level, and doesn't sort items within. How would I do this without using VBA? Seems like...
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    When redirected from a "front sheet" via a hyperlink, extrude a hidden group with a macro

    Hi, I have a document which redirects users from a "front sheet" to the sheets behind that via hyperlinked objects. The place they are hyperlinked to are hidden grouped empty data sheets. When the user clicks on a hyperlinked object to go to a data sheet, I want the sheet to automatically show...
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    Grouping and collapsing Rows - Show the +/- signs within the cell

    Hello,Is it possible to show the "+" and "-" signs WITHIN the main cell(of the worksheet, not a pivot table) rather than the signs showing in a bar to the left of the column when grouped?
  7. C

    Can't see the "+"/"-" symbol in grouped columns

    I have Excel 2013. When I group columns together, I don't see the "+" sign at the top to expand/collapse the grouping. What's going on?
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    VB to create a Bill of Material group/outline

    I am hoping some can help me with code to create a group/outline structure to show the different levels (parent/child relationship) on a Bill of Material. I am able to do this manually, but it is rather time consuming when there are 1000's of items in the Bill of Material. The list I am working...
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    Expanding only visible groups

    I have a very large spreadsheet with several groups of rows. The level 1 row in each group contains location data for a cable. The level 2 children rows contain details for that cable. When I filter the spreadsheet based on a location, all of the cables that have that location are visible but...
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    Dialog Box Launcher greyed out...

    I want to group columns in excel with the main column to the left, not right (as is the default). According to other posts, this can be done through the Outline Dialog Box Launcher... but mine is greyed out Dialog Box Launchers seem to work just fine everywhere else they appear in the standard...
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    Group/Ungroup ONLY some columns/rows accross ALL sheets

    I have a workbook with 12 worksheets. The sheets already have a few grouped columns and rows I want to write a macro that will group/ungroup only certain columns (ex. columns T-V and rows 5-8) but not all of the rest of the grouped columsn/rows. Lastly, I want this macro to repeat this command...
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    Need help to Group Rows based on Cell Content in Col A

    Hi Friends, Basically, I am looking for a macro code which would help me to group the rows based on the cell content in the column A. I have a spreadsheet which have country names in column A and data in others columns, I want to group all the countries based on its sub areas. I have to repeat...

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