group cells

  1. H

    Formula to Group Duplicate Cells/Data into Single Cell (Not VBA)

    Hey Guys Just after some heap been rcking my brain for days! My Table/Range has been pupulated this way; <tbody> <tbody> Window Support Channel 1/1800, 1/1200, 3/600, Window Support Channel 4/1800, 2/1200, 4/900, Window Support Channel 1/1800, 1/1200, 3/600, </tbody>...
  2. J

    Grouping Data by summing values and criteria

    Hi There, I wonder if someone can help me? I have a series of data (~700 rows, 5 columns) that I am looking to allocate into 5 groups using a random function and based on a series of rules / criteria that I would like to apply. I wondering if there is a simple formula that I can apply to the...
  3. T

    Combining Range of Text Values Based

    Hello, I am having an issue with text and a lack of VBA knowledge. For some reason the "my computer" window won't load (I'm not computer savvy at all)so I can't access my screen shot which I am very sorry about, but here is the issue: I am organizing the number of chemicals found at a particular...
  4. O

    Copy, order and group data by certain rules (Create a transportation service sheet)

    Hi!!! Everyday I have to order and group a list of clients into several transport services, regarding their arrivals. So from the airport to their booked hotels. Here is a link to an example file with that list at the sheet named: "chegadas"...
  5. A

    Group Columns with Slider

    I have grouped columns and in these columns there are sliders, but every time I try to minimize the group columns the slider doesn't minimize, it stays fully visible. Is there a way to ensure the sliders minimize with the grouped columns?
  6. M

    Group cells without the totals (conditional grouping)

    Hello! I'm trying to write the code to run a macro on VB to group rows until the totals. Example: <tbody> TITLE 1 TITLE 2 TITLE 3 TITLE 4 % X X1 X11 98 X X2 X21 87 X X3 X31 20 X X1 X12 10 X X3 X32 X TOTAL 53.75 Y Y1 Y11 68 Y Y1 Y12 98 Y Y2 Y21 14 Y TOTAL...
  7. H

    VBA Insert blank row to split a group of cells into equal portions

    Hi forum gurus, I'm a novice at VBA, having started to learn it on Friday! I have 50 spreadsheets formatted the same as I'm working on now, and I've been writing code to automate the process. There's one step I can't seem to find answers for on the net. Essentially I needed to group data when...
  8. H

    Making Groups in 'For Each' loop

    I am compiling a list of BOMs. It will first list the assembly name, and then list all of it's components in the rows underneath. The assemblies name and fields pulled with it must be bold. The list of components underneath it must be group together, so i can collapse all the groups and just...
  9. S

    finding the specific sum of values in a given column and then grouping the sum of the values.

    Hello All, I need help in finding a formula that will sum up the range of values in a specific column then i need to group the sum of the values by that specific sum. column A has 1200 line items: various names of pencil cases (PCRed, PCBlue, PC Green etc. column B also has 1200 line items...
  10. K

    Formula to sum a range of weekly data in buckets of 2, 3, 4 or more weeks and return the result as an array

    Hi, I'm looking for a formula that in the first phase would return an array of aggregated order intake values based on available weekly order intake. The aggregation needs to group 2,3,4,5 or more weeks (definable by the user) into bigger chunks and preferably return the result as an array. In...
  11. J

    Code not working

    Hello, My names John and I'm completely new to VBA but I'm using due to my dissertation which required extensive data analysis and sorting. My data is extensive (over 450,000 rows) covering years 1997-2009. Please find specimen of data below which can be copied and pasted into excel. Date...
  12. N

    Sorting Rows with the Same Word

    Is there any way to group rows with same words in a certain column? I have a document with 3000 rows, and I'd like the rows to be sorted by the same word in a column. So, for example, the cells in a column may look like this: A...
  13. C

    Re-Arrange Linked Data Into Specific Cells

    I have about 70 individual site wor<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:PersonName>kb</st1:PersonName>ooks that include a list of maintenance problems at that site. A Master wor<st1:PersonName>kb</st1:PersonName>ook links all maintenance problems...
  14. rainx

    help needed -- link data in 1 cell

    Sample data: <table x:str="" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 189pt;" width="252" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><col style="width: 90pt;" width="120"> <col style="width: 99pt;" width="132"> <tbody><tr style="height: 15pt;" height="20"> <td class="xl62" style="height...

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