1. W

    Cumulative sum Value by rank and per group

    Hi everyone, I have to put an evaluation to the certain data set (ex : image below), and I'm attempting to create a summary for the cumulative sum of value by rank per group. Column A is the number of data Column B is the Group of each data Column C is the value of each data Column D is the...
  2. J

    How to group or categorize data from one sheet to another when categories are unknown until data is pushed to output sheet

    Hello, I have a tool that spits out data to excel in a sheet with column headers and several rows of data. From that data, I'd like to transfer it to another sheet in a prettier format and grouped by a certain column based on the output. For example, I have a category column, for every repeated...
  3. E

    Pivot table Show products sold only in one year

    Hello, I can't post a screenshot with my pivot right now, but please consider a simple tabular pivot table with 2 columns. Column 1 contains years 2000-2020( group by date feature) and Column 2 has some product names sold in that year from column1. No agregation, only this 2 columns. (I'll...
  4. M

    Excel VBA Help

    Hello Everyone, I need some help with the data below. So, I'm trying to assign numbers to the Values in Column B. For example ,if Column B has Apple in it and I assign it 22, I want the next item on the list to be 23 and so on. Same items should have same value, as you can see in Column A. How...
  5. H

    Convert group of shapes to picture

    Hi, I'm working an a project where I try to convert a group of shapes to a picture and then delete the group. Shortly how I done so far: (the s_text, s_header etc. are programmatically generated shapes) Dim shpGroup As Shape Set shpGroup = sales_sheet.Shapes.Range(Array(s_text.Name...
  6. L

    Power Query - Append Grouped Rows based on specific columns AND row values

    Hi! My data set has 117,000 rows and 14 columns. It is at an item and week level. There is a week column, an item description column, 11 columns of characteristics that describe/classify the item, and finally the value column (cost). Is it possible, via M code or otherwise, for me to group by...
  7. E

    Creating a new workbook with VBA including VBA

    Hi All, I am using at the moment a VBA code to create a new workbook. It´s financial data and therefore I want to use the group function to show detail in my totals. Next, i want to protect the two newly created sheets and save it as a new workbook. So everything works fine till this point, but...
  8. A

    Can you create "Sub Sheets" within a sheet in excel?

    For example, I have a workbook I use to enter data from my daily work deposits. Each sheet n the workbook has a single days worth of data. We run on a period schedule of 4 weeks. I would like to be able to create a sheet called "Period 1" and hide all of the date sheets within the specified...
  9. H

    Pivot Table (from Database): count total of grouped items

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to display the number of grouped items as a value or as a bracketed suffix to the name? For example: Accessoires would show "Accessoires (12)" and Accessoires Indoor would be "Accessoires Indoor (39)" even though it is collapsed. Alternatively, B3 would show the...
  10. H

    Group By SUM

    Hello, I have very simple data, that I want to group by SUM As the uploaded image shows. My Data has 3 columns, first comes Index, Numbers then Group, which I want to fill according to specific limit cell H2. I started by summing like cumulative column, then divided the result by the limit and...
  11. H

    How many sets of a number can I make?

    Hi! I have a huge set of data that includes hours employees have worked during a pay period. I need to know how many employees have worked 40 hours during the pay period. I can combine employees to get to one 40 hour employee. For example, if I have someone who has worked 40 hours they count as...
  12. J

    Hide / Show Group of Shapes / Textboxes based on Cell Value or Drop Down List

    Morning All, I have a workbook that I am working on and I have a load of shapes, textboxes and labels grouped together (Group 102) on a sheet (Income) and I would like to hide the group if a cell value or drop down is 1 or show it if it's 2. I have tried many various things that I have found...
  13. M

    Is there a way to create an "If Then" Group By in Power Query using parameter values?

    I am trying to create a Power Query with a parameter that what would perform the Table.Group function based on the parameter value. For example, if the parameter value Group by Region= "Yes", then sum up the sales and profits for each region. If the parameter value does not equal "Group by...
  14. G

    Systematically add 150 more rows every 51 cells down

    I have a sheet that has groups of 50 rows with a row to separate each group from the next. I would like to increase the amount of rows in each group by 150 (a total of 200). So starting on cell ("D55") add 150 rows above D55:AA55, then go down 51 rows and repeat for cell ("D106") [add 150 rows...
  15. B

    Conditional change: Change value in a cell based on specific text (ending in "X") in another column

    Hello Board, I am new to board and dumb, hoping someone would share a simple VBA code I have a large table of data of ~10000 rows. I'd like VBA Code to loop through: 1) evaluate data in column A for cells that contains 5 characters ending in letter "X" 2) If it finds such, I'd...
  16. C

    Grouping Rows

    Hi all, I want to group rows in blocks of 2 rows at a time. For example...row 1 & 2 would be a group. row 3 & 4 would be a group. so on and so forth. I want to use the 1 & 2 button to open and collapse the groups. I had it before but can't for the life of me remember how to do it again. I have...
  17. S

    Formula to compare 2 cells with different text

    So I am trying to create a formula that compares to different cells to make sure the area assigned is correct. The problem is how the text is written ... Cell B1 the text reads "Group 55 Region E Area 558" in Cell B2 the text reads "55E8" I need a formula that compares B1 to B2 that shows 55E8...
  18. S

    If X in C4, copy to E4, Dependent Validation

    I've set up Dependent Data Validation so when a specific Session is selected only specific options are available in the next two columns. However, the third column the user is to input a number. The only restriction is for the Session called Previous Group. Those two dependent validation columns...
  19. S

    =ROUNDUP(RANK($C27,Rando)/Sizes,0) FORMULA

    I tried the formula below =ROUNDUP(RANK($C27,Rando)/Sizes,0) and it works great for a list of people. I need this formula to work for a group of employees rather than a list of names. My chart below shows a group of employees in each department. So 42 represents one department, 19 another group...
  20. G

    Creating a group for items in a listbox

    Is there a way to create groups of line items from the listbox? I have a userform that allows me to show and hide certain columns. There are 2 listboxes in the userform; one to 'Show' the list item and the other to 'Hide' the list item. By double clicking the items in the listboxes, a user can...
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