1. H

    Pivot Table (from Database): count total of grouped items

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to display the number of grouped items as a value or as a bracketed suffix to the name? For example: Accessoires would show "Accessoires (12)" and Accessoires Indoor would be "Accessoires Indoor (39)" even though it is collapsed. Alternatively, B3 would show the...
  2. G

    Screen Refresh

    On one worksheet I have a group of buttons (not actually grouped, but just adjacent). When I click one of the buttons is unhides another worksheet and hides the first worksheet. The buttons show as an image on the second worksheet and the real buttons on the second worksheet are not visible...
  3. TAPS_MikeDion

    Can you change a button group lock options to True/False with 1 command?

    Just wondering if I can shorten my code a tad by changing grouped buttons with 1 command instead of two. For example: If you have a group of two radio buttons (for this example I'll call the group "NewEmp") and you want to lock or unlock them, do you have to use two commands (i.e...
  4. FrumpyJones

    Conditional Formatting: Can I base it off of a group of other CF's?

    Hi again all, I have a new hire checklist that has 5 groups and various rows in these grouped rows for each group. (Example rows 3-7 are grouped for network access ID's. rows 8-13 are grouped for software that needs to be installed). Each grouping has its own merged and centered title in Column...
  5. A

    Find if Cells are grouped

    I am trying to write a macro that can go down a column and find if multiple rows in the column are grouped. If they are, then I would like for it to ungroup them then place the value in all of the rows that were grouped. In other words if A1 and A2 were grouped, ungroup them and then put the...
  6. I

    Moving ToggleButtons

    Any ideas how to stop toggle buttons from moving every time i open my spreadsheet. I have a few of them. I have grouped them, set them to don't move or resize but they still do it. Many Thanks
  7. N

    Expand cells when choosing dropdown option

    Hi, I have an excel template which can be used by different users. I would like to have a macro that expands or collapses a group of cells when a specific user-type is chosen in a "user" dropdown. Details: Dropdown is found in cell A4 and has option of choosing user A or user B. If user A...
  8. G

    Copy Row that Contains Grouped Data

    Hi There, I am trying to copy all the data in my row that includes the grouped dated. If the data is grouped and I past the new row in it messes up my conditional formatting. If the data is ungrouped the conditional formation just expands another row. Is there a way to include the grouped data?
  9. F

    VBA Code to Hide/Unhide Columns across multiple Sheets while keeping columns grouped

    Hello, I am new to VBA coding and would appreciate assistance with the following scenario. I have a file that I would like to hide a range of columns across multiple sheets. I am wanting one button to be able to do all this at once if possible. On sheet 1, I am looking to hide columns (L:R)...
  10. J

    Applying Filter to All Rows

    i have a large worksheet that I want to apply a Filter in Row 1 across all columns that will show me all data in each row for any given column. I have a data set from Row 6-42, that are grouped then another data set from row 48-50, that are grouped and so on throughout the worksheet down to...
  11. W

    |Formula| Incident number with Vlookup return grouped with ROW () in single cell

    I am trying to make an incident column in a log. I have the following formula in the table column cell (is a table so increments): =VLOOKUP(WHSELocation,Hidden!J2:K33,2,FALSE),ROW() Of course this is coming back in error. The idea is it is looking in 'WHSE Location" a name, it matches...
  12. M

    Macro to group the rows based on cell value

    Dear all, I need help. I would like to group the rows if the value is zero. For example, if cell a10 has a value, and a15 has a value, then row 11 to row 14 have to be grouped as row 11 to row 14 values are zero. I have 2000 rows. Can anyone help me with this please? Thank you very much!
  13. Johnny C

    Excel VBA check if chart is part of a group

    Hi I'm writing an Add-In so people in my team can copy charts automatically to PowerPoint or Word. I just tested it on a file where one of the charts has text boxed and an arrow grouped together - these will need to be copied together. First, How do I tell that the chart is part of a Group. I...
  14. S

    Sorting grouped items

    Hey, I have grouped amounts and it equates to the subtotal. I would like to sort all of the subtotals will my groupings follow?
  15. R

    Grouped Cells in Protected Sheet

    I have a workbook that I am supplying to a production shop to help allocate their costs properly. For the most part, the sheet takes a few columns of inputs from the operators that are used in formula driven cells to calculate various costs. I first made sure that all the cells in the sheet...
  16. M

    Protected Sheet Permissions - Expanding grouped cells

    Hello Masters of Happiness, I have learned tons on this site without ever asking a question, but today I need help!! I have a protected worksheet, and users are to access certain cells. Those columns that are most relevant are displayed, while less relevant columns are grouped and collapsed. I...
  17. C

    Group/Ungroup disabled on VBA Protected Sheet with UserInterfaceOnly = TRUE

    NOTE:This post is NOT about allowing a user to Expand (+)/Collapse (-) grouped rows/columns on a worksheet, but is about increasing/decreasing the number of rows/columns that are included in the existing Row/Column Outlines. I have the following code in a macro that toggles sheet protection on...
  18. A

    VBA Group / Ungroup

    Hello, I have the below code to toggle my grouped columns in excel to expand and contract (the code doesn't remove the grouping), how do I amend this code so that this only applies to specific columns e.g. A:E and leaves all my other grouped columns Thanks Public Function...
  19. C

    Outline.SummaryColumn = xlRight triggers error if Excel Table is Grouped

    Using Microsoft Excel 2016 MSO 32-bit from Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016. I have a workbook that contains several sheets, one of which holds a structured Excel Table used to record individual investments. The table includes various data entry columns as well as several...
  20. A

    COUNTIF with several criteria

    Hey Dear community, I have very big data, where i need to count income based on markets, but there are some group of markets in my list with different names, i have already grouped them. ( for example N-market 1 , N-market 2 , N-market 3 ) So all N-markets are in A2:A10 How can i ask excel to...

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