1. A

    Creating a Sequence of Groups with Instructors, Rotating to never match groups previously done

    For a professional training session we need to easily create groups: 1. I have a class of 36 students 2. I have 12 group leaders 3. There is always 12 groups of 3 students with 1 group leader. 3. I need 4 sessions with no repeats of students or group leaders. Can you suggest a formula or...
  2. B

    Assign Parties to Groups with Maximum Size

    Greetings, I have been attempting unsuccessfully for a method to assign parties of random sizes into groups of a maximum size with the goal of minimizing the total number of groups. I am open to using formulas or VBA for solving this problem. ABCDEFGHI1Party IDSizeGroup IDSizeParties2A1Max...
  3. C

    Sorting by levels

    I want to know if there is a simple form to sort a table by level. Example: I have this table. The item 0 is like top level , any subsecuense .01 are part of the 00 level and items .02 are part of .01 therefore items "sort order" for 1 are 2 to 23. I would apreciated if anyones knows if it exist.
  4. R

    Updating Objects in Different Groups in the One Worksheet

    I have a worksheet where a map has been created using a number of freeform objects. Each of these objects has been assigned the name of the territory which it represents. I then have a list of each territory, with a reference to the fill colour required. I have this working with the first...
  5. E

    Create Random Unique Groups of 5, Keep Duplicates in Column

    I have a spreadsheet of thousands of books that need to be broken down into groups of 5 titles. I want to know how many unique groups can be created from this list. The catch is, some titles have 600 copies, while some have only 1. How can Excel create my groups of books? Also, do I have any...
  6. R

    Creating Deciles basis a condition

    Hi, I have a similar issue, I want to create a formula that splits the data into deciles, or 10 equal groups of total rows but i also want it should divide the data in 10 groups or equal rows/people basis the city they belongs. For example, there are 300 rows for City1, 200 for city2, 400 for...
  7. U

    Sum If and Circular Reference

    I am looking for a "less manual" way to do my current process. I have a sales channel "NHOM" or "NHAF" and multiple material groups "W01 or "W02" for example. I pick out the main material groups and then any others are grouped as "Other". There are different types and count of material groups...
  8. T

    Collapse/Expand grouped columns based on cell value

    Hi All, I have a worksheet with 52 weeks of personnel planning. These are grouped columns with an empty column in between each week. The groups are in columns E:PL. Each of the weeks are named ranges. Columns A:D have text (ie. work path, area, etc.). For the user, the columns are frozen to...
  9. M

    How to add up different amounts into separate totals.

    Good evening. i hope a can explain what I need. i am doing a cash ledger with around 6 or 7 categories. What I am trying to do is total the amounts from each categories separately. eg. col1. Col 2 subscriptions. £25 events in. £34 subscriptions. £79 camps in...
  10. S

    Average groups of numbers within a larger group

    I have a large group of numbers in a column. I would like to average those numbers in groups of 7. So average the first 7, average the 2nd 7, and so on down the whole list. Is there a way to do this without manually selecting each group to find their average? I have Kutools and ASAP utilities...
  11. J

    IF Clause

    Hello everyone, I have the following tabel: <tbody> Dep Area A A1 A A2 A A3 A A4 A A5 A A15 A A16 A A20 A A21 </tbody> Now I am Looking for a function for an calculated column (Power Pivot), which categorize the Area in the following groups A1-A5 = AA A15-A16 = AB A20-30...
  12. M

    Aggregate Data

    When transforming data I have a situation. A field called "Booking Qtr" comes in from a source with 4 choices right now: FY19-Q3 FY19-Q4 FY20-Q1 FY20-Q2 When we are in Q4, FY19-Q3 "drops off" an then the data will also have records with FY20-Q3. I want only 2 groups of data: "Current", which...
  13. P

    Recall a whole table based on a selected cell value

    Hi, I have a number of tables (in a single sheet). Each table has some properties (temperature, presssure) pertaining to a particular pipe material group. What I want is that when i select one of the material groups (in another sheet), it displays all the values related to that table underneath.
  14. M

    Extract desire groups copy and paste them into another locations

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> Sheet1 I got lottery results in the cells D6:J3500, cells C6:C3500 I have assigned the numbers 1 to 356 each group has 9 rows rest of the rows are empty at movement.</SPAN></SPAN> In the area D1:J3 where I want to put the group number, which I want to extract it, can be...
  15. hellothere1234

    Macro to group and sort data rows

    I have rows of data that I have sorted by Date and then Employee. I want a Macro / VBA code (not a Pivot table) that can: 1) Group the rows into separate weeks (Tuesday to Monday) and add 2 rows between each group 2) Resort the groups by Employee then Date 3) Add a row at the top into cell B1...
  16. M

    Conditional Formatting for Groups of Observations

    Hello, I have a large spreadsheet which contains several groups of observations as individual rows. For example, there is an "obs" column with ten rows having an observation value of "1", six rows having an observation value of "2", eight rows having an observation value of "3", and so on. For...
  17. I

    I need URGENT Help

    <tbody> Group 1 P Group 1<strike></strike> A Group 2 P Group 3 A Group 3 A Group 1 P Group 2 A Group 3 P Group 2 P Group 1 A </tbody> I need Results, i have 1000 rows for 15 groups <tbody> Group No Count(P) Count(A) Group 1 2 2 Group 2 Group 3...
  18. J

    Sort groups of cells into numerical order

    Hi, I would appreciate any help on how to write some code to sort groups of cells I have into numerical order. The cells are grouped like this: <tbody> A B 1 15 16 2 green 3 triangle 4 5 11 12 6 blue 7 square 8 9 20 21 10 yellow 11 diamond 12 13 7 8...
  19. srizki

    Pivot Table Question

    I need to create a pivot table. My headings are in A3 toAE3, and the data is in A4:AE462. Here is the problem; at the end of the table I have headingthat repeated, <tbody> 3900 3910 3940 3980 TOTAL </tbody> Three times and thenand there is another heading on...
  20. A

    Graph with 2 "groups" of stacked columns separated

    Hello ! Though I am a brand new member, I have been an unlogged user and big fan of MrExcel for a long time. Thank you all for countless good advices and tips I found here over time... As I am unable to find an answer to my question, here I am with my first request for help ! I need to build...

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