1. J

    How to calculate compound interest?

    hello first post here i want to learn to calculate compound interest using excel how do i do that? let say i have 1000$ and it gets 10% raised every week how do i calculate the total growth in 1 year?
  2. SimonHughes

    Calculate Growth Value When Drawing Down Funds

    Hello, I want to create a spreadsheet where I start with a fixed value, say £100,000 which will grow at a rate of (say) 4%pa for 10 years when I will start drawing down capital at 10%pa. This part of the calculation is easy but what I then want to do is to apply the original 4% growth to the...
  3. K

    Nested IF Then statements

    Hi- I have a spreadsheet (below) where I am trying to say Yes or No to whether or not a student met their goals. If a student's At Above/Below Grade Level (column B) is "At Above" and their Spring End RIT column C is equal to or greater than One Year Growth (column D) then the Met Growth Goals...
  4. M

    Retirement Corpus Calculation

    I'm trying to find the required corpus for the following: Present Value = 200,000 20 years to retirement 30 years total retirement Projected inflation = 2% Projected growth = 6% Annual withdrawal will be $115,000 To meet the $115,000 with 2% inflation and 6% growth requires a corpus of...
  5. E

    Index Matching with Multiple Criteria and Greater Than

    Hello, Excel noob when it comes to Index Match and first time posting. TIA! I am creating a spreadsheet to model portfolio trades based off of target trade amounts. I'm trying to prioritize the allocation of certain "Stock Types". I'm wondering how I could retrieve a specific figure based...
  6. S

    Mean Reversion Calculation

    Hello, First off, appreciate any help as I a have been banging my head on this for some time. I want to see if there is any guidance on how to do a mean reversion forecast in excel. The data points are very simple and are linked below for your reference...
  7. B

    VBA to capitalize every proper word in a sentence

    Is there any way using VBA to capitalize every proper word in a sentence? For example for the sentence: Beginning in 1910, the automobile industry sprang up in Detroit with 125 different auto companies. The rise of the city’s automobile industry spawned an upward movement of population and...
  8. G

    Conditional Array Formula

    Hi, I have created the following formula to calculate the ratio of monthly growth rate of sales of Product A (in row 3) when the sales of Product B (in row 4) are growing, to the positive growth in sales of Product B...
  9. R

    Exponential growth for set range

    I am trying to have an exponential growth rate for a column starting at 2 and ending at 5million for a range of 310 cells. Are there any formulas that can help me with this? Thanks
  10. H

    Dynamic Growth Formula with Varying Time Periods

    Hi there, Thanks in advance for the help! What I need to do: I have investments that will be made in increments (in this case $15 total invested across five $3 increments in consecutive quarters starting with 3/31/2018). Once invested, each increment will grow beginning in the next quarter...
  11. B

    Cumulative Growth

    Hi, I have the following % and I would like to know how I use these % to work out a cumulative growth please? I haven't done this before so apolgies if this seems vague as im not too sure what to do. 110% 28% 67% 74%
  12. B

    Forecasting given target for Year+1 and Year+2

    Good evening, I need some help as I cannot find anything relevant on Google or the forum. Here is my situation: January 1st 2019, I'll open a new business; I plan on signing 5,000 users the 1st month (A2=5,000) have accumulated 500,000 users by end of December 2019 (L2=500,000) reach...
  13. A

    Recording Data when using =rand()

    Hi all!, Quick question: So im trying to create a financial model that uses the rand() and randbetween() functions to put in randomised growth rates for certain parameters for a company. Ive successfully set up the functions and output but i want to quick record the output each time I press F9...
  14. M

    Vlookup & Custom Cell Formatting Question

    Please see the table below for the cells referenced in my question...... Cell D1 is Data Validation from cells A1:A18 If cell D1 = Cell A2 then I need the value typed into cell E1 to contain the symbol in cell B2 $15 If cell D1 = Cell A7 then I need the value typed into cell E1 to contain the...
  15. M

    Data Forecast

    Hello Everyone, I have a scenario wherein I need to know the forecast based on the previous year data. <tbody> Jan.'17 Feb.'17 Mar.'17 Apr.'17 May.'17 Jun.'17 Jul.'17 Aug.'17 Sep.'17 Oct.'17 Nov.'17 Dec.'17 Data 1203 1344 861 1132 1344 1142 900 1706 1552 3002 1358 1367...
  16. M

    Remove year 1 in line chart for YoY growth

    Hi Guys - I can't figure this out for the life of me. I have a mixed chart with actual revenue numbers, and a YoY growth rate in the form of a line chart graphed on the secondary axis. For year 1, the change rate is 'n/a' since I cant compare a year that doesn't exist yet. By having that...
  17. N

    If Cell has text in a list, return cell address of LIST match.

    Hello all, I've been all over the internet trying to figure this out and I could be making this way harder that it is at this point. On Sheet 1, I have cell in A1 with a long string " Am grow NHQ Dep: American Growth Type: Liquid State CO : Am Grow". On Sheet 2 in column A of words starting...
  18. P

    Delete range based on cell values

    Hi, I've tried to put together a macro based on what I have found here in other threads but got stuck and to be honest, I'm not even sure my approach is correct to the problem, as I'm new to VBA. In my sheet, there are several 'blocks' of data under each other and they all follow the same...
  19. A

    Looping calculations for blocks of data

    Hi, I have recorded a macro that is performing a couple of simple calculations on a dataset that is 12 columns wide by 8 rows tall. However, I now need to to have the macro loop those same calculations over each 12x8 block, until a blank row is reached. The data is very regular, every set is...
  20. 6

    simulate the growth of my invested capital given growth rate and capital gain tax

    I would like to simulate the growth of my capital invested in a stock. Suppose these conditions: - initial capital of 100.000$ (cell A1 = 100.000$) - growth rate of +100%/month (cell A2 = 100%) (I know that it's too high to be realistic, it's just to make the numbers of my example simple to...

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