1. F

    Compress Duplicates in Table

    So I have a simple 2-column table; basically just a list of names where each has a corresponding number. Simply, I want to comb through the list and find things like "| Company A | 5 |" and "| Company A Inc. | 5 |" and combine them. I guess this could turn into "| Company A | 10 |" or "| Company...
  2. B

    Excel strange visualization problem

    Hello, I hope you can help me with an issue two colleagues of mine have experienced: they opened a xls file and a 50,000 amount appeared as 50 for both of them. Even when clicking on the cell, the amount was shown as 50 in the bar on the top. The amount appeared correctly for me, so I guess...
  3. R

    Double Spacing

    Hi there, i have a relatively simple question. I would like a set of data to be double-spaced. There are two columns of data. Here is what the data looks like now: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 etc. And here is what i want it to look like: 1 . 2 3 . 4 5 . 6 7 . 8 (I had to put a "." to...
  4. L

    Multiplication Grand Total Wrong

    Hi, This is the first time i work with Power BI and created a "new quick measure" Hours * Cost SUM('DD_BE_QT_SMO_Services'[Cost]) * SUM('DD_BE_QT_SMO_Services'[Amount_Of_Days]) Hours * Rate SUM('DD_BE_QT_SMO_Services'[Rate]) * SUM('DD_BE_QT_SMO_Services'[Amount_Of_Days]) And this works in...
  5. W

    Assigning a time to a range

    Hi Guys, I thought this would be SO easy, but my rusty excel skills and my age mean I can't quickly work out how to assign time to a time range. If my times are in a one column and I want to know how many fall in say 4/5 different time ranges (i.e 9-12pm, 12-3, 3-5,5-7pm), would I use a...
  6. R

    Lock and Unlock cells based on condition

    Hi all, I want to give the user options which are conditional on another cell. For example, in cell B4 is a dropdown of numbers: If number is less than 12 than cell I4 will be grayed out, & be locked. And if number is greater than 12 than cell I4 will be unlocked I guess I have to do...
  7. R

    Is it possible to define a cell such that it will always remember the highest (or other desired feature) value of a range of cells?

    Hello, I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a formula in a cell to always remember the highest value in a range of cells even when the numbers in those range decrease. It would be something like B2=MAX($A$1:$A$100), but the problem with the MAX function would be that as soon as the...
  8. M

    overflow with double precision

    Hi, I am getting the error "overflow", when I assign a variable of type double a number >32,000. What is going on? dim guess as double guess = 73000 'no overflow error guess = 73 * 1000 'gets an overflow error I remember this error happening in the past.
  9. B

    SUMIFS question

    I have a very simple question regarding the SUMIFS function. I've created a spreadsheet containing all of my store purchases at a local store. Examples of categories are groceries and apparel. I want to sum up all the grocery purchases in June, July, August etc... Here is my worksheet. In...
  10. A

    Can't find the good Formule

    Hello. I am new to Excel, I am learning it, but I can't do something. So the task is like this: I have to create 1 more collumn in right of "Comitat" named "Ecuson". In that collumn the name from "Nume participant" should be with uppercase(I guess by using function UPPER) but it should have...
  11. B

    unable to set formulaarray property of the range class

    Hello, I know this is a common error but can't see a reason why I receive such error: .Range(.Cells(2, Date_Column), .Cells(LPF_LastRow, Date_Column)).FormulaArray = "=MAX(('Data Base'!B$2:B$20000=B3)*('Data Base'!C$2:C$20000))" It doesn't reach 255 character I guess. When I do this with...
  12. W


    Really do struggle with this I have this formula which equals 21 =MATCH(Table11[[#Headers],[CTZ3]],Overseas!$A:$A,0) I need the 21 in the following to be replaced by the first formula =SUMIF(Overseas!$4:$4,[@[Week Commencing]],Overseas!$21:$21) I guess it's INDIRECT but that's where my...
  13. D

    Vlookup - Return Multiple Values Across Columns

    Hey All, Got a quick question.. I have two sheets in which I'm trying to combine. The only constant is the URL.. I'd like to bring 7 columns of data over from the 'table' into the master sheet. Any way to do this without writing a new function in each column? Absolute values are cool, too I...
  14. Arie Bos

    finding second largest value

    I have the following table: <tbody> A 2 B 3 C 5 D 5 E 1 </tbody> I use the following formula to find in col A with highest value in col B: =INDEX(A$1:A$5;MATCH(LARGE(B$1:B$5;1);B$1:B$5;0)) Result =C. Now, to find the second largest (D) I use the same formula, where the argument in the...
  15. F

    Compare two strings and count character/spaces/letter in difference

    Hi guys , Im strugling with string that have same meaning but different spelling , here is a sample string1: MFK Ruzomberok string2: Ruzomberok I need to figure out a way to count the number of different letters , I guess difference in these two strings should be 4 , but anyone know I ninja...
  16. H

    XIRR shows 0 instead of negative

    Hello, I'm getting an XIRR of 0 for an investment that is at a complete loss (so instead of getting the correct answer of -100%). My formula is simply =XIRR($D$31:BB31,$D$26:BB26), which refers to the relevant dates and cashflows (about a 6 year period,with an aggregate of $6.5m invested at...
  17. D

    SendKeys {F2}

    I am trying to change the attributes of a worksheet so that it can be edited. When I'm in the VBA editor and stepping through the code, when the code hits the SendKeys line, it wakes up the Object Browser, which is also listenig for F2 i guess. Can I get a clue as to what am i doing wrong? is...
  18. pedie

    Can VBA to check all the charaters including symbols if it matches range("A1").character.

    Hi, Can VBA to check all the charaters including symbols to see if it matches range("A1").character/symbol. Suppose i have "?" in A1, can i make the vba to try entering all the characters or symbols available in B1 and then see which one matches A1??? Or do i have to list symbols...

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