1. Jyggalag

    IndexMatch function not working, please help :)

    Hello everybody, I currently have something similar to this: Linking to this: It should return the date 21-06-2019 for XG10, but it does not. Can anybody see what I did wrong and how to fix it? Would be greatly appreciated! :) Thank you! Best regards, Jyggalag
  2. M

    Count when number moves to next full number

    10 years + Excel experience and consider myself to be 'advanced' but can't crack this one for the life of me! All help is greatly appreciated. See attached spreadsheet.... I have a cumulative tracker of 'packages sold' in row 54 and 55 (in green) In row 71 and 72 (in yellow), I would like to...
  3. M

    How to collate data in a single spreadsheet based on 4 criterias

    Hi all, New member here. I have a spreadsheet with the below format. So a single workbook would have 90-100 sheets with that same format. What I want to do is to collate all the data that match 4 criterias in a single workbook: Date, Oversees Manager, Overall Status, Assigned Contractor. For...
  4. I

    can you recommend scraping addons?

    hi, Is there any good add-on for scraping html? VBA is too hard to work with.
  5. D

    How to align data in different colums

    Hi Guys, Please help me how to align data in different columns. Please see below raw data given. C-1 C-2 C-3 A 1 B JOHN C CRUZ -Given the sample above. Can you please help me what would be the formula on this? Because, i'm having...
  6. T

    VBA Range set help

    I need to set range using input from a cell. So below I need set range from E2 to a value that is entered into G2 instead of the hard stop at E302. Set TargetRg = Range("E2:E302")
  7. T

    FollowHyperlink doesn't actually follow =Hyperlink formula

    I have an estimating spreadsheet that we use to estimate jobs. There are 80 sheets, all identical. The sheets can be quite long, and to prevent scrolling, I froze the top row, and added some hyperlinks (using the formula =hyperlink). The links I have are Top, Materials, Labor, Summary...
  8. deletedalien

    Vlookup offset? Index? Match? Choose? i honestly have no idea.......

    Hi all... i have a fairly simple problem with what i think is a pretty hard solution (at least to me) so i have a sales comission report and need to pull agent totals to another excel file. Seems pretty straight forward.... Except this report creates a new row per sale... so the totals row...
  9. J

    Range Reference for an Index

    Hello: The following codes finds the last row in a table and then creates a simple numerical index starting with 1. A couple of things: ==> Is there a way to refer to column C without hard coding it so I can add and remove columns without a problem? ==> Is there a way to refer to cell C7...
  10. E

    Concatenating a name and number to reference a tab

    I am working on a project where I have to reference different tabs of many rounds. I have formatted my index and match searches for the first round, but found that I was doing a lot of hard coding when trying to change each of the formulas for the "Round 2" tab. Is there a way that I can...
  11. T

    Add Value to Cell with lookup

    Hi, good day! Just need help in getting VBA code for this: I want to add value to a certain cell hard coded in another sheet. To determine that particular cell need to check data on D5 and data on D10.
  12. S

    Rreplace SUMIFS with INDEX/MATCH

    I have read here: https://professor-excel.com/performance-excel-study/ that INDEX/MATCH or VLOOKUPS can be up to 50% faster than SUMIFS but for some reason I am having a hard time replacing a SUMIF formula with either Index/Match or Vlookup. Has anyone done this in the past...
  13. L

    Moving cells and creating columns according to a criteria in another cell

    Hi friends, :biggrin: I have to create a macro (or a formula) to do the following: I need to get the supplier name when it appears on the below cell and transport to the same cell of the part number, adding new columns for them. Column A --> is a structure index (not really important here)...
  14. L

    Formatting financial model

    Hi I was watching a video from CFI and then downloaded cash flow model. In the video they said that, hard coded numbers are in blue and cells which have formula/function are in black. That kind of formatting followed by all financial models. My question, did they hard format that? I mean...
  15. J

    VBA Code to Enter Cell Data or Execute Formula

    I have a spreadsheet that I need help writing the correct VBA code to allow for a cell containing a formula to be overwritten with hard coded data. To explain I have a cell that calculates a date however from time to time I need to override that calculated date with a hard coded date. The two...
  16. M

    VLOOKUP help

    I need help with my vlookup statement. If Cell G20 is not blank, I want my formula to return the value in one of these columns...but I am having a hard time accomplishing that...
  17. A

    Would like Macro Adapted for Selected Cells and Ask for Character to be Used

    This macro works, but I would like adapted in two ways: 1) Instead of hard coded d1:d1000, I would like to use selected cells 2) I would like to be asked for the character to use instead of the hard coded "m". Sub RemoveAfter() For Each c In Range("d1:d1000") If InStr(c.Value, "m") > 0...
  18. D

    COUNTIF Non=contiguous selection that is greater than cell "x"

    Hi All, So I have rows of data where I want to count all numbers that are greater than the value in a fixed cell (M13) however I only want to count the numbers in every second column. I have tried the below however the problem is the values are hard coded so when I add more columns (and I plan...
  19. L

    find the last empty row

    Hi I have a form to enter First and Last name and when I click on Enter to enter them, excel will put these 2 names in the last empty row. To grantee the last empty row, there are 2 ways (code). Thanks for your help I got to know them but could not understand them!. The first one x =...
  20. L

    Excell project is giving me a hard time

    Hello everyone I have an excell project to do but having hard time. A friend of mine recommended this forum saying there are excell magicians here so I am asking for help I have 15 numbers for example 111122223333444. I need to add a certain number ABCD to that number for ex 4433. so i created...

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