1. L

    VBA colour cells based on month

    Hi everyone. I have a table on a sheet that I want to apply to some formatting to. RULE 1 where the B column (or table heading = "VAT quarter") has my VAT quarter end dates in. I want to fill the cell colour based on the month of these in the following way: January = Orange fill April = Yellow...
  2. O

    Conditional Formatting based on Multiple Conditions.(With vba)

    Hi. All i am using excel 2016 i have a worksheet with 100 columns and 5000 rows.. in my data a column heading "Balance in repeating after 4 columns .like Column e, column J........ i want to create a rule for conditional formatting which applies only in column which having Balance, Means...
  3. A

    VBA to sort columns

    Hi All, I have multiple tabs I need to merge. I have been able to write the code to merge the into data into one spreadsheet, but sometimes that columns aren't a match. Is there a way I can sweep some VBA code over my workbook and sort the columns depending on the title, ideally going through...
  4. B

    Using Indirect(Address) Function Question

    I have a multiple tab worksheet. I want to be able to: (1) Search a particular tab based on an input (2) Within that tab, search for Row heading and a Column heading. For example, I have several tabs, however I want to search the "Colorado" tab, and want to return the result for "Aurora" [where...
  5. S

    SUM the Previous n Cell Values

    Hi Guys Been struggling with this on and off for a few days and finally given in! Seems so simple but cant get my head round the logic! Column A contains numerical values (for examples sake lets say the column runs from A2:A36) A1 is a text heading In Column B I need a formula that i can run...
  6. A

    from a list of 12,251 rows and 317 colomns select a list of 78 rows and 317 colomns

    Dear all, I have a spread sheet with a list of 12,251 rows and 317 columns. Then I have another list of 78 rows and 2 columns. The two lists have the first column in common, as below table 1 <tbody> heading 1 heading 2 heading 3 heading 4 1. S 3 jk 2. D 89 9N 3. V 34 9HJ ..... ...
  7. S

    Assigning Heading to New Column

    Hi, I export some date from project that is in the following format. What I want to do is take the priority number of the heading and assign it to a new column <tbody> A B C 1 Project Name Priority 2 C1 Priority 1 3 C1 Task 7 1 4 C1 Task 9 1 5 C1 Task 12 1 6 C1 Priority 2 7 C1...
  8. T

    Adding Heading, Subheading, adjusting font size and style to Automated Power point Presentation in VBA

    Hi, I am in the process of automating a monthly report using VBA (Power Point Presentation). I can not seem to add a sub heading to my current code. Thus far, I am able to add create the power point presentation (not shown entirely) and I have a heading (Shown Below). But I can not add a sub...
  9. M

    Copy Similar Heading Sheet

    How can i copy the same heading row from multiple sheet to one sheet.
  10. O

    Find Column Heading Based on criteria in 2 rows

    hi all i have a table with more than 100 rows and 100 columns in this table upper most 3 rows are having column titles. i want to get column heading of particular column, in which row 2 value and row 4 value is equal to criteria any help
  11. A

    Questions about the MOS Excel Specialist exam (2016 version)

    I am planning to take this exam and I already did a practice test, which was okay but some of the questions confused me. I hope someone can help me. But first, is it allowed to use keyboard shortcuts on the exam? Does Certiport's software only look at the end solution, or do I need to do the...
  12. M

    Open Multiple Text Files with Selected Data in Specific Columns using VBA

    Hi May you please help me with this, I spent hours trying to figure it out but couldn't. Note: I am still learning VBA. I have 7 headings in one spreadsheet that I would want to transfer 7 text files into them. The text files have six columns, which are separated by commas, and I would want...
  13. R

    Macro to concatenate multiple workbook in to single one. each workbook has 2 sheets. it should combine acordingly

    it should not copy the first row - contains heading which is same for all sheets .
  14. G

    SUMIFS with Range Determined by Formula

    Hi, I want to use the SUMIFS function to add the values in $AS$1:$AS$2000 based on the criteria_range $A$1:$A$2000 and criterion in cell AZ1. Rather than selecting the sum_range and criteria_range directly (e.g. by typing in or selecting the range with the mouse) I would like to build these...
  15. A

    Want to short column by searching the heading with vba

    Can someone help me to write a vba code to search column heading and then sort it
  16. M

    Consolidate/Group/Merge Row Headings in an Excel Table

    Ever had a table that has multiple rows of data associated with the same primary entry (say in column-1) and wanted to format your table so it only shows a single row heading entry for that value, rather than repeating it for each row? Of course you can merge your rows in a row to achieve this...
  17. C

    Function to result column header based on text in a column

    Hello, I am relatively new to excel. I want to create a function that will search for a name and result the heading (team). <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Capitals Wizards Nationals Redskins James Corey Hannah Test1 Mike Amy Test3 Test2 </tbody> Each heading will...
  18. S

    Count if formula data from worksheet and table

    Hello. I am trying to count the occurrences of dates in a table on a different worksheet and have the information counted and added in another worksheet. I want to count data in table1 on sheet 1 that matches cell (column heading) in sheet 2. The cell (column heading) in sheet2 is configured to...
  19. K

    copy and paste heading

    I want to copy the heading and paste it to another sheets with numarical order. that is the heading is worke id 1053 (sheet 01). and i want it copy from 1st page and paste it to sheet 01, sheet 03 ..... at the same time the heading also change with sheet name that sheet 01, sheet 02, sheet...
  20. K

    copy paste

    i want a vba macro code for copy th heading of Sheet 1 and it paste mutyple sheets that sheet 1,sheet 2 sheet 3 etc with numarical baisic. imean that we are copy the heading that sheet 1.And paste it many sheets with the heading of sheet1, sheet2,shett3 etc automaticale renamed

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