1. Chris_010101

    Simple VBA Code help

    Hello, My excel is a master document that pulls in data from different excel sheets in different departments, each of which are all updated daily. I need to save the "master" excel once a week into a different excel with all the values pasted. This creates a weekly snapshot of the data as it is...
  2. I

    Move multiple rows from one table to another using conditional trigger

    Hello, Here is the issue I am having, I built a workbook containing several tables, each table on their own sheet. The purpose of the workbook is too assist with tracking of patient lines. How the table functions is that when a new line is placed on a patient, a staff member will add that...
  3. G

    Feet Inches Sixteenths Number Format

    I have started a new job in the construction industry and want to continue to be able to use excel in my day to day work as its a very powerful tool that I'm already familiar with. However I've run into a problem in that my firm use the FIS dimension formatting for everything. For those not...
  4. Chris_010101

    AutoFit Row Height not working

    Hello, my UNIQUE, FILTER formula is pulling through results but autofit row height is refusing to work. I have selected all cells and used autofit row height and applied wrap text but it is not working. I have to re-select and apply these every time the formula pulls through a new result...
  5. Chris_010101

    Annual appraisal score formula

    Hello, The below sheet calculates the figures based on number of objectives set and how many of these objectives have received 'needs development', 'meets expectations' and 'exceeds expectations' criterion. I need to be able to calculate an overall status in A8, based on the following...
  6. S

    Text file creation macro

    HI there. I'm trying to: Copy a range and paste it into another sheet (could I create one on the fly?) Then create a temporary workbook to copy the same information (could I eliminate the step above instead?) Then save the new file as a .txt file on the desktop with a specific name I'd like to...
  7. K

    Looking to find the correct formulas / Open to Ideas

    Hi all, I am trying to build a part number generator based on certain characteristics of what's required, and I am not even remotely sure how to achieve this. My excel skills are definitely not this advanced! Any help here would be really appreciated! I will upload pictures I am working on...
  8. C

    Need help with a formula and not sure if its even possible

    I have one sheet called "data dump" and one sheet called "pulls" in the "data dump" sheet i have three columns. One has a name, one has quantity, and one has price. I am trying to find a way to take the rows from data dump to pulls based on a keyword. AKA: If column A has word Corrupted in...
  9. S

    Self Referencing - Power Query

    I'm trying to get multiple tables to self reference to hold the information in place that I've manually added, somehow it's not working. I've scanned the website and come on to another tread with the same issue, and a recent YouTube doing the same, but unfortunately no success. Mr.Excel: Excel...
  10. J

    Keep 1st instance

    I have a dataset which will have columns of Item and Status ( there are more columns but these are the two I need to use for my result) Basically create a filter or use VBA to create a new dataset where I find duplicates of the combination of Item and Status, but keep the 1st instance of that...
  11. W

    a personal nightmare

    I have a working code to ask user for: - a product - what column to put it in - quantity of product All this happens based on customers region and checkboxes. (Checked regions will get data from user input) Code is working fine in columns from C all the way to Z. But when I try to change the...
  12. Chris_010101

    Simple search macro

    Hello In C1 i'd like to be able to type a name and when the search button is clicked, excel performs the search function. I've tried recording a macro for this but it keeps going to an incorrect cell. Is someone able to help with VB that I can assign to the button? Many Thanks
  13. Chris_010101

    UK Pro-Rata Holiday Calculator

    Hello, This one has the potential to be quite complicated, as UK holiday law is governed under the Working Time Directive. I have been trying to make a calculator on Excel which calculates holiday entitlement and can also take into account if someone starts employment part-way through the...
  14. S

    Adding a line to quoting/estimating tool

    Probbably a really simple solution to this.. When my coleagues are quoting, sometimes it could be for 10-15 rows others could be up to 500 rows. instead of them constantly adding lines to the sheet and running the risk of removing formulas, is there a way that I can have a row or two where when...
  15. cyrilbrd

    VBA display pictures in a table

    Hi, Using formulae and Name Manager I am able to display one picture based on the content on one cell. However, this does not help as I am looking into populating a table (few to several rows, this may vary) with pictures based on the content of [@[Reference]], thus allowing several rows to be...
  16. M

    Deep question regarding IF function and everything else I want it to do

    Hello :) How can I get a cell to say, "Over Budget" in the BAD STYLE (red background, dark red text) if SUM of two cells is over value of another... and also to say, "Ok" in GOOD style (green background, dark green text) if SUM of two cells is equal to or under value of another??? Picture...
  17. FuNeS13

    Loop through column titles (1st row) if name is in array

    I know I'm doing something wrong in this part of the code, but I don't know what... Dim MyArray As Variant Dim found As Boolean Dim uB As Integer, lB As Integer Dim LC As Long MyArray = Array("Type", "Number", "Order", "Invoice Date", "Due/Paid Date", "Amount", "Shipment", "Customer"...
  18. larinda4

    Sport Stats - How to Format

    Good morning, I'm making a spreadsheet to keep track of our leagues win/losses and stats. However, I think I'm formatting it incorrectly? The problem I'm having is if I try to filter it by home team, it won't show me the the same team when they're the visiting team. ex. I want to see all of...
  19. H

    How to count Unique Client ID by month and year

    Hi, I have a table that contains visit data for a number of clients. I want to be able to count the number of unique clients by month and year. i have searched online and have not yet been able to find a solution. an example of my data is below: Client ID Date Call Type Area 1 01/08/2022...
  20. Chris_010101

    VBA Code to auto sort specific cells

    Hi I can't XL2BB as my work won't allow it: I need a VBA code on workbook open to sort these three columns (not the total) by days lost > highest to smallest. A small caveat here is that the VBA will need to first unprotect the workbook (with password) before sorting the data and then...

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