1. B

    Filtering Top 20 by Value with Criteria

    Since I am currently working on this project at work, I cannot post the data on this forum but I will try my best to explain the problem. I am looking to pull the top 20 dollar amounts from a range, based on an additional criterion. For example, one field contains either of two possible...
  2. Jyggalag

    My email vba macro does not work

    Hi all, I have the current VBA code: Option Explicit Private Const FilePath As String = "S:\File Path anonymous\" Sub send_email_complete() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim i As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Dim col As New Collection, itm As Variant Dim...
  3. Jyggalag

    Make excel macro refer to other sheet than itself

    Hi all, I currently have this code, which saves my sheet (entitled "Sheet3") as a PDF: Option Explicit Sub SaveFileWithMacro() Dim Path As String Dim fn As String Path = "S:\Path\PDF files\" fn = Range("A63") ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=Path & fn & ".pdf" End...
  4. Jyggalag

    Save excel sheet as PDF (only one sheet)

    Hi all, I currently have a macro that converts my excel sheet into a PDF and saves it in a designated folder. However, I only want it to save the first sheet as a PDF, and ignore my other sheets, which it will not do at the moment. My code looks as follows: Option Explicit Sub...
  5. Chris_010101

    Filter messes with VBA

    Hello, I am using the below code, which moves a row to another sheet based upon the value of a drop-down list item. However, if the data on the sheet the row is moving to is filtered, instead of adding the copied row to the first blank row at the bottom of the data, it overwrites a row of...
  6. T

    creating a report that uses multiple subreports and filters the data it shows

    I'm in need of a report that can show info from multiple unrelated tables, basically I need to combine all sales with the pickups and payments for a person I select and be able to print it all off, all my information is stored where it has a buyers name column I should be able to use, but I'm...
  7. T

    converting from excel to access and ran into an issue

    we are slowly converting from excel to access due to making it easier to update and add new bale types etc. I ran into an issue where I don't understand how to make it display the data I want how I would like it. I need the ability to print an invoice showing the sales pickups and payments made...
  8. H

    VBA Code: Create scatter plot with fixed x range from different sheet and y range varies based value of cell in current sheet

    I want to make a VBA code where both the x and y range are set from a different sheet (sheet2). The x range is dates and will remain in the same column no matter which dataset is imported into (sheet2). I know how to have a fixed y range from (sheet2) but I want the y range to change based on a...

    Conditional Formatting - I'm Stuck

    Hi! This wonderful forum helped me out a while back with a work project I just could not figure out. I am back again with a similar work project that is throwing me for a loop and was hoping you guys could help me learn where I am going wrong. I'm not understanding something about my...
  10. K

    Excel - Not retuning correct values.

    I am experiencing problems with a formula in a workbook we use in my workplace. It was written by a former employee who has recently left but taken the knowledge with him. The data in cell 'BJ5' Should be the same as in 'BJ6'. BJ6 being the correct value. I have attached a copy of the...
  11. Jyggalag

    How to unhide hidden rows and columns?

    Hi all, This may seem super simple and silly to ask, but I have currently made this setup: I have hidden EVERYTHING except for rows and column 1-7. However, I would like to unhide row 8-10 now, but I have no idea how? When I click on "7", which is the closest row I can currently touch, and...
  12. Jyggalag

    Edit formula so it returns blank value? Not working for some reason right now

    Hi all, I have this formula: It pulls in data from here: However, despite this column being completely empty, it returns the value 0, rather than a blank cell as I have commanded it to. I have checked the cells in column H and there are nothing there, not even a space, so i do not...
  13. Jyggalag

    Make formula return date instead of value

    Hi all, I have this very complex formula: It returns a date value from a different sheet. However, it is returned in a number format, rather than a date format. Any idea how to fix this? I believe that I can use the TEXT() formula, but I cannot figure out how :( If anybody can help me...
  14. Jyggalag

    Help me fix my excel formula please

    Hi all, I currently have this formula: The formula is supposed to look at the values for the company (column B) and the topic (column F) and then based on the value in column F, it will look at the sheet with the same name and find the values here: I likewise have a sheet with the same name...
  15. A

    Is Possible to have a Dependent ActiveX ComboBox on another ActiveX ComboBox?

    Hello, Pros, I need some help regarding the Dependenct Combobox on another Combobox. I've attached the Link of file below which explains everything. please help !!! Link : Book1.xlsm
  16. F

    How to change column range incrementally as row cell is dragged down?

    Hello all, I'm trying to figure out how to change the column range incrementally as the cell in column N is dragged down. I'm a little stuck. The highlighted cells per row should equal the value in column N. The range length stays consistent but moves one to the right as the row moves down...
  17. J

    If Two cells match, output two values

    Hello, I would like to look in a range to see if two ranks match, if they do I would like excel to output both team names into two separate cells. For example in my image I would like to get Team 1 and Team 2 as my output but separate cells. I believe I need an array formula? but I cannot...
  18. J

    Output data from table

    Hello, I have a table with A, B, C and D down one side and A, B, C and D across the top, in the middle of that table are values. I want to get excel to then be able to find the value of any cell, for example A,C or D,B and so on, and provide the value. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  19. E

    Concatenate If

    I created this formula to filter =CONCAT(IF($A:$A=$C2,$B:$B,"")) and if working perfectly. However i'm having issues with creating a VBA for it. Basically i want to combine the text in column D based on the reference code in Column C. Been working on this for hours! any help would be much...
  20. W

    VBA hard code formula problems

    Hi! I have a big workbook that evolves around a cell (O3) In this case O3=11, but this number/cell changes several times during a working day. When running the macro, I need the vba to hardcode a formula to A2 with a number from cell O3 The working formula is: =IF(sheet1!B11=0,0,sheet1!B11)...
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