help basic

  1. S

    Remove Dulicates for Account Name

    Hi, I am very new to Excel and still learning the ropes. I have the following table where I have Account Name and Assigned Staff. The reason there are duplicate rows is because I am pulling in data based on trade dates. My goal is to remove all the duplicate rows and be left with unique...
  2. E

    Deleting Entire Row if a Cell Located in Column A contains "1"

    Hey everyone, I searched for a solution on this but I didnt find anything that works for me. The Commandbutton for this is located in Sheet 1 and i want the VBA Code to delete every row that contains "1" in Sheet 3, If ActiveSheet.CheckBox1 = False Then 'This is where I need the Code to work
  3. Jyggalag

    Please help me edit my VBA code/formula

    Hi all, I currently have the following VBA code attached to a macro that sends out an email and attaches a word file to it when I click it and sends this out to a list of emails (and also BCC's a list of emails): Now I want to edit this file so I can target a list of emails in the emails...
  4. J

    10 most frequently repeated numbers

    In a one column data range I have several numbers corresponding to bingo balls that have come out. In that column I will continue to add future ball values. I want to get the 10 most frequently repeated numbers. I have used MODE. MULT function, but it only returns some values, I need the full...
  5. JEH105

    Need Zeros and Blanks as a Criteria in SUMIFS

    I'm stuck! I've been trying to figure this out for hours now. I have the following formula below: =SUMIFS('July - Present'!O:O, 'July - Present'!A:A,">="&DATE(2021,10,1), 'July - Present'!A:A,"<="&DATE(2021,10,31), 'July - Present'!Q:Q,"", 'July - Present'!R:R,"", 'July - Present'!S:S,"") The...
  6. S

    VBA Newbie Need Help Please!

    Hello everyone, I am pretty new to working with VBA with Excel. I've worked with a bunch of different coding languages but all pretty entry level. Anyways, I have been trying to make an inventory sheet for my place of employment (public library) that can do what we need. I have worked my way...
  7. N

    Best Way To Update Data from CSV in Power BI

    Hi, our software supplier is going to send us via FTP a list of 20 CSV files with our data. The software supplier will send us an updated copy of each of the 20 files each day to our FTP folder. I'm going to set up Power BI to create visualizations using the daily data dump. The 20 files will...
  8. C

    Conditional formating maybe? (Stuck)

    Hey there guys (And Girls), I have a problem i just can't solve, ok here it is i have 2 sheets within my document that will have a VERY similar list in them. i would really like to see if i am putting in duplicates in either list without having to jump back and forth. I was personally thinking...
  9. J

    Referencing a cell that references a table to provide result from the table.

    Hi All, Apologies for the dreadful title, I'm not sure how to explain this succinctly, part of the reason I can't find a solution online for what I'm sure is a simple problem I'm having. I'll explain the setup first: In Sheet 1 I have a basic layout in which Column A is the name of a business...
  10. T

    Help copying cell formula to other cells

    Hi all, This may be a simple fix, but I cannot figure out how to accomplish it. I need to multiply two cells, and put the value in a third cell - sounds simple enough, but when as I need this expression to run across 30 cells, the formula gets messed up. Here's the breackdown: - Tab "Job"...
  11. J

    PowerPivot: Need Help Creating a Prior Year Revenue measure w/o a calendar table

    Hello, I need assistance creating a PY Revenue measure without a calendar table. Prior Year Revenue is the calculated measure I need to create. <tbody> Sales Year Revenue Account ID Prior Year Revenue 2017 $1234 11231 $36 2017 $123 213 $165 2017 $754 505 $1324 2017 $36 11231 0...
  12. E

    AVG, MED, 75th of filtered list, No Zeros

    I am attempting to find the average, median and 75th percentile in a list of data that I have, but I would like to exclude zeros from the calculations. Column D has various years (2012,2013,2014) and Column E has salaries. Essentially, I am trying to develop formulas that do these three things...
  13. R

    Finding multiple key words from a cell

    Hi I’m trying to find the keywords of “LHS” and “RHS” in a cell, by only using the functions LEFT, RIGHT, MID, LEN, FIND and TRIM. I’ve tried the following formula =MID(B6, FIND({“LHS”, “RHS”}),B6),3) where B6, and all cells in that column contain fext, each of which have either LHS in or RHS...

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