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    Line Chart not plotting Percentages correctly

    <TBODY> Plan</SPAN> POC</SPAN> Setup</SPAN> Reaff</SPAN> Jan</SPAN> 50.00%</SPAN> 10.00%</SPAN> 15.00%</SPAN> 10.00%</SPAN> Feb</SPAN> 40.00%</SPAN> 20.00%</SPAN> 20.00%</SPAN> 20.00%</SPAN> Mar</SPAN> 30.00%</SPAN> 30.00%</SPAN> 25.00%</SPAN> 30.00%</SPAN> Apr</SPAN>...
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    Hyperlink issue

    I have "developed " a database for work. The user will enter a value to display results. Among the 10 or so results I want to insert a word file that is located on another sheet. However not all results have a file, but will have a zero instead. SO on the results display cell I have an IF(...
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    How do you format a column of time into Military time

    Hello, Please tell me what I am doing wrong I am trying to convert a column of time to military time. I click on format cells and click on the formatted time that I would like, but it is not formatting the whole column of time. I have to double click on each individual cell in order for it...

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