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    Extracting specific numbers from field.

    Please help. I am trying to find a formula that will extract numbers from one field and separate into three fields like my bad example below, i have one field with three numbers ie 300x600x9mm i need to have the three sets of numbers placed in each field. ie first number 300 in second field...
  2. S

    Setting out data and or multiple ranges with Multiple lookups.

    Hi all, I have hit a dead end and am in need of some help. Apologies in advance as this scenario is slightly lengthy I want to ensure that you all have the full information. The data that comes out of the accounting system is raw data dumps from 2 SQL data tables, one gives me all the purchase...
  3. L

    Receiving an Error checking differences in time

    Debrief I'm putting together a workbook that checks the companies scheduling is in compliance with a few working standards regarding time, it seemed like an easy task at first but my formula seems to work sometimes but not others. I haven't worked with Time before in excel so it's a little...
  4. E

    HELP! Excel Forms - Displaying tables in Listbox depending on Tab strip in Clicked.

    Hello, New here. I want to use a form as a data entry window for an excel sheet, so that the user need not even visit the actual sheets and just work off the form window. I have used tabs tips to label all sheets in the file. and I want to a listbox to display each sheet table depending on...
  5. A

    Excel Help Error !

    I’ve got a user running a windows XP SP2 machine with Office 2002 installed. When the user searches in Excel help for Lookup (or anything else) and click’s on See Also they receive the following error message: A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug? Line:0 Error: Object doesn’t...
  6. C

    HELP!! My Job Depends on it!

    :eeek: I have a HUGE spreadsheet that lists every transaction ever done by my company since 2000 (31000+ line items). I have been asked to find out the minimum and maximum price for each part # repaired. Many of them have been repaired more than once and many have a dollar amount of $0.00 which...
  7. 5

    Tab Hiding

    Hi there i have MANY tabs in my workbook and i would like to hide most of them. Is there a quick way of doing this or do i have to go throught each worksheets properties and do it manually. Paul
  8. 5

    MS Excel Time in specific cell when A1 contains data

    Aim is when a vehicle has been assigned to collection, time of entry appears in Load cell coresponding with vehicle eg.e vehicle 1 'A1' = load 1 'B1'. I can get the exact time to appear in the cell currently but when I try to assign a second truck, the load 2 'B2' cell AND the load 1 'B1'. Im...

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