hidden columns

  1. D

    Unable to unhide Columns!

    Hi all, I have 2 columns that I think have been hidden in my excel (columns A and B) - I have tried EVERYTHING to try and unhide or re-size them to make them visible again but without any success (i've used all the methods aside from the VBA ones listed on this page How to Quickly Unhide...
  2. R

    Button to Hide and Unhide columns? - I am using a Mac

    Hello, I have searched for a solution to the question I have asked, but can't find any that work for me. Either because I am running 365 on the Mac platform, or I just plain dumb (or both). I have 2 sets on columns D to G and J to M. each independent of one another. I need a button to Hide...
  3. C

    Excel 2016 Total or Subtotal Row ignoring hidden columns

    Hi all, I am trying to create a subtotal across a row like you would down a column, however, when you try to subtotal a row the calculation appears to include the hidden information. I have a Spreadsheet that contains numerous macros which hide\unhide columns of data, however, when I try to...
  4. F

    VBA or formula - Subtotal of Non-Hidden columns

    Hi, Have a report, totals represented in cells b3:ac3. I need to hide columns at times and would like the subtotals. I tried this thread but can't get it to work. Can anyone help? https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/655374-subtotal-column-hiding.html
  5. D

    Paste special code that ignores hidden cells

    Hello, I am after an upgrade to my simple paste special code. I want to allow the code to ignore hidden columns but I have no idea how to begin other than presuming that the code will be probably using an If statement and entirecolumn.hidden = true/false statement? But I get lost from there...
  6. H

    Multiple VBA codes - Only the one works

    Hi there. I am working on a task list at work for multiple teams and sites. I have written a vba for hiding columns depending on the team name. On a separate spreadsheet, I have a code that changes the font name of a cell to Wingdings to allow for a tick to be shown when a task is completed...
  7. SelinaR

    Macro to Hide column and another to unhide (WITH PASSWORD)

    Afternoon boffins... I have recorded a macro to hide and unhide a column, however I need to supercharge it... MACRO: On Sheet 2, to hide & another to unhide Column "U" 1. Hide column U 2. Unhide column U with a password... (hiding column & protecting the sheet wasn't a viable option) I would...
  8. C

    Hiding/ unhiding columns based on a data validation list on another sheet

    Hi all, I am trying to hide/ unhide columns based on a 'Yes' / 'No' data validation list on another sheet. The first sheet has a number of drop down lists, all with a yes/no outcome, I would like selected columns on a 'Tracker' sheet to be visible when the outcome is 'yes' and hidden when the...
  9. G

    Prevent deletion of data in hidden cells

    Hi Guys, I have a spreadsheet which has some columns that are a duplicate of the column before them (i.e. B1=A1 etc.) and other columns with formulas in them I am training someone else to run the report that uses this sheet and want to limit human error by automating as much of the data entry...
  10. andrewb90

    Add formula for only visible cells

    Hello all, I have this code that I am using to increase cell values based on another cells contents, however I would like not change my cell values if the column in Data1 is hidden. Sub add()Sheets("Score").Select Range("D3").Value = Range("D3") + Sheets("Data1").Range("C3")...
  11. O

    if any columns hidden then ask if want to unhide before saving

    Hi I've got a spreadsheet that several people use, some of them regularly hide columns to make it easier to look at while they work, the problem is the forget to unhide the columns once they're done, I've figured out how to stop this with a 'Workbook_BeforeSave' private sub that unhides all...
  12. E

    Adding alternate columns only if they visible

    Hi, I have data in a sheet which runs from column 'F' to column 'GU' over hundreds of rows. Every column (with headers on row 7) is alternatively named "Hours" and "Fees". Is there a way to have a total figure in columns 'GW' (for Hours) and 'GX' (for Fees) which adds up the respective Hours...
  13. I

    Hidden Columns Appearing on Smart Phones

    Hello Everyone! OK, I'm stumped. I have been generating and emailing password protected spreadsheets for years, hiding rows and columns that I don't necessarily want shared with everyone, with no trouble at all. Then all of a sudden, a few months ago I get word that hidden columns on one of my...
  14. T

    Get Array of Hidden Rows and Columns indices

    Is there a way to get an array of all the indices of the hidden rows and columns within a worksheet? I would like to do this without any looping, perhaps using Range.Find() if its possible or whatever is most efficient. Ideally I would like to have two functions (FindHiddenRows and...
  15. B

    Vlookup Ignoring Hidden Values

    Sometimes my data is hidden and I need to get the values. I don't know how to use SUBTOTAL with a VLOOKUP or IF statement, otherwise it would be easy. I'm trying to get only the visible scores for different players. <tbody> A B 1 Aaron 10 2 Bruce 20 3 Charlie 15 4 Aaron 25 5...
  16. S

    2003 charting - not allowing for multiple vertical axis option

    Howdy, I am trying to produce a chart including two columns of data and a column including corresponding dates. I am only able to view one column of data in the chart and excel is not giving me the option of plotting on a secondary axis. Why am I not being given the option to view data on a...
  17. D

    html showing hidden excel columns

    I have saved this same excel file several times before, with hidden columns, and they never showed up in browser before. Now all of a sudden when I save the same file after updating, the hidden columns show up in the html file! Argh, what has changed in IE that might be causing this?
  18. Z

    Printing - Specifically Column Borders

    I can't seem to find this elsewhere on this site though I'm SURE someone's asked: I print the same spreadsheet several times with different filters and hidden columns - and to that end "Custom Views" helps a TON. However when I hide a column it (obviously) changes the border style separating...
  19. L

    Hiding columns with 2 conditions / 2 row values

    I have a script i use to hide columns if the returning calculation= 'NR' and another similar script with I created if another cell = "0" to hide that column but the two cant run together- each script un-hides the previous script. (no matter what order they run in) Question: How do I join (or...
  20. J

    Using ScrollBar to hide groups of columns

    Hi all. I'm pretty new to the VBA game. I've got a large spreadsheet with many cells that need user input. A bunch of calculations are performed on subsequent worksheets, but I want the user to only see the fields they need to enter. I'm trying to write some code that will use a scrollbar (form...

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