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    Protect Sheet

    Hello Every1. 1) I would like to ask that is there anyway other than macro to protect the sheet with password. 2) Also if i can hide the used formula. For Example :- 1) I have all my main working data with infor in sheet1 and i am using the data with respective info in sheet2 & sheet3...
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    Embed xlsx file in a web page?

    Hi, Can you please tell me if i want to embed my online excel workbook in a restricted webpage (clients can access after username and password) 1. Does my workbook can give access to multiple users at the same time such that one user who is currently editing a workbook doesnot create problems...
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    Hide Formula if cell reference is blank?

    Hi, I have this formula =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B5,'Return Stock Data'!A$2:B$500,2,FALSE), "Car Stock") and would like it to return a blank cell if B5 is empty so as I can apply it to all cells and only have it visible when a lookup value is entered into column B. Any advice? Cheers
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    How to hide formulas in excel without loosing the functionality of scroll bar

    I want to create a dynamic dashboard with drop-downs and scroll bars. I want to hide my formulas but I want my scroll bars and drop-downs to be functional. I tried protecting sheet but it is not helping me out Please suggest me how to do it.
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    VBA code to hide formula

    I have developed a sheet which has couple of formulas. I want to hide the formula so that the user cannot view the formula and also cannot edit the cell containing the formula. I can do this by protecting the sheet but it looses the other capabilities like editing non-formula cells etc...
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    Password protected cells do not show values

    HELP!!!!! I have been working on this file since last December. I thought that everything was working fine, but now I realized that whenever I try to bring in values from other sheets within the workbook, these values do not show. I password protected my workbook, and the only means I have to...
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    Hide formulas in cells

    I would like to hide formulas in cell but only result show on that cells can we use some command together with formula to hide.
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    Drop down List

    Hey guys, I work in transportation and i'm trying to create a schedule report. My problem is that because of holidays and weekends the dates in the report change. For example, if the plane is to arrive tuesday. My formulas will automatically set dates so the clients can send their products...
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    showing formulas, not values

    Hello, I am using Excel 2003 and am trying to modify a formula that I input but if I double click on the cell, the formula remains instead of the output. Any ideas on how to fix this? Not all formulas show, only the ones that I double click on and only on one sheet in my workbook. Ctrl`...

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