hide row cell value

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    hide button for rows based on cell value

    hello everyone, i need a button that hides and unhides rows based on cell value of the column (No. Date) if the date is more than 6 days ago it becomes hidden, and whats left is the recent ones which are this week. but i can hide and unhide it whenever i want that’s important it’s important...
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    VBA Code for hiding rows with zero value then hiding when value changes

    Hello, Would anyone be able to give me a code for hiding rows 17:39 if the value in column D is zero, then unhide if the value changes to greater than zero? Thank you
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    Excel VBA hide rows from range with value at multiple protected sheets

    I have tried finding code for hiding rows from range with value criteria, with applying it to multiple protected sheets. Could someone help build the right code.Original code as following (i'll explain what i would need after the code): Sub CreatePDF_ERIKHONOKRISSEPETE() sheetname =...
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    Hide / unhide rows based on value

    Hi guys, This is my first time actually posting here so here goes: The question is simple enough (I hope); I have a master spreadsheet that controls two slave spreadsheets. Layout-wise they are more or less identical, the columns are slightly different but the rows are exactly the same. The...
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    Hide Rows Depending on Cell Value (Text)

    I am writing up a Macro to be used in my worksheet and I was hoping that you could please help me figure out why it’s not working exactly how I intended. I have a worksheet that pulls information from several other worksheets to provide a score and any discrepancies observed. I am trying to...
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    VBA Assistance to Hide Rows based on values

    I am new to posting here, so please pardon any newbie statements or questions! So, I have seen several recommendations for VBA code to Hide Rows with VB based on a cell value, but it seems that none are exactly what I am looking for, any help would be greatly appreciated. On our spreadsheet...
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    hide a row when a cel is no

    hello, I'm new here . I've searched this forum for a vba code to hide a row (or even more rows) when a cell value is no and unhide when the cell value is yes. i found different vba codes to use a button but i want to use no buttons, it must be automated. please could anyone help me with this??

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