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    Hiding Row if a certain cell in that row is blank

    Hi All, I have a large budget spreadsheet where i have various codes ranging from A1-A50, however right now I only use about 15 of the codes but the other ones will be eventually populated. The description column uses an index match Formula which looks up a code list. What i want to do is hide...
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    VBA For Hiding Rows

    I am new at VBA, so I will try my best to ask the question in the best manor. I am building a real estate model. What I am trying to do is the following: If I enter the number of tenants in a cell (let's say the number of tenants is 6 and the cell I enter this number in is cell J11), I would...
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    Using the Protect Workseet function with the attached code - please help.

    This code works great...UNLESS, I protect the worksheet. I need to protect the worksheet because it contains cells with formulaes. My assumption is that the hiding of row 27 upon clicking the check box is giving me the trouble - the code is opened asking me to debug. Any ideas/solutions would be...
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    Newbie Help - VBA to hide rows based on user input

    I am a complete newbie when it comes to writing macros, but I was wondering if someone would be able to help me? I want to click on a button (I know how to assign a macro to a button) and have a macro run that asks me which row numbers to hide and then pop up a print dialog. Is this doable? I...
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    Would Like To Hide Row Based On Cell Contents

    Dear All: I need to hide all of the rows in a spreadsheet (15,000 rows) that have a part number that does not start with M or K. I have found lots of simple macros that do something similar but usually not with any sort of textual evaluation. Any help please?
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    Hide Unhide Rows via Macro

    Hey folks, So I have a problem that is beyond my capability. I have a couple questions, some more simple than others. I have a workbook that has 500 rows. In order to be able to print the spreadsheet, I have added a Macro in that hides any rows that have a "0" in the A column. I then put an...

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