hide/unhide rows

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    VBA to unprotect sheet, hide/unhide rows based on column A value=1, then protect sheet for multiple sheets

    Greetings. I have a schedule tool created and struggling to find the right code. We have a sheet named "Associates" and will have a button on this sheet to link a macro module to update a number of other sheets. There are 7 protected sheets, let's just say "Sheet 1", "Sheet 2", "Sheet 3" etc...
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    Hide/Unhide variety of ranges of rows based on cell value in dropdown list (Dynamic)

    Greetings. I have a spreadsheet to calculate incentive pay based on title. The title is pulled from a data validation list in cell F7. There are 10 possible titles and when selected, i want a variety of ranges of rows to be hidden. The hidden rows may be different for multiple titles. There...
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    Hide/Unhide Macro causing Group Boxes containing Option Buttons to overlap

    Hi, Fairly new to VBA/Macro usage. I'm developing a dynamic questionnaire with Option Buttons and Check Boxes where, depending on the responses to each question, the macro would hide/unhide rows making other followup questions available. My issue is, when hiding rows, the group boxes containing...
  4. N

    Code to Hide / unhide Rows in excel

    Good Afternoon, i am little bit new to VBA code. I am working on an excel sheet with different contract Articles, I need to have a code when i double click on the Article heading it hides all its sub Articles, and double click again it unhides them. the problem is i need to repeat this code to...
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    Dynamic conditional hide/unhide rows in particular ranges

    Hi folks, Have been struggling fruitlessly with code copied from similar examples for a couple of days, but no luck. My worksheet has 50 boxes (ranges). See screenshot below (I couldn't see a way to upload the file, sorry). Basically, i want unused rows in each range to be hidden until my user...
  6. M

    VBA Hide/Unhide rows on other sheet

    Can someone please help me with the below code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) With Sheets("Sheet2") Select Case Target.Address(False, False) Case "B12" .Rows(14).Rows.Hidden = Target.Value = "" .Rows(34).Rows.Hidden = Target.Value = ""...
  7. T

    Hide/unhide rows with buttons

    I am using several toggle buttons to hide/show rows of data related to the specific toggle buttons. I also want to hide and show the toggle buttons as well. When I try to do that the data underneath the toggle buttons is hidden but the toggle buttons don't hide with the cells. A solution for...
  8. J

    Macro hide/unhide rows by name toggle button

    Hi all, I am wondering if a macro could hide/unhide rows by a caterogry. To be clear, I have Names in the D column, let's for simplicity say there are 2 names nancy and in a different row there's sue and there are multiple instance of them on many different rows. I wish to be able to hit a...

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