hiding buttons

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    Vb code for hiding (form control )Buttons

    I am needing some code for hiding the Buttons on a sheet when I run a macro. Any help is appreciated. Thanks to all.:)
  2. Y

    Hiding and Unhiding command buttons

    Hi there, I'm trying to write a macro that will hide a macro, and unhide another in the same script. Basically, what happens is when i click a certain command button, it calls a couple of other macros(one of which defines the save name, and saves the workbook, then wipes the workbook apart...
  3. S

    Upgraded to 2007 now hiding of Buttons not working the same

    There is a tab in my worksheet with over 20 buttons. They are hidden and unhidden by one control toggle button. In 2003 the control button, with a label of "Unprotect", executes to unprotect the worksheet and unhide all the other buttons. It then shifts its label to be "Protect". When the...

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