1. D

    Hiding Columns based on a Date value being greater that todays date

    I have searched the forum and despite similar questions with similar VBA solutions all of them I have tried but none actually worked. I have a line of dates in a Leave sheet from cell b3 to ni3 which I wish to hide automatically. I would prefer not to have a cell with todays data in, but...
  2. F

    Hiding the leading apostrophe

    I have zip codes which should have leading "0's" but excel automatically eliminates leading zeros. I realize that I could format the number to display 5 digits thus forcing a leading zero to appear. But that is just formatting and does not actually add a zero to the number. I want the...
  3. immyjimmy

    Excel related, but not formulas or visual basic

    Hello... My work computer was recently upgraded and Excel now is hiding workbooks that I have open. I'm not hiding them, but until I found out about how to find hidden files, thought I was losing them. When I Googled "excel hides my workbook and I can't get it to stop", I found all sorts of...
  4. A

    Hiding columns in a foolproof manner

    Hey experts, I haven't been able to find any solution for hiding a few columns (with a password) in a workbook that I need to send to a large group. The columns have sensitive info that I can only share with a select few. If I try locking cells & then protecting sheet with password, then...
  5. U

    Hide Section of Tabs Based On Month

    Hello good people! I'm creating a single spreadsheet for a daily report. Since there's a report every day, I've created 365 tabs each with a brief short date (01_01, 01_02, 01_03, etc) It got me thinking... is there a method for hiding tabs based on date using the tab name as a filter? IE...
  6. M

    Reconfigure Userform Layout based on IF statement

    I have a UserForm that has several "extra" checkboxes. These checkboxes are enabled in some scenarios, but I use an IF statement to hide them most of the time, based on what is going on in the worksheet. I have the checkboxes functioning properly, but because hiding them leaves a lot of empty...
  7. C

    Hiding Row14 in Excel if Cell D13 is greater than 1

    I am creating a template to fill out for work. Looking to have Row 14 appear ONLY if Cell D13 is greater than "1". Thanks in advance.
  8. L

    hiding sheets in vba

    Hi I tried to hide the sheets, so I tried the first code and it did work but the second code is tell me I can not hide everything. Why this contradiction? Thank you. Sub nosheets() ActiveWindow.DisplayWorkbookTabs = False End Sub Sub loopsheet() y = 2 Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In...
  9. T

    Lock Tabs for specific users

    Is it possible to not allow a specific user to view specific tabs and only see others w/o actually hiding the tabs and creating a password? Any workaround for this? I'm trying to save myself the time of hiding and unhiding tabs so frequently.
  10. B

    How do I make it so my formula's are hidden throughout the entire workbook

    Hi, Is there a way of hiding my formula's within the program I put together?:confused::confused: Warmest Regards, Rob
  11. J

    Autofilter not hiding first blank cell/row

    The issue I am having with autofilter is that it isn't hiding the first row of a range when the first cell in the filtered column of that range is empty. Code snippet: If Range("G1") > 0 'Then 'competitors' times have been entered lastrow = Range("G" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row 'identify the...
  12. P

    Hiding some worksheets in 'Read only' mode

    I have a workbook which has about 7 worksheets. I have the password to the workbook, and when entered I want to be able to see all the worksheets and edit them without having to enter the password each time for individual sheets. However when I share the file and someone else opens it in...
  13. V

    Hiding only some specific cells by contracting them

    Hello! I have an excel spreadsheet including a table with different formatted sections. Giving the large amount of data, I had to insert a new column (the yellow coloured one) to calculate supplementary results. Anyway, I need to keep the dimensions of the table by hiding only the yellow...
  14. T

    saving report format

    I download the same excel report daily. Is there a way to open this report with the same headings/columns that I want to see. I am deleting and hiding half of the columns for my report
  15. S

    Macros to Hide / Unhide Columns for Printing

    Hi. My colleagues are not good with excel, and sadly I am their last hope. I have created spreadsheets that measure the profitability of jobs, and need to lock cells and protect them. I then need to automate the formatting so they cant unlock the sheet by themselves (the macro does it for them...
  16. Guzzlr

    How to Prevent a Tab From Being Deleted

    Hello All, Is it possible to prevent a tab, in a workbook, from being deleted, with out hiding it? Thanks
  17. B

    Hiding Cells When Printing

    Hello, I have a questions regarding hiding cells when the File: Print is selected. What I would like is some type of VBA to run in the background that hides specific columns when File Print is prompted. So I have a workbook that has multiple sheets which information in column D, E and F that...
  18. A

    Hiding multiple worksheets :VBA

    Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with the best logic for hiding multiple excel tabs using VBA. I don't really mind the layout- just something functional. At any point new tabs can be added and I want to be able to use the TRUE FALSE logic within a worksheet instead of VBA. <tbody>...
  19. B

    Macro For Hiding Column

    Thanks for looking at my post. I have the code below for hiding a column in my workbook. I was wanting to see if the code could be made so it would hide column A on any sheet. I have 21 sheets in the workbook Sub Hide_Column() ActiveSheet.Unprotect If...
  20. D

    Personal.xlsb loading after selected working workbook

    When I first decided to use a personal.xlsb with Excel 2016 in XLSTART to store my macro it would load before I opened the workbook I wanted to work on so it was hidden and the workbook I needed to work on loaded last and so it was active. Fine. Recently, behavior has changed and now...

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