1. E

    Highlight row based on cell value

    I need some help and have searched the forum and found partial solutions. I have an existing macro I wrote and need to add a row highlight (cells A-F) based off specific names listed in column A. There are 5 specific names so I figured I could list it 5 times each with the specific name. the...
  2. rediffusion

    How to use `Google Code Prettifier` to VBA macro in Microsoft Excel?

    Cross-post! I have some VBA macro for "Inserting Note" in Microsoft Excel. I want this prettifier to be inserted in my macro for creating a note with highlighting, is it possible (Interested in highlighting such as on StackOverflow)? Watched a video 1, 2, - on YouTube but the manual is not...
  3. D

    Highlighting duplicates in rows

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with 15 columns and over 700 rows. I would like to highlight duplicate values within each of the rows. There may be more than one duplicate. I have copied some of the data below. For example Southampton and St Peter Port may be duplicated on the same row. I would...
  4. P

    Highlighting every 6th occurence in a table - conditional formatting?

    I have a spreadsheet of customers but need to select every 6th occurence of a particular product to audit these. Is conditional formatting a way of highlighting, not every 6th item in the table but every 6th occurence relating to a particular product when the table will contain a variety of...
  5. J

    Highlighting a row and the one below it

    Hi there everyone I'm stuck on a highlighting issue and wonder if someone could please help. I have a spreadsheet containing around 180,000 rows, some of which have the number 2 in column H. What I'm trying to achieve is to highlight the all rows in some way that contain the number in H, but...
  6. S

    Highlighting 2 identical values in a Column.

    Hi, A simple one really but what is the best way to highlight similar values in a column of numbers? Regards
  7. H

    CF problem

    I would like to set up CF for "No Shows" that appears in Col A I have set up a formula =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("No Shows",A2))=True The Rage is $A:$F It is highlighting all cells in green. It would be appreciated if someone can assist me
  8. A

    Highlighting the SECOND largest number in a column ?

    I'm using Conditional Formatting with the MAX formula: =A1=MAX($A$2:$A$222) to find and highlight the highest value in the A column range How can I do the same to highlight the second largest value in the column? Thanks for the help!
  9. T

    Highlighting duplicates

    I am trying to highlight duplicates across two columns. So when a selection from column A and a selection from column B occur more than once together in the table, they are then highlighted. I can get it to work with duplicated entries from a single column, but not from both. So for example...
  10. P

    Help highlighting rows based on cell contents

    Hi All, I'm using Excel 2016 and need some help highlighting. I've added a link to a picture of the worksheet I'm working on. https://drive.google.com/open?id=121zcWYWY9W_6wqLiTiJaQCNdnAT2Jl2s I want to highlight all rows that have the word "Complete" in column J I've tried using conditional...
  11. W

    Conditional Highlighting

    Hi I’d like to highlight the highest & lowest numbers in a column. I’m using Numbers for iPhone & although I can see examples of how to do it in Excel, I can’t see how to do it in Numbers. Thank you for any help. Regards
  12. F

    Textbox Hyperlink Highlight

    Hey guys, I am working on n excel project and would like for certain cells to highlight when the corresponding hyperlink is clicked on. I have the hyperlink housed in a text box, I would like to click on the text box and the cell highlight. Any help? Thank you!
  13. HomeTek

    Conditional Formatting - Highlighting Duplicate Values

    Hi all, So I know how highlighting duplicate values normally works. However... I have a column containing various user IDs. The problem is that I only want the duplicate values highlighted if there are more than 3 of the same value. I don't want them to be highlighted if it it only comes...
  14. T

    Comparing Two Large Lists - Highlighting Duplicates

    Hello Everyone, I am having difficulty in identifying and highlighting exact number matches between two lists. If this questions has answered could someone point me to the appropriate forum post ? Thank you everyone for your time...
  15. A

    highlighting last edited cell

    how can we highlight last edited cell e.g if i use A1 it will highlight after use and then i use B5 then highlighting remove from A1 and B5 will highlight
  16. T

    Need to compare two columns, highlighting true matches

    Hi again, I have two sets of data and where i need to use the array in column V2:V154 to find matching values in column O2:O386. If an exact match is found, i'd like to highlight that cell. The end goal is to highlight in V, all exact matches of column O, so i can then sort by what matched...
  17. V

    VBA - VBE Theme Color Editor

    Hello, Has anyone used this and managed to get it working: GitHub - gallaux/VBEThemeColorEditor: The VBA / VB editor (or VBE) is limited in the 16 colors it can use to render code text. This application replaces the default colors with custom palettes that can be saved and loaded. It is...
  18. A

    Cross Reference Excel Data between Different Sheets and Highlight the Duplicates

    I have a workbook with 10 sheets of machine parts. On sheet 10, I am going to have the critical parts listed. I want to reference all of the information on sheet 10 in columns A-I, and I want to then highlight the row for every other instance in the workbook. For example. If I have SAP number...
  19. X

    Highlighted statements during code step through

    Using F8 to step through VBA code, each statement is highlighted as you step through the procedure. But if the code includes multiple statements on the same line only the first statement is highlighted. If there are , say, 4 statements on a particular line, then F8 must be pressed 4 times to...
  20. K

    VBA Find Duplicates in Range to 2 Decimal Places and Highlight Both

    Hello! I have a range of data C:BV filled with numerical values to the 5th decimal place. I would like a macro that finds duplicates in each column to the 2nd decimal place. So if I have 72.35854 and in the same column 72.35337, I want those to count as duplicates because they match to the...

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