1. M

    Hold or anchor cell content

    Hold or anchor cell content to scroll with cell Not sure if I am explaining it right but in the attached example you can see the milestone I added do not scroll with the sheet they stay on the page no matter how much I scroll. Any ideas on how I can add them and they scroll correctly
  2. P

    Referencing Filter Criteria

    I am trying to figure out how to reference individual column filter criteria in an IF/Then statement. I was able to use AutoFilter.Filters(CF).Criteria1 where CF is a variable for the column. Using this method, though, if column A has a criteria selected, then column B shows up as having a...
  3. B

    Decompress Alternate Spellings

    It would be incredibly helpful if someone could help me solve this problem. I have a list of alternate spellings of words (Column B), coupled with a unique number (Column A) Essentially I need a list of all the alternate spellings. There are two rules / means or () means optional sounds...
  4. R

    Paste Special Values

    Is there any way to make this vba code paste special ? Sub MoveCols() Dim lr As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False With Sheets("Insert Data here") lr = .Cells.Find("*", , xlValues, , xlByRows, xlPrevious).Row .Range(.Cells(2, "A"), .Cells(lr, "A")).Copy...
  5. B

    How many Custom Formats can Excel hold before crashing

    Is there a limit as to how many custom formats Excel can contain? I read somewhere it might be 64,000 (based upon a workbook with 100 sheets or so). Is there a limit to how many custom formats (i.e. fonts, typeface fill, alignment, numeric, borders, conditional formatting) that Excel can hold...
  6. C


    you locked my original thread didnt know how else to get a hold of you
  7. P

    Excel data Limit

    Dear All, Just wondering when using excel to create report as it has graphs and Pivot tables etc but it cannot hold too much data. for instance, if we have more than 20k rows the report is getting slower. What other ways we can work around it? Could we use Access to hold the data and use excel...
  8. P

    T-Shirt Sizing of Data Set

    Hello, I have a range of percentages from -6% to 8% that each correspond to a dollar amount. I need to group these percentages into different buckets,about 8 or so. Once grouped, I want the buckets on the ends to hold less dollaramounts while the buckets in the middle will hold more. Is there...
  9. R

    Failing to use VBA to change color when conditions are met

    I've looked at several similar examples of the issue I'm having, but I'm still missing something. I want to change the color of a frame to red when a cell value is NOT "on hold" and when another cell value is either NOT "ND" or NOT over 100%. Otherwise, I want the frame to stay the original...
  10. I

    AutoFilter xlOr Operator w/ MORE than 2 criteria

    So I'm aware of the xlOr operator to specify up to two unique criteria to be identified and filtered: Worksheets(MainSheet).ListObjects("FleetStatusDetail").Range.AutoFilter Field:=ReturnHeaderIndex(ThisWorkbook.Name, MainSheet, "FleetStatusDetail", "Hold Codes"), Criteria1:="=*B*"...
  11. R

    Entering Specific Text Until Last Row

    I'm trying to update the contents of column E with "BKI Hold", starting with cell E2, as long as the cells in column A are not null. I want to continue entering that value, until the last row. I've tried a couple of routes. The first snippet only entered "BKI Hold" in E2, but not subsequent...
  12. N

    Move Text To End Of Cell

    I have text in columns T, U, and V on a sheet called Tracking. In some of the cells I have “- Hold “. I would like to delete “- Hold “ and add “/ Hold“ to the end of the remaining text in the cell. Is there any way to do this using VBA? If not, what about a standard formula? EXAMPLE: <tbody>...
  13. L

    Expanding Inbox

    Right now it's saying that my inbox can only hold one message. How do I expand this?
  14. M


    Hi I have 500 rows of data, in column B is a Task and column C has a location or is empty The information held in column C is located in column B. Ideally I would like to check each cell in column C and compare to all cells in Column B, if their is a match I would like Column D to hold a value...
  15. J

    Formula for Automated allocation of money based on Date

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet setup as follows: Column A: Description of Expense; Column B: Current Hold Amount; Column C: Total Amount Due; What I want to accomplish is the following: 1. Based on Today(), calculate how many Fridays have passed in the current month (e.g. 1/27/18 = 4; 1/25/18 =...
  16. K

    Hold Tag Auto Populate

    Hello Everyone, I'm creating a Hold Log for the company I work for and I want to make it fairly simply for our quality techs to fill out the information needed to put things on Hold. There are two tabs on the spreadsheet. One tab is fairly basic, they input the data of the Hold/Rework. This tab...
  17. B

    Excluding Members from a query exclude for 1 or 2

    I have to create directory reports for members who hold leadership positions within our organization. Some of our members hold multiple leadership roles in either Local, state or federal positions. Say, for example, I wanted to create a query that would exclude all members that held federal...
  18. B

    Preventing duplicate records from showing in query

    I have query where one member can hold different positions within our organization but I only want their name to appear once in the query-- it'ss being used to generate a report. I did change unique values to yes on the query property sheet but I don't think this situation would apply since they...
  19. N

    Max Value Based On Custom List

    Hi, I am looking for a formula that will be able to populate a cell with the max value in a range based on a custom list. Example. CUSTOM LIST (Smallest to Largest) = ORANGE 00, APPLE 05, BANANA / HOLD, PINEAPPLE (If I have to have the list somewhere in my workbook it will be on a sheet...
  20. N

    Moving Text To End Of String?

    Is there a formula to move a specific text within a cell to the end of the string? For all rows in column W I would like to move “ / HOLD” to the end of the sting. If the cell does not have “ / HOLD” I would like to keep it as is. I would like the results to be in column X. Example...

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