1. M

    Dynamic: Finding the Min and assigning to that category

    I have a spreadsheet with 2 separate sheets set up as follows: Assignment: <tbody> Department Bucket Shift State Product Home Health Nights Toys Nights Sporting Goods Nights Grocery Days Toys Days Furniture Days Pets Days </tbody> Summary: <tbody>...
  2. J

    Create poup on item in home inventory

    Hi there, I created an home inventory in excel. I would like a popup to display information about the item when i click on it. I know Microsoft access has a home inventory and when an item is clicked on an asset detail popup is created. Just wondering if i'm able to copy this form to excel or...

    Import CSV Problem with single row multiple records for each entry

    I have a huge csv file when I import it into Excel I have discovered inaccuracies in the data integrity. The name, address, city, State and Zip Code are followed by another Name, Address, City, State and Zip code. I need a formula of VBA to search for strings beyond the zip code to move them to...
  4. P

    long line of text to columns

    L team away L team home L home lose etc. I need to split the text to columns at the L (space). That's an L and a space
  5. N

    VBA code .HTMLBODY issue

    Hello folks I am looking for some help with a problem that although small, is very frustrating :eeek: I have some VBA code that essentially reads a spreadsheet and create an email. the code works fine at home (Windows 10 pro), but at work (also Windows 10 pro), I get an error of Run-time error...
  6. Leicester City Fox

    Formula that checks if an ID falls between two dates and a single date

    Hi All Want a formula thatcheck if an ID falls between two dates and a single date. The will help me state they were staying at are home betweenthe dates below or they went to the hostel or they went aboard between thesedates. I have an ID numbers and two dates see example below of whenpeople...
  7. L

    Home Service

    Hello, Does anyone know of a good way to keep track of a Home Services business? Thanks
  8. L

    Adding a mirror to matching cells

    I have a VBA code that creates a new line in the worksheet. My problem is: cell B3 has a name that changes from time to time, When running the VBA and creating the new line, I need to compare the value on B3 with the Table, and insert (inside the new line), a Mirror to the table with the match...
  9. T

    SUMProduct formula error

    Hi all, any reason why i would be getting a #Value error using the formula: =SUMPRODUCT(--(Season=$LU$2),--(home=$LV5),--(FTHomegoals+FTAwaygoals>MV3)) Season Lu2 is referencing the range of the data i wont to use Home = LV5 is pointing to the particular team & where it would be listed...
  10. A

    Scroll Left

    Application.Goto Reference:=Range("a1"), Scroll:=True I found this works, but can you not select the cell. Aim is to scroll to Home (left) in the Worksheet only. Thanks.
  11. rjbinney

    Recommended File Appearing on Home Screen

    This recently appeared, and I can't put my finger if it was before or after my HD crashed... When I launch Excel and hit Alt+F (Windows 10), it brings up the "Home" screen. (Not the Home TAB, the Home SCREEN. Argh, Microsoft!) Underneath the templates, and the list of recently-used files, I'm...
  12. C

    Search for duplicate data for a specific date

    Sorry if title is a bit misleading. I am trying to find a way to search for duplicate data in columns 1 and 2 to see if they are on the same date that is in column 3. To clarify a bit more, I am creating a sports schedule. In columns 1 and 2 are the home and away teams. In column 3 is the date...
  13. W

    Seeking advice on where to begin - Searching for team form football data

    Hi guys and gals. At this stage Im not looking for a specific solution to a problem but rather ideas on how to approach something. I have several spreadsheets of football data covering several seasons of results and odds. eg: <tbody> Date HomeTeam AwayTeam Home Goals Away Goals Result...
  14. A

    Wins + Losses for Sports Teams at Different Points

    Hi all, First time posting and looking for some help regarding a set of sports statistics. I am looking to analyze the effect of home court advantage in the 2018-2019 season and wanted to be able to control for how many wins each team has at a certain time in the season. I currently have a set...
  15. B

    How should I replace these words in brackets and the word before it?

    I have multiple text strings containing A(a), B(b), C(c), etc. A and a are related over and thousands of these are in one sheet. I want to replace A(a) with a and B(b) with b, so on. Any thoughts please? EX: Optimizer Mode(OM) -> OM Home Snoop(HS) -> HS
  16. L

    I need help with a if statement

    https://1drv.ms/x/s!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8c6oid-OUrUmz6fiw I need help with a if statement in P16 answer show AWAY and P17 be HOME Thanks You Thomas
  17. J

    2 lookups

    Hi, Does anyone know a formula that match Client ID & weight and return correct Weight Range? <tbody> Client ID Weight Weight Range Home 21.05 ?? Local 28.50 ?? Weight Range Lower Weight Range Upper Client ID Weight Range 1.0000 26.9900 Local Up to 27kg 22.9901 42.9900...
  18. S

    Find and Highlight Partial Matches in ONE COLUMN

    Hi, I have a list of people in Column (A) followed by their home addresses in column (B). I would like to find a formula that will look at ONLY column B and highlight any cells that contain partial matches of home addresses to another cell in the same column B. I only find formulas that work if...
  19. P

    SendKeys with Function Key

    I am having a bit of an issue trying to get the sendkey to work with a function key. works great with some functions like home and even tab, enter etc. I just can not get it to hit the F2 key. everything I see says to use {F2} but the {} do not work for me, I found success in the []. this works...
  20. P

    Possible compatibility between MS Office 2010 and MS Office 2013

    On my home p.c. I have MS Office 2010 but at work we have MS Office 2013. So at home I created a Userform and the code works. However, when I send it to my work email through Outlook 2010, when I open it up at work the first thing I noticed, it's a read only file. So in Excel 2010 I clicked...

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