1. R

    Find and Replace Many

    Hello, I have an email database where it contains lot of Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and other email accounts in 1 column.. I want to filter and put the domain on the 2nd column. So for an example:-,, email accounts should be named as HOTMAIL in front. (2nd column)...
  2. J

    Excel VBA to email active Workbook via Hotmail or GMail

    Hi all, This one has been driving me crazy for days now. Finally time to admit defeat and 'Phone a Friend' Firstly a bit of background... I am the League Administrator for a regional Sports League and I'm looking to replace their, (currently paper based), 'Match Card' system with an online...
  3. M

    Problem with sending limits when using email automation

    hi all. I am writing some code just now to automate sending multiple emails to different contacts. I have got the program working fine and does all the things i need but the problem i have got is that the server i am using (my automation is done through outlook which uses my hotmail account)...

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