1. G

    Exporting to Web-page problem

    Hello to everyone, after weeks of unsuccessful attempts I kindly ask for an opinion. It concerns exporting the print area of XXX.xls Sheet1 to web page (.htm); the xls sheet contains data and images (jpg, gif …. imported from the outside). Well, with an old Excel 2003 (on Windows 10) there are...
  2. C

    Keep web queries when saving spreadsheet as html

    Hey all, this ones got me stumped. Is there a way to keep web queries active and refreshing when saving a spreadsheet in a format viewable in a web browser? Thanks Cam
  3. L

    VBA Finding file in directory with LARGEST file size.

    Hiya all, I've got everything working for this Macro except for one piece to this puzzle. I'm in the process of trying create an Email Attachment system that loads the "Signature" from Outlook. Our company uses multiple signatures for various types of emails (Default email Sig, Vendor sig...
  4. T

    Conditional Formatting HTML Table in VBA - Excel to Outlook

    Hello! I have some VBA that generates an email that includes an HTML table, into which some values (defined as integer variables in the VBA) are put. I was wondering if there is a way to format the numbers to appear as (#) when they are negative. Here is the code as it is parsed into the HTML...
  5. D

    Macro for replacing text in a htm document, the text to change is different every time

    Hi, I am new to using macros, and have searched the net through google, and this forum without result :( I have this problem, and no idea how to make the needed macro. Im my excel worksheet (excel 2010) I have one cell that changes every day (number) I want this number to open my htm document...
  6. U

    Macro for importing HTM Report data

    trying to do anything other than the basics with Excel. I would like help creating a macro to help me import data tables contained in a report that I receive in HTML format. The Report looks like the following. I de-identified the data...
  7. M

    Nuisance Excel HTM Security Warnings

    I'm using Excel 2003 with IE8 If I save a New, Empty Excel Workbook as a Webpage, when I open it with IE8 I get a Security Warning "To Help Protect your security...IE has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls..." even though the Workbook is Empty Is it possible...
  8. I

    Background Autosave feature and excel htm modification

    Hi All Quick help required: I am using excel for dashboard presentation over intranet this main file needs to be updated after every 10 mins as we all know excel republish htm after saving file i want this saving process to be in background not by auto opening workbook again and saving it...
  9. 1

    Macro problem

    I recently saved a excel spreadsheet as a .htm file. I have some macros in the Excel spreadsheet but they don't work in the .htm file. How do I get the macro to work in the .htm? Any help would be most helpful. Thanks
  10. A

    htm to excel in different sheets

    wonder if any one can help me with this issue: i have a folder containing multiple htm data files. i want to import all of them in different worksheet in a workbook, i want a macro for this thank you
  11. J

    import multiple files into Excel

    Hi everybody, I need to import about 1500 HTML file into a DB (SQL Server). But (here is the big problem), I only need to import some data of each HTML file (always the same line/variable). So I thought using Excel as you can say with part of the HTML file you want to import. It works great...

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