html maker

  1. W

    Mr. Excel HTML Maker no longer working

    Anyone else have issues with the maker no longer working. It doesn't show up in my add-ins anymore. I've re-downloaded, but that hasn't helped either. Anyone else have this issue? I have Windows 10, but it was working.
  2. ProgramUser

    VBHTML Maker throws Compile Error

    Hi everyone! Just tried using the VB HTML Maker xla add-in....after selecting it within the Add-Ins dialogue box, I came up with the following error. My Setup; PC - LotsGbRAM OS - Win10 (64 Bit) Office Pro - 2013 Error that came up once I enabled the Add-In Any idea's on a workaround...? I...
  3. ca.moazzam

    Excel Genie or HTML Maker for Excel 2013

    Hi guys I am wondering if there exists Excel Genie or HTML Maker for Excel 2013? I have been using it for Excel 2010 but I recently upgraded to Excel 2013 and now these don't seem to work (I tried to install my old ad-ins which I earlier installed on Excel 2010). If there is an add in for Excel...
  4. P

    Excel 2013 problem with HTML Maker

    Hi, My last computer had Excel 2007 and the HTML Maker worked perfectly. My new computer is 64Bit and I have Excel 2013 32 Bit loaded. The operating system is Windows7. I downloaded the HTML Maker file and it shows up in the Add-Ins Available list. I have the selection ticked, but the program...
  5. T

    Colo's HTML Maker bad site problem

    Hi I've been following a few links to get colos html maker so i can post a question but i either get "This is a bad site" or "Internal Server Error" so therefore unable to download it. Is there another program being used instead or can you help? Regards

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