1. How_Do_I

    Unique in Range

    Hello, how would I count the unique in a range like this and extract them in to a vertical list please...? Excel WorkbookBCDE2Plum3PlumWatermelonApplePeach4MelonKiwifruitBlackberry5RaspberryBlueberryCranberryBananaSheet1
  2. kpasa

    Export Table as HTML with Formatting AND Filter capabilities

    Is it possible to export a table with filtering capabilities? I know it's possible to get formatting, but I cannot figure out if filtering is possible.
  3. D

    How can I edit this code to import local HTML files rather than an online Web Query fetch

    The code below -- created w/ help from this forum -- does a great job of cycling through a list of ~300 URLs (listed starting in cell A2 of sheet "URLs") and importing the table data from each into sheet "MXquote", pasting each chunk of table data on the first available row, such that the end...
  4. D

    Importing from a local .aspx file in Excel 2007?

    I have a local .aspx file that I generated by downloading from an HTML web page (the browser extension saves it as .aspx...not entirely sure why.) It contains a few hundred tables that I want to import into Excel, but my googling suggested that only Excel versions 2010 and later have a native...
  5. smide

    VBA to extract part of HTML code

    Hello. In cell A1 I'm receiving Customer names an their home town in form of huge HTML code. I need to extract Customer names in column A (A3:A600) and their home towns in column B (B3:B600). Part of HTML code for names is always the same: <div class="customName--1gBeC">J. Jones</div> Part...
  6. P

    Web Scraping, get HTML data from web

    I have used Excel VBA to navigate to a web site. I am trying to pull data from a specific part of the website. When I inspect the element the following is displayed: <span id="Status">Ready to Drop Ship</span> Does anyone know how to get the data "Ready to Drop Ship" from the above HTML code...
  7. I

    can you recommend scraping addons?

    hi, Is there any good add-on for scraping html? VBA is too hard to work with.
  8. W

    VBA split string and add to HTML body with formatting

    Hi all, I am trying to separate string from a cell based on character present and add it after to HTML body. Sample text (all in one cell): <tbody> Need to separate it by ";" and add it to HTML body for better look, like this: Think this is somewhat common problem, but can not find a...
  9. smide

    VBA to get a number for a HTML style value without the "%" suffix

    Hello. In cell A1 (Sheet 1) I'm receiving a huge HTML code. I need to extract somehow values for 'top' and 'left' without % suffix. for: style="top: 54%; left: 13%; I need only 54 and 13 Results should be placed in column B for top values (B2:B300) and column C for left values (C2:C300)...
  10. J

    http elements xml

    Hello, Getting confused with Div tags etc. Any guide for this? How do you pull a "$0" from html in VBA via XML? Thanks.
  11. J

    HTML VBA p tag

    Trying to pull the piece in bold below in the HTML for the following URL: <div class="tile-content" id="tile-253558119" data-auto-id="253558119"><div class="product-tile-actions--has-no-text"></div><a...
  12. J

    Parsing HTML

    Hello, Trying to pull all the names of the items and then the price on this page, e.g. Tesco British Salted Block Butter 250G £1.50 Tesco Gala Apple Minimum 5 Pack £1.60 But the code fails on this line...
  13. L

    Lookup Prices Matching Code From 2 Tables

    Hi, Can someone derive formulas for I3:I8? Thanks Excel WorkbookBCDEFGHI1Table 1Table 2Table 32CodePriceCodePriceCodePrice3X1$ 2.00Y1$ 1.00X14X2$ 4.00Y2$ 3.00X25X3$ 6.00Y3$ 5.00X36Y17Y28Y3Sheet1
  14. E

    Object variable or With block not set error when trying to fill in input fields on a website

    Hi, I am writing the following code which allows me to proceed to a website that I need to gather info from to then export into excel. I am very new to HTML web scraping with VBA and I am currently writing it line by line and testing it as I go. Sub GoToMarketingScents() 'navigate to...
  15. D

    Trying to test HTML Maker

    I am trying to use the Mr. Excel HTML Maker and either I am doing something wrong or I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. I downloaded the file, unblocked it, selected the Add In, went to my workbook tab and selected the cells I want a screenshot of, then clicked the User Defined...
  16. C

    IE Automation in VBA

    Afternoon, I am trying to automate some IE navigation. I am running into an issue when trying to populate a field. The object will allow for text entry - but i cannot seem to find a way to fire/trigger an event to populate the dropdown list that will then allow me to select from their...
  17. S

    Web Scraping Login

    I am going nuts trying to figure this out! I am needing to navigate to a site and login through VBA to scrap some data. (which I have done several times before) I cannot for the life of me figure out the HTML for this particular site...
  18. L

    Keep ID Number With Customer

    Hello, Is there a way to keep the assigned ID with each customer ? I want to be able to sort the table but when doing so the ID numbers for the customers change. Thank you very much Excel WorkbookABCDEFGHIJ1IDContact NameCompany NameStreet AddressCitySTZip CodePhoneEmailNotes2101JohnBank12...
  19. M

    Clicking a web page button via VBA

    Hi, I have been attempting to automate a web scraping process and I am needing to click a button on the web page; however, my object is constantly empty. Here is the html code: <div class="pull-right"> <button class="btn btn-primary js-export-customer"><span...
  20. T

    Remove part of an inout element VBA HTML

    Hi, In order to automate a site and get around using the date picker ive found I can remove the 'read only' part of the input on the site which allows me to input the date, however i cant seem to automate this. Im trying to change : <input id="fromDatePicker" placeholder=""...

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