1. M

    VBA HTML - accessing link with href="javascript:void(null)"

    I am attempting to use VBA code to navigate through multiple links with each taking me to a new destination each time (this from a VBA standpoint I understand). I have encountered a link with href="javascript:void(null)"... My question revolves around trying to dig deeper into the URL that...
  2. J

    HTML <p> and <li> formula?

    Hi everyone, I currently have the 2 formulas below Bulk <p> </p> each paragraph: Sub aTest() Dim rCell As Range, spl As Variant, i As Long For Each rCell In Selection spl = Split(rCell, Chr(10)) For i = LBound(spl) To UBound(spl) If spl(i) <> "" Then...
  3. D

    Adding images in table with formatting into Outlook using a file picker

    I have pieced together some code using excel as a file picker to add images to embed within subject body. Everything is working just fine with basic alignment, but I would like to get some help adding these images into a table with a specific formatting Outlook seems not to have a huge support...
  4. Jyggalag

    Attach subject of email to a cell value?

    Dear all, I currently have this VBA code (please note the part highlighted in bold): Option Explicit Private Const FilePath As String = "\\COMPANY.SSSS.COMPANY.NET\userdata\t5382304\home\Documents\TEST folder\" Sub send_email_complete() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim i...
  5. M

    control HTML TAB and ELEMENT

    I'm a newbie about controlling HTML with VBA I need help to select HTML tab named "ITEMS" please find the code below: <div class="button-tabs"><button tabindex="4" class="button-tabs__tab active" role="tab" aria-selected="true" style="z-index: 4;" type="button">receptacles</button><button...
  6. M

    Outlook/VBA - Extracting tables from all emails in a specific folder

    Hey all, I have come across a problem, and after scouring google and this website, I have come close, but still not quite where I want to be. For reference, I know almost nothing of VBA but I can somewhat follow the code logic, although its still not enough to come with a solution for my...
  7. F

    Excel columns to multiple html files

    Hello everyone, I need your help. I have this table in excel: ID Something Else Subject Body file1 random Title1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. file2 random Title2 <!DOCTYPE html><html...
  8. F

    How can I convert only the text WITHIN excel cells to HTML code.

    I work in copywriting and one of the columns in the lay outs we do require HTML code (for the products we upload to our webpage), but if I copy an entire column to an HTML converter it will obviously turn the table to HTML too. Is there a way or a webpage that can change ONLY the text within the...
  9. T

    Refer text in section tag of HTML page

    <div class="row"> <div class="col-xs-12 form-group"> <input type="submit" name="btnSearch" value="Search" id="btnSearch" class="btn btn-primary" /> </div> </div>...
  10. J

    VBA/HTML how to: click drop down, enter value, click search

    Hi all! I'm trying to pull weather for certain locations. I've got the scraping part down. I'm having trouble controlling the location; results are intermittent if I use a hard coded URL or if using cells in the worksheet to complete the URL. Sometimes it if trying for Seattle, WA it ends up...
  11. S

    VBA webscraping for onclick

    I have been trying to use VBA to webscrape some data, however, i have not much success being able to click on the hyperlink or call the onclick function. Help will be very much appreciated. My code is listed below as well the only HTML information is listed as below <tr class="linkable"...
  12. D

    Pulling Data Out of HTML/XML Code

    I have a bunch of data that was exported in an html/xml format. <schoolFood1Type location="" size="0">63</schoolFood1Type> <schoolFood1Order location="" size="0">198</schoolFood1Order> <schoolFood1ProgramA location="" size="0">Yes</schoolFood1ProgramA>...
  13. G

    Paragraphs in one Cell > HTML

    Hello, am trying to convert an excel file to HTML. I have a few 100s of rows. Serial No. Name Composition 1 Destadine Syrup Each ml contains: Desratadine BP …….. 0.5 mg In a flavoured syrup base 2 Chlorphamine Each ml contains: Frech BP …….. 0.5 mg In a flavoured syrup base...
  14. J

    Webscraping Grocery Website

    Hi There, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get a simple webscrape to work. I am using a dynamic URL to search for a product (in this case 'GREENE KING ABBOT ALE') and what I'd like to do is have all the available links that return from the site to appear in column A of sheet called 'Single'...
  15. H

    excel to html

    hi dears i have excel with 10 sheets and i need vba for convert to 1-html format and 2-csv comma utf8 and 3.txt format 1-do it for entire workbook automatically and with no question 2-for each sheet make seperate file name and same as sheet name in my excel file path 3- printarea by default...
  16. D

    Scraping HTML Tables with VBA

    I am scraping HTML tables with a GET request. The req.responseText is then passed to the module below to process the HTML tables. My code works 100% but I'm trying to optimise it. It is a large daily crawl. I have 2 questions: 1. In the section where I'm processing the "className =...
  17. S

    Importing Image into Excel Worksheet With HTML Code Elements

    Hello, I'm looking to import a few images into my excel file and I plan on importing the picture by calling the pictures based on their html elements. The image html code: <img chart-id="2669" alt="Chart ID 2669" class="chart-img" src=""...
  18. G

    Excel export cell range to HTML via Macro

    Hi I have the following macro which exports my sheet (Page1) as an HMTL file and it works well, except it exports the entire page. I was wondering if it could be modified to export only a selection of cells on the page? such as A1:CN106? Sub HTML_File() With...
  19. A

    Will a kind soul help to provide a vba solution to insert text into webpage textbox

    Dear all, I am trying to input text into a webpage and search and am running into problems. Below is my code Sub GetHTMLDocument() Dim IE As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer Dim HTMLDoc As MSHTML.HTMLDocument Dim HTMLInput As MSHTML.IHTMLElement IE.Visible = True...
  20. A

    Search for an item in a search box in a website.

    Hi I am new to this, i watched a few tutorials and tried out on my own and realize that i can't even do a search in the search box of the webpage. Below is my code that i tried. Sub Automate_IE_Load_Page() 'This will load a webpage in IE Dim i As Long Dim URL As String Dim IE As...
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