1. reasem

    Download PDF from URL in Excel VBA

    looking to download a PDF from a URL. I can't seem to get past the login screen as the pdf that is downloaded only contains the code for the login page if I open it in NotePad. I examined the post request after logging in manually and pasted it after "FormData." I'm not sure if it matters what I...
  2. U

    HTML Object Internet Explorer automation

    How do I select an option from a dropdown menu and update the webpage. Code: Dim IE As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer Dim HTMLDoc As MSHTML.IHTMLDocument then I navigate to a URL and I fetch the dropdown menu using html id and put value=my desired value HTMLDoc.getElementById("xyz").Value =...
  3. A

    Convert row data in html table with 3 columns code

    Hello! I'm struggling with a task that is above my knowledge. I have a huge table like this example below: id html code model model model model model model 1.10.M1007 <tr><td>Asus M6 Serie</td><td>Asus M6000</td><td>Asus M6000 Serie</td></tr><tr><td>Asus M6000A</td><td>Asus...
  4. D

    HTML Through VBA - Trigger event on HTML Form

    Hi, Long time fan, first time poster. Also this is my first attempt at manipulating web stuff, so apologies if any phrasing is misleading. I am entering data on a website (to autoamte a data scrape). There are 4 fields: - Post Code (Text box) - Occupancy (Drop down) - Building Type (Drop down -...
  5. N

    How to get Value by VBA from Source code

    I'm trying to use VBA for web scrapping (★ Dream Catcher Home Stay, Cochin, India) and get numerical value for "b_hotel_id" line in the code below <td class="line-number" value="568"></td> <td class="line-content">b_hotel_id: '554615',</td> but I don't know how to refer to it, as there is no...
  6. V

    VBA Script to copy the content from webpage and paste in excel on with correct indent.

    I need to copy the Table of content from a webpage and paste it to excel with correct indentation. Now, my current process is, copying the content from webpage and pasting it to an excel and then select the column and run the below script, This script will placed arrange the content in...
  7. N

    1004 error on Array. Worksheet failed.

    First off thanks to everyone on this forum for your help. I have learned a ton and am able to create a process for my org that is going to save everyone a ton of hours. I will be excited to share with everyone once it is done. So the code below is supposed to reference a named range "_FileLoc"...
  8. P

    VBA Wesite Login

    **Definitely a beginner. Please bear with me. First attempt at web scrapping.** I need the following URL to auto-login and retrieve a table from the website. I have pieced together VBA code from different websites to fill in the login information and hopefully pull a table but I am unable to...
  9. How_Do_I

    Unique in Range

    Hello, how would I count the unique in a range like this and extract them in to a vertical list please...? Excel WorkbookBCDE2Plum3PlumWatermelonApplePeach4MelonKiwifruitBlackberry5RaspberryBlueberryCranberryBananaSheet1
  10. kpasa

    Export Table as HTML with Formatting AND Filter capabilities

    Is it possible to export a table with filtering capabilities? I know it's possible to get formatting, but I cannot figure out if filtering is possible.
  11. D

    How can I edit this code to import local HTML files rather than an online Web Query fetch

    The code below -- created w/ help from this forum -- does a great job of cycling through a list of ~300 URLs (listed starting in cell A2 of sheet "URLs") and importing the table data from each into sheet "MXquote", pasting each chunk of table data on the first available row, such that the end...
  12. D

    Importing from a local .aspx file in Excel 2007?

    I have a local .aspx file that I generated by downloading from an HTML web page (the browser extension saves it as .aspx...not entirely sure why.) It contains a few hundred tables that I want to import into Excel, but my googling suggested that only Excel versions 2010 and later have a native...
  13. smide

    VBA to extract part of HTML code

    Hello. In cell A1 I'm receiving Customer names an their home town in form of huge HTML code. I need to extract Customer names in column A (A3:A600) and their home towns in column B (B3:B600). Part of HTML code for names is always the same: <div class="customName--1gBeC">J. Jones</div> Part...
  14. P

    Web Scraping, get HTML data from web

    I have used Excel VBA to navigate to a web site. I am trying to pull data from a specific part of the website. When I inspect the element the following is displayed: <span id="Status">Ready to Drop Ship</span> Does anyone know how to get the data "Ready to Drop Ship" from the above HTML code...
  15. I

    can you recommend scraping addons?

    hi, Is there any good add-on for scraping html? VBA is too hard to work with.
  16. W

    VBA split string and add to HTML body with formatting

    Hi all, I am trying to separate string from a cell based on character present and add it after to HTML body. Sample text (all in one cell): <tbody> Need to separate it by ";" and add it to HTML body for better look, like this: Think this is somewhat common problem, but can not find a...
  17. smide

    VBA to get a number for a HTML style value without the "%" suffix

    Hello. In cell A1 (Sheet 1) I'm receiving a huge HTML code. I need to extract somehow values for 'top' and 'left' without % suffix. for: style="top: 54%; left: 13%; I need only 54 and 13 Results should be placed in column B for top values (B2:B300) and column C for left values (C2:C300)...
  18. J

    http elements xml

    Hello, Getting confused with Div tags etc. Any guide for this? How do you pull a "$0" from html in VBA via XML? Thanks.
  19. J

    HTML VBA p tag

    Trying to pull the piece in bold below in the HTML for the following URL: <div class="tile-content" id="tile-253558119" data-auto-id="253558119"><div class="product-tile-actions--has-no-text"></div><a...
  20. J

    Parsing HTML

    Hello, Trying to pull all the names of the items and then the price on this page, e.g. Tesco British Salted Block Butter 250G £1.50 Tesco Gala Apple Minimum 5 Pack £1.60 But the code fails on this line...

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