1. Anigito

    Get Webpage Title Text by URL Generated in MS Excel

    Dear Community, I request your support with the following program (I have reviewed the posts in this forum, but could not find the right one for me). The program should create URL, send request to webpage, get webpage title, process webpage title, write processed data to file, apply hyperlink...
  2. B

    VBA Email Outllook Item .Send does not work

    Hello, I am working with a macro to send an email, i can get the email to draft and display. But the .Send doesnt seem to work. I essentially am needing this to just automatically send with no display or screen updating. I'll share my code below, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. Sub...
  3. J

    VBA Macro - Adding Outlook HTML signature and Referring specific cell for email body text

    Hi guys, I am trying to add my Outlook signature that has an image with text (i.e. HTML format) and refer specific cell (i.e. .HTMLBody = Range ("B5"). Value) using Macro to return the Outlook Signature with Email body text that is written on cell B5. I used Ron de Bruin's code (Insert Outlook...
  4. S

    Excel formula to replace a cell's contents

    I'm looking to do the following in excel: I have a cell that has html bullets like this: etc. I want to change the first bullet to a paragraph, so that it now displays: Is there any way to do this?
  5. R

    vba: How to select first div Class element if the html webpage has multiple div class names are same.

    Team, please suggest me how to pull the first <div id="Label" table details from a webpage, where i have 2 same <div id="Label" in my webpage. Below is the html codes for your reference that I have in the webpage <!-- regular tabs content --> <div id="Label" class="Serial"> <div...
  6. E

    Create mails with table - standard header specific row

    I am trying to create a code that can create Namelist amount of emails. Each email should include some specific cell variables such as name and email AND a table in which i need the header from the excel sheet and a specific row. I have tried to incoporate a take one row at a time approach but...
  7. D

    Help to remove Garbage HTML tags

    Hello, I'm sorry I couldn't get XL2BB (Freshly installed Windows); I tried troubleshooting it for the past hour (Blocked Macros, Blocked File i.e. Trusted file, Blocked Addins, adding it through XLSTART or Addins in Excel). Holy Jesus! Not sure why the author can't just digitally sign it or...
  8. A

    Selenium VBA Stale element reference chromebrowser

    I am currently automating several procedures on a webpage using selenium type library in excel. Currently i am facing the following issue: my code finds a table is supposed to click on each row , do some other things,come back to the page in the table and proceed with the next row. The issue is...
  9. Worf

    Using Excel to mix colours

    There are simplistic equations to add the RGB components of two colours, but they yield deficient results. A while ago a JavaScript library was released under the Creative Commons license, allowing to realistic pigment mixing. Here we will see how to run the JS code from Excel: Create a local...
  10. M

    vba to open specific url results in google

    Hello Friends, I need a vba to open pages based on the search results in google chrome? For example i search "Adidas", then i need the url results to be open in the next tabs along with search result. the url we need to open in other tabs are: instagram, linkedin, twitter, website of adidas...
  11. C

    VBA to wait until IE webpage finishes loading before running the next step

    Hi, So the below is supposed to OPEN internet explorer, WAIT UNTIL IT LOADS, add username & password and click login, THEN WAIT AGAIN UNTIL THE PAGE LOADS and then many other clicks on hyperlinks, but up to here is enough to show my issue. So far I've been using "Application.Wait Now +...
  12. Worf

    Mapping HTML trees with VBA

    When performing Web scraping, sometimes it is necessary to analyse how the page was constructed. Here are the main features of this post: Lists the XPath for all pairs of parent and child for a local HTML test file. Informs how many levels the page has and the tag for each element. When...
  13. A

    Post shape from spreadhseet into correct position of html email created in vba

    Hi, I am trying to create an email in outlook using VBA. In the email i want to include text and a formatted table from the spreadhseet. In addition i want to add an image/shape to the BOTTOM of the email, but I can't seem to get it to land there. Here is the code i have managed to put...
  14. M

    VBA HTML - accessing link with href="javascript:void(null)"

    I am attempting to use VBA code to navigate through multiple links with each taking me to a new destination each time (this from a VBA standpoint I understand). I have encountered a link with href="javascript:void(null)"... My question revolves around trying to dig deeper into the URL that...
  15. J

    HTML <p> and <li> formula?

    Hi everyone, I currently have the 2 formulas below Bulk <p> </p> each paragraph: Sub aTest() Dim rCell As Range, spl As Variant, i As Long For Each rCell In Selection spl = Split(rCell, Chr(10)) For i = LBound(spl) To UBound(spl) If spl(i) <> "" Then...
  16. D

    Adding images in table with formatting into Outlook using a file picker

    I have pieced together some code using excel as a file picker to add images to embed within subject body. Everything is working just fine with basic alignment, but I would like to get some help adding these images into a table with a specific formatting Outlook seems not to have a huge support...
  17. Jyggalag

    Attach subject of email to a cell value?

    Dear all, I currently have this VBA code (please note the part highlighted in bold): Option Explicit Private Const FilePath As String = "\\COMPANY.SSSS.COMPANY.NET\userdata\t5382304\home\Documents\TEST folder\" Sub send_email_complete() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim i...
  18. M

    control HTML TAB and ELEMENT

    I'm a newbie about controlling HTML with VBA I need help to select HTML tab named "ITEMS" please find the code below: <div class="button-tabs"><button tabindex="4" class="button-tabs__tab active" role="tab" aria-selected="true" style="z-index: 4;" type="button">receptacles</button><button...
  19. M

    Outlook/VBA - Extracting tables from all emails in a specific folder

    Hey all, I have come across a problem, and after scouring google and this website, I have come close, but still not quite where I want to be. For reference, I know almost nothing of VBA but I can somewhat follow the code logic, although its still not enough to come with a solution for my...
  20. F

    Excel columns to multiple html files

    Hello everyone, I need your help. I have this table in excel: ID Something Else Subject Body file1 random Title1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. file2 random Title2 <!DOCTYPE html><html...

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