hyperlink address

  1. A

    Hyperlink with Criteria

    Hi guys. Is there a way to edit the below formula so that the worksheet name is referenced to a cell?? - "2020" is a cell. =HYPERLINK("#"&ADDRESS(MATCH(A4,'2020'!A:A,0),8,1,1,"2020"),"Link")
  2. HowlingWulf

    Hyperlinking a Mileage Calculator

    Good Morning, I am trying to hyperlink to google maps but in doing so I am also trying to substitute two values (postcodes) on my spreadsheet into the address from and the address to. For example: =HYPERLINK("https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?saddr="&SUBSTITUTE(C8,"...
  3. M

    Hyperlink scroll trough sheet based on cell value

    <tbody> A B C D ... X Y Z AA 1 2 Dates 8/30/16 ... 4/13/17 4/14/17 4/15/17 4/16/17 3 Description Start Date End Date 4 Foundation Concrete Pour 4/13/17 4/16/17 20 20 20 20 5 </tbody> I have a table with items and the time each takes to be...
  4. J

    how to put hyperlink on message box

    Sub Report() MsgBox "Report is ready to use" End Sub So far I have something like this, but I would like to add a hyperlink of report's path. If the report's path is C:\Program Files\Acute Data_1000.xlsx is it possible to include a hyperlink on the message box? Thank you!
  5. I

    Variable in path of the hyperlink

    Hi ! Greetings from Paris :) ! I've just started playing with VBA, macros, and all this stuff on excel. I've created this macro: Sub MiPrimeraMacro() With Worksheets(1) .Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=.Range("i2"), _ Address:=("http://www.apple.com/" & Range("i2")), _ ScreenTip:="Apple link" End...
  6. H

    hyperlink to a file in a relative path

    I am using Excel 2003 I use the next method to open a file located in the same folder of the current xls file right click, hyperlink, choose Existing File or Webpage, choose desired file but I want to open a file in a folder relative to where the current file is located, so when they are moved...
  7. L

    VBA Macro Create Hyperlink out of Cell Value contents

    Hello All, I'm trying to create a series of Macros that take the contents of Column E, puts a direct hyperlink to website in question. I just can't seem to find the code online to help me achieve what I want. This is the code I have so far. Dim sh1 As Worksheet Dim...
  8. D

    hyperlink w/in excel loses reference

    hyperlink w/in excel loses reference this is the situation person cell id hyperlink Adams b20 b20 Jones b50 b50 Zilch b99 b99 If I create a hyperlink at Zilch to Jones the hyperlink = b50 then if I add a person above Jones (b50), the Jones info moves down and...
  9. A

    copy hyperlink from one cell to other

    Hello dear I have a hyper link in cell A2. Value of the cell is "1st link" and hyperlink address is "http://1stlink/add.php". Now I want that valu of B2 cell will be "http://1stlink/add.php" I want to do that work in vba. How can I do that, plz help me.
  10. P

    VBA Link to a folder using a cell

    Hi all, I have a question that I have not been able to work out. I have a 9 digit number in cell B2 and need to set the folder in VBA based on the number. Part of the map involves the first number of the 9 digit number so as an example: Cell B2: 231231231 Folder map would be...

    Use a CommandButton Control for a Google Maps Hyperlink with Cell Data

    Hi Board of Genius' Can anybody help me to achieve this, at all, please? I currently have a Hyperlink Cell (C10) which, when clicked, takes the user externally to Google maps at the address as inputted into a number of Cells: User Cells: B6 = "House Name / Number" B7 = "Street" B8 = "Town"...
  12. S

    Hyperlinks with Absolute Address

    I have an Excel report 'Report A' which contains hyperlinks to other files. The hyperlink is also copied from 'Report A' to 'Report B' and other reports which are distributed to users. Therefore the hyperlink needs to contain the absolute address. Excel replaces the absolute address with a...
  13. T

    Creating a hyperlink that has a subject line in the email

    I am creating a yearly report for my company, and I have an email column that we can enter in the individual’s email address in the cell. When we click on the email address it does what it is supposed to do; however, I want to go a step beyond that. I want the email to prefill the subject line...
  14. H

    Dynamic Hyperlink in Email

    Hello people, I am having a bit of trouble inserting a dynamic hyperlink into an Email that will be generated from Excel, linking to a newly saved document. there is a macro, which seems to work fine, calling a function that seems to hold the error. here is the macro: (Please note that the...
  15. L

    Urgent help

    I have a list of 300 linkedin links. I want to create a macro to open the links and and capture the current title in the link. Is it possible ?
  16. C

    Hyperlinking Cells Within A Workbook

    Hi All, I have a spreadsheet with 15 sheets and this includes a 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, 4th quarter and monthly report sheet. The quarterly sheets have around 1,000 lines and list a lot of expenses and income by different categories. The monthly report sheet takes the total of...
  17. K

    Mac to PC broken hyperlinks

    i use PC and a couple of my clients use MAC. I use Office 2010 Clients use 2011 it seems that when they take a spread sheet that I make for the and they save it as another name on the MAC, the hyperlinks disapear. Any way to prevent this?
  18. H

    Adding hyperlinks using vba

    Hi Folks, I am trying to make a workbook that will basically be a document index to files on a network drive. So what i wish to be able to do is have a button on the worksheet that will check for the next empty cell in a coloum and then open a browse window so i can look for a file on the...
  19. K

    automaticall add hyperlink

    Hello, I am trying to make a list of files in excel. each cell needs to have a hyperlink, so when I click on the cell content it opens the file. With excel 2003 I used this code: With ActiveSheet i = 0 For Each rngCell In .Range("A1:A65530") i = i + 1 A$ = Cells(i, 2).Value + Cells(i...
  20. D

    Mass Hyperlink Edits?

    We have a workbook that has many worksheets. Each worksheet has many hyperlinks pointing to files on our network drive. The problem is the hyperlinks all point to the exact path: \\server1\excel\books\*.* Is there a way to edit all the hyperlinks in the workbook and doing a find/replace like...

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