hyperlink function

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    Hyperlinking & Identifying Hidden sheets in Excel

    Hi, I have the following problem with hidden worksheets I'd like to submit to some more experienced Excel users. I've created a ToC of all worksheets in my Excel file, sth. for which a solution can easily be found online. The resulting ToC displays in a dedicated sheet, as a column with the...
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    Automatic update of "date modified" for hyperlink'ed Word File

    I've tried searching but struggling to find an a remedy that works. - I use an Excel spreadsheet as a shared client database - each row being a separate client. - Each client row has a hyperlink, which links to a Word file in which we keep chat notes. Because there are 5 people who access...
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    creating a hyperlink in a cell after a different input is added in that cell

    i'm curious if this is possible: first, lets say at the bottom of my worksheet i have cells A100-A110 each containing the text of either "V1", "V2"....."V10", now say if i enter into a blank cell the text "V1", is there a way to create a formula where it turns that cell into a hyperlink to...
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    How would I enter this worksheet formula in VBA? Hyperlink within workbook

    After I process data, I'm putting links back to the original data so the user can fix the values if there were errors. Here is the worksheet formula in column F and in this case row 6: =IF(E6="Requires Fix",HYPERLINK(aaGetHyperlinkLocation(Clients!H2),Clients!H2),"") aaGetHyperlinkLocation...
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    Combine Emails From Column Into Single Cell Separated By Comma, Renamed, Hyperlinked

    I have a worksheet with a column of email address. I would like to combine those email address (excluding the title in first cell) into a different cell on the same sheet and have them separated by a comma. Then, rather than seeing all of the emails, I would like to say a nickname such as...
  6. G

    Auto fill sheet reference in hyperlink formula

    Hello everyone. I am trying to auto-fill the sheet references(indicated in red) in the following equations <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="540"><col style="width: 405pt;" width="540"> <tbody><tr style="height: 12.75pt;" height="17"> <td class="xl66" style="height...
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    HYPERLINK function combined with CELL/address function

    Hi, The following formula: {=IF(LEN($C$10)=0,"",IF(ROWS(A$2:A3)<=F$9,CELL("address",INDEX(Sheet1!$F$2:$F$12000,SMALL(IF(Sheet1!$F$2:$F$12000=Sheet2!$C$10,ROW(Sheet1!$F$2:$F$12000)-ROW($A$2)+1),ROWS(A$2:A3)))),""))} Returns the following result: '[Book1.xls]Sheet1'!$F$236 What I would...

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