1. J

    System Tray Icon

    Hi guys, I am new here but always stumble across the site to find solutions. My question is, would it be possible to add a custom icon to a user form and have it show in the taskbar, but also the user tray? This is the code I am using which I found (which works great, but does not put icon in...
  2. J

    Referencing an "icon"

    On the INSERT menu of the Excel ribbon, right under "shapes" you can insert an "icon". Once you've done that, how can you reference the resulting picture via VBA? I tried searching but most of what comes up for "icons" is in relation to conditional formatting.... Thanks!
  3. D

    ICON traffic light system

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help with a conditional formatting question. <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> If the date completed is less than or equal to the date due, get the icon tick If the date completed is greater than the due date get the amber exclamation mark if a date of zero...
  4. ACommandLineKindaGuy

    How to copy a picture from one shape to another

    I would like to replace 45 icons looping n = 1 to 45 using Worksheets("Print Label").Shapes.Range(Array("Icon " & n)) with another picture Worksheets("Print Label").Shapes.Range(Array("Choice")) I tried using the macro recorder to copy the selected shape and then right-click on the shape to be...
  5. D


    Can anyone suggest a good source for icons? I'm wanting to add some macros to the a tab as a customization to the Excel ribbon. Thanks.
  6. T

    Conditionally remove conditional formatting icons? VBA?

    I have columns of ones (for True) that I format with an icon set. I want to see the green dot, not a one. This works well. But I also have a Total line, and that total line isn't static. When a list of data ends, a formula adds "Total" in the next empty cell below. It's at that point that I...
  7. S

    excel 365

    Hi I just downloaded office 365..don't know if it's good or bad. The download was free and the yearly fee will be (as long as I stay in good graces with my brother-in-law) :) Is there a way to go back to my old one (Excel 2010)? Some of the ribbon icons changed and I want to see what they...
  8. C

    Icons detached from SmartArt, work-around?

    Hi, I have formed a process using SmartArt and would like to add icons to the chart area, which works fine! But, when copying or marking in order to move or resize, icons are not following. Is there any work arounds on this issue?
  9. B

    Remove "embedded" format & Ctrl icons residues?

    Hi Peoples - pls - when a large & commonly used file is opened or saved it is observed that there may be several Format &/or Control icons present which (I assume) are residual from not being fully applied or cancelled during the use of the worksheet... I'm convinced that these slow the...
  10. X

    Ribbon - Qat Icons - Unwanted Change

    Shortly after returning from a trip last week, I copies a bunch of Excel files from my Laptop to my Desktop. Later when I started up Excel (using latest Win 10 & Office 365) on the desktop & immediately noticed all the icons had changed. Not just my custom QAT, but also in all the sections of...
  11. Sean15

    Help with chart

    Hi: How can I widen the right margin in the chart below so the left and right margins can be the same size? Also is it possible to add a thumbs up/thumbs down icon above and below the goal line? Thanks for your help. Regards, Sean
  12. R

    ICONS in Developer Ribbon is Greyed Out

    Hello All, I am using OFFICE 2016 Professional. After running one macro, My Icons on Developer Tool Bar is greyed Out. I am not able to either edit / run any macros. Can anyone help in fixing the same. Regards Sudhakar R
  13. D

    Remove Filters from certain columns

    This has got me stumped! I have Filter icons in A17, B17, C17, D17, E17 which filters data from A18:E40 I want to remove the filter icons from B17 and D17. HOWEVER, if I insert a column after column A, the columns I want hidden move. So I have to name the columns. So if I name column B...
  14. L

    conditional formatting icons location

    Hi I want to insert Conditional Formatting icons in a cell depends on the value of the cell. So I created big cell using merge and center then I create CF rule. Everything is fine but these icons i.e. red flag, green flag etc goes to the left side of the cell! How can I force excel to put them...
  15. H

    Thread / Index Icons

    Hello, Is there a list somewhere which denotes what different thread Icons mean? I've gathered that a grey ribbon w/ padlock means a thread is locked by a mod. But for example, what condition makes the icon turn red? My "subscribed threads" has some with envelopes open and some closed. I'm...
  16. G

    Save web page to Excel

    All, I have a situation where I saved a web page locally which has an table type data. Once saved I drag the html into an empty excel sheet I have a perfect excel page with beautiful icon ( png ) that represent certain values. The issue is : Once I save the page to xlsx and move the excel...
  17. M

    Icons to put in excel

    Hello How can i upload new icons to excel to use them as symbol in macro??? Thankssss
  18. T

    Excel 2013 tool bars have no icons displayed

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening When I first opened a blank workbook and clicked on the Developer Ribbon and then on the Visual Basic icon, the VB interface was displayed but only with the top main menu (File, Edit, View, etc.) and three blank tool bars. See screenshot This is the first time...
  19. J

    Viewing Code on Mac

    Under Windows Excel when in the Code window I had access to a strip of Icons and Menu items along the top of the window. Can I get the same Menu Items and Icons in the Mac VBA Code window. I only see a Cascade view of several windows with no ribbons on top??
  20. Johnny C

    Can I turn off Quick Analysis icon in XL2013 & QAT size (2 questions in one)

    Hi I've just started using Xl2013. Whenever I select a range it gives an icon on the lower right to access quick analysis functions. Most of the tables I select have a total right where this icon appears so I can't see the total changing for example if I paste new formulas. Can I turn it off...

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