1. R

    Prevent changes to specific worksheet (VBA)

    Hi, I would like to disable the option to delete, move, copy or rename one specific worksheet in a workbook, regardless of the activated worksheet in the workbook. I cannot protect the workbook structure, because I want to still be able to delete other worksheets in this workbook without the use...
  2. A

    Find unique values within column

    I am trying to find a way to identify unique numbers in the rate column for each ID number if it has Units. For example: In this instance, I would not need to identify anything for the first ID because even though there are units all of the rates are the same but the second ID has one rate...
  3. M

    Selecting blocks of data with VBA end.xldown and end.xltoright

    <tbody> XX_ID_A Site Name Manager 1 Fred 9 1 Mary 1 Jack 9 1 Jill XX_ID_B System Plan Fname Lname Man Note 1 TAD John Smith 6 Service 1 TAD Jerry Jones 6 HR 1 TAC Alan Berry 7 1 TAB Mary Dawson...
  4. B

    Lookup Help

    i need help creating a formula to do a lookup, on my landing page i have an identifier for a company, however on my data page there may be more than one record for that company that all have the same identifier with different start dates. i need a formula to bring in the last date associated...
  5. D

    Recommendations on a formula or other

    I am looking for a recommendation on a formula or other option to best complete the following task. I have two data sheets that have different data but have a common identifier between the two, so my ask is to take the common identifier and to essentially merge the data from both sheets onto...
  6. S

    2 Worksheets and Yes answer

    So I have 2 worksheets. Sheet 1 contains 425 rows and the last column being used is O currently. The first column contains a unique identifier number. Sheet 2 is used to send out mail merges it contains less rows until it is filled and the last column being used is S currently. Now in Sheet1...
  7. L

    Filling table with data, numbers don't come across correctly?

    Hi all, sorry I may not managed to correctly phrase my initial question... I have a Source Table with several columns (and hundreds of rows) from which "Code" and "Identifier" are causing troubles. In "Code" there is always a 2 digit number. (00, 01, 02 etc.) in "Identifier" there is always a 5...
  8. M

    Co-authored workbook audit trail

    Hi all, I'm a novice at excel and looking for someone with VBA experience to perhaps fill the gap. I have a workbook that has a unique identifier, a name, a date and a dependent dropdown menu (stage and status) for every row. I'm looking to keep in a separate spreadsheet an audit trail of...
  9. L

    Find Rows that have a different value

    This sounds like it should be simple, but I am struggling. Thank you in advance I have 2 columns of data similar to the below (but 44,000 rows). First column is an account number, second is an identifier. I need to identify the where an account number has both a 2 and 1...
  10. C

    Dynamic Correlation (possible PivotTable)

    I am trying to figure out a way to do dynamic correlation between variables by choosing start and end date, (Vertical Column A), and doing correlation between 2 different columns of values. The kicker is there is also a column of identifiers in Column B. So i'd like to select correlation between...
  11. G

    Copy data from 4 identical sheets to single sheet

    Hello (i have simplified my query a little) I have 4 sheets with data in rows, on each sheet in column A I have an identifier eg "X". My want is to have a VBA which will copy data from sheet 1, all rows with the X identifier to sheet 5 - with no spaces between rows. Then to look at sheet 2...
  12. L

    Group data by Identifier in one column, then sort based on Identifier in another

    Hello all, and thank you for everyone's time in providing this valuable resource. I spend a lot of time manually sorting data that is pulled from a database and hope to be able to streamline the process, but so far I have struck out in using different combinations of VLOOKUP AND Match/Index. I'm...
  13. V

    Send entire row based off value

    I have a spreadsheet hat has multiple lines that have an identifier in column B. I'm wondering how I would go about building a macro to send the entire row while keeping the existing row to the second worksheet based off it's value. For example, send 0A on column B to 2nd worksheet as well as...
  14. U

    Extract latest date from mixed range.

    Hello, I am trying to extract the latest date from a range of dates, with a unique identifier as the criteria. My data looks like: Sheet1 <tbody> A B </tbody> <tbody> Identifier Dates 12 1/2/1900 10 3/1/1901 12 1/5/1899 13 2/3/1900 19 7/4/1901 10 4/2/1901 12 1/5/1900 14...
  15. A

    Fluid combobox in userform

    Hi there, This may take a while as what I am trying to acheive I believe is quite complicated. So I have a table on Sheet2 of my excel workbook, which is poulated by a userfrom, from range BO:BT. In column BO there will be a unique identifier that will appear usually more than once in the...
  16. M

    Data Sort with two conditions

    Hello, I would like to create a macro to help me out with some manual data processing that I do at work. I export the data into excel from a website and it is always set up with the same columns. Column A contains a 5 character identifier. (Ex. A1234). There are typically multiples rows for...
  17. I

    VBA to insert lines and bring in looked up value

    Hi folks, I am hoping for some advice on how to best perform a task in Excel, hopefully via a macro. I assume two spreadsheets in the same book. Sheet 1 Column A has a unique identifier, approximately 2,000 lines filled out from column A to T Sheet 2 has the same identifier in column A with...
  18. D

    Cumulative Total & Percentage

    Hello - I'm looking to calculate cumulative totals and percentages based on the type of data in column A (unique company code identifier) and column B (date of time entry). My time data is in column C (formatted as an integer). I would only like to calculate the cumulative total & % if the row...
  19. T

    PowerPivot HELP

    I have a table that in Column A has a "Part ID" that is my main identifier. What I need is to group the $$ that are in Column D that have the same PartID. I cant figure out how to group the $$. Thank you!
  20. D

    Combining data from 3 tabs

    I am attempting to combine data from 3 separate tabs onto one tab via a unique identifier that is on all 3 tabs. Once I have identified the unique identifier on each tab I would then like to bring over all accompanying data from each of the 3 tabs into one tab. Is this possible via a formula?

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