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  1. S

    IF(LEN) Function

    Good morning all, I have the following formula on one of my spreadsheets, written by an excel wizard. I am trying to figure out what exactly this is doing. I know what the functions do individually, but not like thiis. Any help will be much appreciated, and thank you in advance to taking the...
  2. J

    Tough Inventory Question

    Hi! I run a tennis club and I was hoping to use excel to track some of my inventory. Basically, I have 10 pros. They each use a set number of items. For example, I use 2 cans of balls, 1 set of strings, and 3 bottles of water per lesson. Each coach has a different number, but I was wondering...
  3. O

    If specific text in cell A, then current time + other time in cell B

    Hello, We have a simple break list at work. I spent a lot of time making a better one, but the manager said it's too complicated. I want to improve the one we have now at least a little. (screenshot attached) In this break list, when you click on a cell under the "status" column - you have 4...
  4. F

    IF Statement Problem

    Good morning, I have been struggling with an IF formula I’m hoping someone can assist me with: Issue - I have three different billing options: 1. Yes – Midwest 2. Yes – NE/SW/CAN 3. No What I need for my formula to do is to look at the above three options in cell “I2” if the result in the...
  5. pedie

    Please modify my current code! If any of the cell from A3 to F3 is "" then exit sub

    If any of the cell from A3 to F3 is "" then exit sub, how do we set this up?:) Thanks Pedie Current Sub CommandButton2_Click() If Range("b3") = "" Then MsgBox "You must assign a Detail Number in cell B3" Range("b3").Select Exit Sub Else Run "Report" End If End Sub

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