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    IF/AND/OR Nesting

    Hello - I am looking to create a formula that will return 'YES' or 'NO' based on different factors.... Without going into detail on the other parts of the formula unless necessary, the entire formula works until I added the bolded section below...
  2. T

    MID function + not null?

    Hi All, I'm processing camera data on a citizen science platform where each image has to be classified three times before being retired. In this instance, I want to know which are retired, and which are not. Those that are not retired are listed as null in a string, and those that are have a...
  3. D

    IF Formula's using ranges?

    I am trying to find a way that can automate using a number of ranges. For example Ex. If cell A1 is 25-45 A2 is 6 if cell A1 is 45-65 or 15-25 A2 is a 7 If cell A1 is 100-150 or 4-8 A2 is 10 How would a create an IF formula to do this? Or is there another formula that would be better?
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    IF formula or possible other formula help

    Hello, I am trying to automate some parts of a spreadsheet. Essentially I have 2 Cells for example A1 and A2. In cell A1 I would enter a number in it anywhere from .01-100. And in A2 I have to rate it a 1 - 5 based on ranges. So if ex A1 = 1-25 it's a 1, 25-49.99 is a 2, and other ranges. What...
  5. L

    VLOOKUP with Dates not working

    Hi all, hopefully this will be a simple one for you. I am looking for a formula that I can put in a table to do the following. Sheet1 Column C has a list of my products. Column E contains the date the goods were received. (For some reason, and it is unavoidable unfortunately, the report the...
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    Transfer data from sheet 1 to sheet 2 using partial data match

    Hi all, thank you in advance for your assistance. I am preparing a product performance tracker for the business but I am having a lot of trouble with one little piece. On Sheet 1 Column E I have a list of all the products. Sheet 1 Column I contains the Product Category. The category has 3...
  7. P

    Concatenate, conditions, array formula?

    Hello, I have two sets of addresses. In one column there is a set of non duplicate house addresses. The second column has the mailing address of the owner of the house. I need to send letters to the home owners using a mail merge. <tbody> Physical Address Mailing Address 1929 55 AVE S...
  8. R

    Nested VLookup in IF statement - with ISERROR

    Hi I wonder if anyone can guide me please. I have 3 Sheets that an item moves across depending on its delivery progress, therefore is should only ever be on one Sheet. I then have a Master Sheet to have an over sight over all items, which will also then be used to gather further data (I will...
  9. U

    Populating cell depending on the value of a range

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution or a formula which could solve my problem. [/URL][/IMG] I want the "STATUS" column to be populated as per the value available in "COUNT" column which is always a numerical. All the "STATUS" should state "PR" if any of the cells in range "COUNT" corresponding to...
  10. C

    3 Column QUestion...need 3rd column that reads 1st, multiples by 2nd, and lists in 3rd column

    i need a formula that reads a SKU number in column 1, reads column 2 to see how many times it will be listed in 3rd column. As you can see below, SKU A appears in Column 1 and the quantity in Column 2 is 1, so it only listed in the 3rd column (print) 1 time. But SKU B has 2 quantity so it is...
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    IF column is blank, show text, otherwise skip; multiple columns in on formula

    The title of this post is confusing as heck, so I apologize for that in advance! I know there's a way to do what I'm looking for (there's always a way), but I'm having a hard time with it this morning. I'm hoping you guys can help! I'm looking to create a formula that will show, in the cell I...
  12. W

    Needs help please, editing or creating a formula. Thank you!!!

    Hi, I need help with a formula that meets the following conditions. Result as “Y” in a cell when meeting all of the following conditions. CA3<200 CB3<230 CD3<ce3*0.35< span=""></ce3*0.35<><CE3*0.35 CF3<cg3*0.1 or="" cf3<1="" (either="" one="" of="" these="" conditions)<=""...
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    Needs help please, editing or creating a formula. Thank you!!!

    Hi, I need help with a formula that meets the following conditions. Result as “Y” in a cell when meeting all of the following conditions. CA3<200 CB3<230 CD3<CE3*0.35 CF3<CG3*0.1 or CF3<1 <ce3*0.35 <ce3 <ce3*0.35 <cg3*0.1 or="" cf<1="" (either="" one="" of="" these="" conditions)<=""...
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    IF Date Monthly Cashflow

    I have a cash-flow which I need to calculate how much interest is paid each month to the day. The interest is built up over the first 6 month then the total accumulated is paid on the 7th Month then the interest is paid on a monthly basis thereafter. I am currently doing this by using an IF...
  15. L

    if function help

    i need the if function to work as follows: if(d2<d3<d4,ae1+af1,ag1)<d3<d4,ae1+ad1,af1) <d3<d4,ae1+af1,ag1) if d2 is less than d3 and d3 is less than d4, if true then add ae1 to af1, if false then show the value from cell af1 it doesn't seem to work. what can i do to get the results i...
  16. A

    Making Golf program wrote in 2011 work in 2003

    Hello, New poster here and I apologize if I do it wrong but I could really use some help. I made an Excel spreadsheet on my Mac with 2011, which has the ability to nest as many IF functions you want, and I need it to work on my office computer which has Office 2003. The formulas are simple...
  17. J

    Issue with >< parameters within IF() Formula

    Hello, I am trying to use the following formula: =IF(E31<=E27, J27,IF(E31>E29, $J$29, IF(E31=E28, $J$28, IF(E28>E31>E27, ((E31-E27)/(E28-E27))*$J$28, IF(E29>E31>E28, ((E31-E28)/(E29-E28)*($J$29-$J$28))+$J$28, ""))))) It works except for those values that fall in between two numbers, in this...
  18. A

    Return all except multiple search criteria

    Hello Guru's, I am in need of assistance once more. I would like to be able to return my entire list with the exceptions of "BOEING", "CREW SEATS", AND "CENTER BAY" rows. barry houdini helped me fix up the following array formula to return these three and I may be beating a dead horse with...
  19. A

    Multiple Search Criteria IF(

    Basicaly I am trying to return any rows with part of the name "BOEING BACK", "BOEING BOTTOM", "BOEING HEADREST" within my IF(. Is there any way to simplify or modify where the formula says "BOEING BACK" to get all of these returns in one list? Please help if possible! :confused...
  20. T

    If A=C what is the difference between B and D

    <TABLE style="WIDTH: 242pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=323 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 54pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2633" width=72><COL style="WIDTH: 44pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2157" width=59><COL style="WIDTH...

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