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  1. M

    VBA Match Month & Year in Row to Month & Year from another cell

    Thanks in advance for any help! I'm trying to locate the month and year contained in a row of one worksheet that matches the month and year contained in a cell on a different worksheet. Then copy the matching column to a third worksheet. With the below, I'm receiving a "Type Mismatch" error on...
  2. A

    Multiple AND and Parenthesis

    Hello all - If anyone has a moment to help with this, I would be greatly appreciative, thanks - In O365 excel tells me there is a problem with my formula. I have tried a good many versions of this trying to work it out, and (think) it is in the parentheses. If this is indeed the case, and you...
  3. R

    Conditional Formula: Using 'If' 'And' and 'Or' - solution will save days of work!

    Goal: IF Column E is Blank AND Column M OR Column T are <0 True= "Review" False= Blank I can write the 'if/and' but when I include the 'or' my results are meaningless.:confused: Any help appreciated, as a solution will save me days of work.
  4. Johnny Thunder

    Excel Formula Help - Multiple IF/AND Statement with Dates

    Hello All, I am in need of some help with a hard IF/AND Statement with multiple variables My current Formula: =IF(T$4=$J9-1,$Q9*0.3,IF(T$4=$J9,$Q9*0.5,IF(T$4=$J9+1,$Q9*0.1,""))) Definitions T$4 = is my header date (Formula is dragged left to right in the same row $J9 = My Starting Date...
  5. M

    IF with 3 conditions

    Hi I'd like to write a formula that i) checks that J1 is not blank i) checks if the word "for" is NOT in a cell J1 ii) checks if cell K1 is equal to 0. I've tried this formula but it's not returning the result expected. =IF(AND(J1<>"",K1=0,COUNTIF(J1,"*for*")),"Code","Blank") Please...
  6. 4

    Cumulative max with IF AND statements

    I need help with creating the correct formula for the Employer Matching column (Column G). The employer matching formula is the lesser of 50% up to 6% of Gross Wages OR a maximum of $8,400 (which is 3% of $280,000). Once Gross Wages reach $280,000, the employer match will no longer accrue. Also...
  7. A

    IF, AND, VLOOKUP help

    Hello, I am trying to do a If And with a vlookup within the same workbook. IF(AND(IF(AF3431="Red",VLOOKUP(AG3431,'VLookup Table'!E:F,2,FALSE),IF(AF3431="Blue",VLOOKUP(AG3431,'VLookup Table'!E:F,2,FALSE),IF(AF3431="Green",VLOOKUP(AG3431,'VLookup...
  8. Z

    Building a logic for multiple conditions

    I need to build logic for below statement: If 2018 Favorability % is greater than 2017 Favorability %, and if 2018 Favorability % is greater than or equal to 70% and if the difference of Favorability percentages 0f 2018-2017 is greater than or equal to 10%, then “positive”, other than that...
  9. Z

    Labeling Generations

    Hi, I have list of employees and their date of birth, I need tolabel each employee with the right generation name according to the list below: <tbody> Generation 1984-2002 – Millennial 1946-1964 – Baby Boomers 1965-1983 – Gen X 1946-1964...
  10. M

    Help with IF AND function

    My excel formula =IF(AND(E16="Lara",G16="1"),F16) is returning FALSE E16 = Lara G16 = 1 F16 = NewBusiness My formula should return "NewBusiness", what did i do wrong? l
  11. B

    Excel IF + AND or OR Statements

    I am trying to do two things, but can't seem to get my IF statements to work. I have a date in column M, time in column N, and day of the week in column O. I want to add information in columns P and Q: 1. I am trying to show when a day would fall on a weekend or holiday. I created a table...
  12. A

    Nested iF, AND formula.

    Hello everyone - I would love some help with this formula if someone is willing to give it a go: =IF(BG2="RT",IF(AND($AR2="x",$AZ2="L",$J3<= $BF2),"Y",IF(BG2="RT",IF(AND($AR2="x",$AZ2="S",$I3>= $BF2),"Y",IF(BG2="T",IF(AND($AR2="x",$AZ2="L",$J3<=...
  13. H

    If and with multiple conditions & cells

    Novice Excel user trying to figure out an if and formula <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> BR CLOCK $2 BR CLOCK $2 BR TABLE $5 BR CHAIR $3 LV CLOCK $3 LV CLOCK $3 LV CLOCK $3 LV CLOCK $3 </tbody> </tbody> Essentially I am trying to say if...
  14. S

    IF AND - multiple statements - VBA EASIER WAY??

    I have about 12 statements that I need to verify are "TRUE". However, something that seems like it should be simple is causing me headaches. I am working to incorporate this into a macro and thus far, I've just gone ahead and used the: =IF(AND formula to try and help me sort out the problem...
  15. M

    Combining IF AND and IF OR Statements

    Hi there, I've been banging my head upon this for the past few hours and so I thought best to defer to the experts. IF E3 = "Closed" OR "Rejected" AND S3 = "", T3>0, M3>0 (All 3 conditions must be met) Here is the formula I have so far... I've not yet figured out how to include "Rejected"...
  16. S

    Multiple conditions in excel to return yes / no

    Hi all, I hope you can help me. I am trying to get a yes / no value in the current conditions. I need to get a yes if the date (H2) is 8 months or over and equal to or under 12 months of the date(F2)and a no if the date (H2) is over 12 months. I currently have this on the go but I'm getting...
  17. K

    Mutipl If and Stemanets

    Dear All, I have a sheet in which basically three columns , Available License Type, Required License Type, Status. If Available License Type = “Light” and Required License Type = “Light” Then in the Status column result should be “Match” If Available License Type = “Light” and Required License...
  18. E

    Nested If statements

    I am currently struggling with a formula I have in my excel. There is a number in cell F11 that is between 1 and 5 (it varies based on the information entered). I am trying to write a formula that will say if the number is less than 2, then say Bronze. If it is 2-3, then say Silver. If it is 3-4...
  19. S

    "IF" Function With Percentages

    Hi, Im trying to use an "if then" statement to show if a number is larger than 2% of 1,500,000 or smaller than 2% 1,500,000 then FALSE, if in-between the rage then TRUE. In other words, if number is within the range of 2% of X - the statement is TRUE and if outside then FALSE. Any...
  20. T

    IF AND Statements

    =C13+IF(AND(Input!B17<(Input!B5*(Input!B6/12*(MonthsOpen-1)))),C11>C13,C11-C13,0) This is my first time using excel's IF AND statements. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this formula without looking at the actual data? Thank you

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