if formula

  1. Jyggalag

    Excel not showing blank in formula when I want it to

    Hi all, I currently have this formula: Right now the cell is showing a blank cell. I then have another cell that links to this cell through this formula: This cell also shows blank, because the first cell is blank. I then have a third and final cell with this formula: However, this...
  2. J

    Substitute All Except

    Hi, everyone, Is there any way to substitute a character or series of characters from a cell with other characters, but with some exceptions? For example, substitute (or replace) all instances of "X" in cell B1 by cell A1, except "XP", "Xbox", "Xochitl", "Xmas", and a few others. I had written...
  3. N

    IF formula based on text selection of another cell

    Hi guys, I'm not that good at Excel but I've been tasked with making some improvements on a document. In this case I am looking to create IF formulas (I believe that is the right one?) to show certain selections (competencies in this case, it's for recruiting) based on the position level that...
  4. T

    How to insert string into an if formula?

    Hello users on MrExcel. I am still a Newbie at VBA, so this question might seem a bit dumb, but i have tried to find a solution for the past 2 days, on and off. Lets just say, for the ease of it, that i have a Cell with the symbol ">", and it can change to "<" The cell i defined as "s" and...
  5. M

    Applying specific discount dependent on SKU type

    Hi! I have a pricing file where i have various SKU's which are in the type ABC-XXX, AD-XXX & GE-XXX (could also be more but using these as examples). Each SKU has a price. I have another tab where i have listed what the % discount should be depending on the SKU type but don't know how to get...
  6. SelinaR

    Multiple condtion formula

    Hi all, I've read multiple previous threads and after much experimenting, still can't find what I need. I need an answer in Heading 5 (E3) for if the following conditions are met in column Q, R & S (Heading 17 to 19) *if Q, R, and S all have N/A or Y to return E3 a Y (yes) answer *if Q, R...
  7. P

    Can If Formula can be Used

    Hey, I need to Check more than 50 times by applying Filters Everytime. May be an If Formula might work. If A2 begins with 431 then check B2 if its Value is Not "Saudi" , if Correct then fill A2 Yellow. And if A2 Does not Begins with 431 then check if B2 is = Saudi then Fill A2 with Red. I...
  8. A

    Simple IF formula problem

    I think this problem is just really simple but for some reason I couldn't just get what to do. I have the following formula. My only issue is the highlighted part. =IFERROR(IF(Column A="Supplier",IF(OtherSheet[Date Column 1]="","Not Received",INDEX(OtherSheet[Date Column...
  9. B

    IF & COUNTIFS Formula?

    Hi, I'm having trouble working out the below....hoping someone can help. I am working in Two Sheets. Trying to get a formula that does this: Looks for the value of Sheet1 K2, in Sheet2 column B. If that exists, then it looks to see if the balance in Sheet1 J2 is greater or less than the value...
  10. B

    Adding spaces in IF formula

    I am needing to add a few spaces between E3 and J3. Could someone help me modify the formula below. =IF(E3="","",IF(C$3<>"",C$3&"","")&F3&" Rev "&E3)&J3 Thanks for the help
  11. B

    IF formula comparing to numbers, and allowing for rounding

    I have three cells. A20: 38.2 B20: 39.3 C20: contains IF formula to tell me if A1=B1, then "Good", if not, then "Check" To clarify, columns A & B contain numbers with decimals, row 20 would be the sum of all those numbers for each respective column. However, due to decimals, the totals won't...
  12. N

    Time conversion help

    Hi, Hoping Toadstool will see this as he knows the history of what I have been trying to do. But if anyone can help I would be so grateful. I am doing timesheets and have formulas in now that work for adding hours over multiple rows and then multiplying it by 1.5 and 2. What I need now is...
  13. B

    want to see if a range doesn't contains any values other than this

    hi, can't figure this out. I want to create a formula that will check all of column A, to see if it contains any values other than "October". So here's an example: Column A October October March October April In the example above, the formula should return ether "Yes"...
  14. PritishS

    IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH formula considering 2.5 and 5 as same. How to check for exact match?

    Dear Sir, I have a formula based on which one excel cell changes value based on other cell value. The formula I am using...
  15. V

    Search and return a match from a range with a string of text

    Hi, I need to search for a match between a range of text and strings of data in a table. If a match is found then I wish to return that match into the next column. I have tried this formula =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(Schools,[@Tags])),Schools,"") but it will only return data for cells on the same...
  16. tlc53

    Return cell value if conditions met, without duplications

    Hi, I'm not sure how to use Match with an IF statement, or if it's even possible to do. Here is what I am hoping to achieve; Car Type B14:B23 Tax Treatment E14:E23 Private % F14:F23 Input Data B28:B37 I would like the Input Data B28:B37 to be pre-populated depending on what the Tax...
  17. tlc53

    3x Checkboxes - Hide/Unhide sheet

    Hi there, I have 3x Form Check Boxes. If any of them are ticked, I would like sheet "Dairy" to be visible. If none of them are ticked, sheet "Dairy" should be hidden. I have linked the 3x check box references to cells P1, P2 and P3. In P4 I have the following formula...
  18. B

    index/match formula? comparing 4 columns

    hi, so the workbook is set up like this, with 4 columns: Column A - country code Column B - country name for that code and then you have the same, but not in the same order Column C - country code Column D - country name i need a formula looks at the country code in C2. If C2 is present in...
  19. M

    Formula works, then doesn't

    Hello, I am at a loss as to what is happening here. I have some survey data on one sheet, and I am putting together a summary on another sheet. I want mean, standard deviation of the sample, and median for some of the data. I am compiling the summary statistics both for all surveys and for...
  20. K

    If value in list, then assign label

    Hi All, Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world. I've run into a little problem on this fine Monday morning! I feel like its a really easy one and I'm just being an idiot, or the weekend hasn't quite worn off completely I'm not sure! I've tried looking online and...

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