if formula

  1. J

    IF formula assistance

    Hi Excel Gurus, I am having issues with this formula. Not sure how to make it include return "yes" if the total exceeds -ve 1000. Sample formula used in cell B8 =IF(A8<1000,"",IF(A8<>0,"yes","")) Thanks heaps!
  2. J

    IF formula and % calculation returns #DIV/0! error

    Hi Excel gurus, Can you please help with this? I know there is something wrong with these formulas... In the yellow cell, I have used this formula. (see below) I know I should be writing "No change" somewhere in the formula but is the IF formula the most appropriate one to use? Yellow cell...
  3. Jyggalag

    How to use OR formula in Excel correctly? With IF and LEFT

    Hi all, I am currently trying out this formula: Copy of my formula: =if(A5=Left(A5;5)="Bob G"OR(A5=Left(A5;5)="George G");"This formula works!";"This formula does not work!") Essentially, what I want to achieve is for my formula to return "This formula works!" if the value in cell A5 is...
  4. E

    IF Formula

    I have this formula =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(B2,CC_Tracker!B5:B4745,1,FALSE)),"No","Yes") that allows me to search a different sheet and if the reference number appears it puts Yes and if it doesn't then it puts No. This works perfectly for searching on one sheet but i need to check three different...
  5. E

    Help With IF formula

    Hey I could do with some help on an IF formula. The formula I have is =IF(AND(E5="Yes",F5=G5,G5=H5),"Yes","No"). Basically I need the formula to look in column E, to see if an invoice has been received, if Yes then to check columns F,G & H to make sure all costs match. This works great if...
  6. Jyggalag

    Get formula that pulls a number from a sentence in a cell

    Hi all! I have this setup (albeit much larger in reality): Every statement has a sentence with "XYZ employees". Is there a formula that can detect when a sentence says a number, followed by the string value "employees", and then return the value of the number? So that formula can fill out...
  7. E

    VBA 4 conditions have to match if matched then write the word "TBC" into desired cell.

    Hello, I have been trying for a few days to figure this out, however I have run out of solutions and formulas to complete this. I have two sheets and would like to find the value from sheet1 column 1 in sheet2 column 3 and also sheet1 column 2 in sheet2 column 11. If all matches then I want...
  8. bradjsteve88

    Clear formula to track invoice status

    I am trying to get a formula like the below that works backwards through a table, i.e. IF N6 contains date="Paid", if false check M6, IF M6 contains date = "Invoiced" and so on. =IF(N6>0,"Paid"), IF(M6>0,"Invoiced") IF(L6>0,"Accepted") IF(I6>0,"Submitted")
  9. Jyggalag

    Implement IFERROR formula for data in Pivot Table?

    Hi all, I have this data sheet: I have turned it into percentages and I assume that the top value (0.36% & -1.52%) are the sums of my columns (I am very new to Pivot, sorry). But I have #DIV/0! errors! :( Is there a way in which I can implement an IFERROR formula for my entire pivot table...
  10. Jyggalag

    Save file as PDF in VBA (macro)?

    Hi all, I currently have the following setup: I have marked everything that I want to be exported into a PDF, which works when I manually save the file as a PDF. However, I do also have a macro ("Save file to folder") as seen above, which saves the file (albeit as an Excel file) to my...
  11. E

    Modify array and include 3 conditions in formula

    Good day, Some time ago, I was helped through this forum with creating a formula for my boss' product prices but now he wants it to be modified. The current formula is this...
  12. J

    Problems With an "If" Formula

    Hi. I recently lost my job, and am returning to the world of Self Employed, in a service business. As part of setting this business up, I am creating a flat rate pricing system so that I can quickly and easily update my pricing, while giving a visual aid for selling from the customer...
  13. U

    VBA / SumIF formula / Pivot Filters

    Hello Gurus, Hope you had a nice weekend. I was trying to find a way on how to show the "Count of Indicator" but can't figured it out on Pivot. I was thinking that if it won't work on Pivot maybe IF formula or VBA would be helpful . Raw Account Country Data Score Indicator (value after...
  14. U

    VBA: IF value greater than and less than

    Hello Gurus, I'm getting a syntax error on this part of my code. Anyone who can help me tweak the code below? = = = = Sub Check With Range("Z2") .Formula = "=IF(Z2<0,"Less",IF(Z2>0,"Add",IF(Z2=0,"Zero")))" With .Resize(Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row - 1)...
  15. E

    Round last integer to the nearest value from a list

    Hi, my boss wants me to create a formula for the prices of his products. He wanted all prices below 99.99 to be rounded up to xx.97 and the values from 99.99 and greater to be rounded up to xx.00 and I have managed to put together a round formula like this...
  16. N

    Multiple IF formula functions help

    Hi, I need help with the if formula. I got a basic formula down but now I need to add multiple functions to it and am getting stuck. This was the formula I was able to get for column CN: =IF([@[Years of Service]]*[@[Severance Weeks per Policy]]>[@[Min Weeks]],[@[Years of...
  17. M

    Use Conditional Formatting to to Highlight Cells with Specific text and IF formula condition

    I have 3 cells that I am looking at: Contact Name Name Word Count Name Fix John John Doe 3 John Doe Bear Bear Joe 3 Bear Joe What I need is to run Conditional Formatting formula to highlight the CONTACT NAME column if the number in the NAME WORD COUNT column is equal to 3 and if the...
  18. G

    If Formula Run-time error

    Good day, I've got this VBA code below that I'm trying to do but I keep getting a 1004 Application-defined or object-defined error. It works fine without the IF statement so I'm not sure what the problem is within the IF statement itself. Sheets("Sheet1").Range("E24, H24, K24, N24, Q24, T24...
  19. M

    How to set an importance value of multiple variables?

    Hi guys. I'm a bit new in VBA coding, but have worked with Excel a lot. I have this Claim sheet I am working on. And I need the Claim Importance to show (Low, Medium, High) on multiple variables. My formula right now is...
  20. S

    Formula to find if there is a carrier return in a cell

    Hi, We have a column of emails for employees. Is there a formula to identify if there is a carrier return in the data? Say the email addresses are in column A. I tried to look for a formula but I had no luck.Sorry we are looking for a return of YES in column B if there is a carrier return else...

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