if statements

  1. S

    Unreliable Autofilter with multiple IF statements

    Hi, I'm trying to filter a sheet using a userform, the user clicks a checkbox on the userform and the filter is applied immediately. It was working fine until a number of columns need to be filtered with the word "Valid" instead of just not blank. If the Checkbox is selected, check if that...
  2. TheMacroNoob

    Filter Rows by Criteria

    Hello excel experts, I have annoying (crappy) data, and I am trying to grab all names from a column that meets a couple criteria. In that column are subtotal rows with a count of names and a TOTAL heading, and category headings like: - 2020 Sold Properties - 2020 Completed Refi - 2021...
  3. A

    Compile data from columns on different sheets into a column in a separate sheet (VBA)

    Hi Guys, Absolute VBA beginner here. I have been researching to find out how to do the following but to no avail. I have created a book with 12 months which has columns containing data. Please see snapshots I have added. New entries are being added to these lists via index match formulas...
  4. K

    formula to sum hours if

    Hello all! I have a spreadsheet at work that the techs enter in on/off times for equipment. I need to know how many hours the equipment has ran that day. <tbody> Date Initals OFF ALL DAY? ON ALL DAY? INITIAL SHUT DOWN INITIAL START UP SECONDARY SHUT DOWN SECONDARY START UP 5/1/2019 BB...
  5. N

    multiple if conditions

    Good day! i have a table with 4 columns. col1 col2 col3 col4 Please help me with a formula that outputs the following: col1=empty & col2=empty & col3=empty & col4=empty => output a col1>0 & col2=empty & col3=empty & col4=empty => output b col1>0 & col2>0 & col3=empty &...
  6. N

    Excel or Access for multiple table look ups

    Hi All, Hoping some advice as I am not sure whether to use Excel or Access (I'm better with Excel than Access) to auto populate a cell based on multiple tables. I'll explain how I thought it may work in excel - I just want to see if this would be easier/better in Access or indeed if there is a...
  7. J

    "Yes" "No" Feedback

    I'm creating a spreadsheet to detail the fire door ratings based on the fire strategy and a physical survey. A straight forward exercise where the door is not fire rated (NFR), fire rated for 30/60 minutes (FD30/FD60) or fire rated for 30/60 minutes with a smoke seal (FD30S/FD60S). I want to...
  8. A

    IF statement Help

    Hi, Please could someone help me with an IF statement. I would like to write the below in an IF statement if possible. scenario: Total number of items = 39 For each item that is failed, 0.01 point deducted per 0.01% that the item is below 99.5% but above or equal to 96% and For each item...
  9. E

    PLEASE HELP - Using Evaluate to determine Acitve cell location

    Hi Guys, I am currently making a macro for a button to log queries, I tried to use an IF statement to check if the desired cell is empty, and if not, record the comments on the next cell to the right but it doesn't work, please any help would be much appreciated. See below: Option Explicit...
  10. L

    3 IF statements for a cell??

    Hi There, I have a table with hospital admission date (column A), discharge date (column B), and a third column that calculates the duration of stay (column C). Sometimes, people forget to enter data for either the admission date (column A), or the discharge date (column B), or both (columns A...
  11. R

    Set a field value dependant on multiple criteria

    I am hoping somebody can suggest a simplified version of what I currently have. I am tracking time spent on a project by other team members and have an extremely over complicated way of working out the costs. I created a user form for inputting the hours to make it simpler for the team and...
  12. C

    Improve code so it doesn't loop through worksheets separately?

    I have code below, works fine but notice the if statements and how it loops through two worksheets separately but ultimately does the same thing.. any ideas / advice feedback on how to make it more efficient if possible? I'm pretty new to VBA so this was the only way I new how to do this. Thanks...
  13. P

    Multiple if statement formulas

    I'm using this formula: =IF(D10>29,$D$3,IF(16<d10<29,$d$4,if(d10<16,$d$5))) For the 1st and 3rd 'IF' logic statements, the result is returned correctly. When the second logic statement is met, the result is 'False'. The table shows what I'm trying to do: <tbody> <tbody> DISTRIBUTION...
  14. S

    Hefty IF Statemnets

    Hi There, I have an IF statement that currently has 10 IF statements within...
  15. B

    Run Macro on Open and If statement

    Hello everyone, Thank you in advanced for your help. I would like to have a macro run when a workbook is opened but only if the current date of a cell doesn't match up with the system date. What I have Private Sub Auto_Open() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  16. G

    Vlookup? Index/Match? If?

    <tbody> Value: 4533 Ratio: Returned Value: 100 Fund Amount 100 4533 100 654654 100 357 100 84768 110 64 115 34 120 6154 200 56484 200 84984 200 6846 400 4564 400 564987 400 6848 500 687465 </tbody> I'm trying to sum the...
  17. Z

    Complex IF Statements

    Hi Guys I am trying and struggling to create a nested IF statement for risk assessment that works this way: The risk factor is calculated by multiplying the consequence(ranges from 1-7) and probability(ranges from 1-9). Based on the product of the two the values can be categorised as very low...
  18. C

    Adding if statement to arrayformula

    Hi, I have a formula that pulls two columns of time together into a third column. The formula is in Column S and is: =arrayformula( lower(TEXT(Q2,"h:mm AM/PM")&" to "&IF(R2="","",TEXT(R2,"h:mm AM/PM")))) (for example if both columns are not blank, this generates "6:00 pm to 8:00 pm") What...
  19. L

    Display Text IF Statement

    I'm trying to display which quarter throuout a shift an error was made. I can get Q1 and Q2 to work but for whatever reason Q3 and Q4 returns #Value! as the result. Formula...
  20. I

    How to Avoid Repetitive Values when using IF formulas

    I have an excel database of survey information that returns the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd lowest values using SMALL formula, but I applied an IF formula on the spreadsheet to return the statement that value is tied to. However, if the value is the same it returns the same statement twice, rather than...

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