1. G

    Cut Rows and paste in new sheet when cell meets certain condition

    Hello, I was wondering how to right a code to cut an entire row and paste in another sheet when one cell meets a specific criteria. I have a checklist in column A starting in A2 that has the options -, Pending, Completed, Denied, Mistake-Abandoned. I also have 5 tabs labeled Overview, Pending...
  2. V

    Optimizing VBA Code for If Then Statement with Formula

    I currently have two if then VBA codes, that are running extremely slow for my large data set and am looking for ways to optimize and speed them up. The first formula is looking in a range of cells in column J that have a value in column A, and if they are blank in J then entering in a formula...
  3. C

    VBA IsEmpty Function not working properly

    Hi, I have a database of our clients, and the columns are arranged in the following way <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K ID NAME PHONE ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP WEBSITE E-MAIL/CONTACT FORMS INDUSTRY STATUS </tbody> I have the following macro, which works great. It basically loops through the...
  4. T

    2 If then statements

    I want to create 2 if-then statements and if the 4 cells match it returns a value of Yes, if not then No what am I doing wrong =IF(AND(F4=Q4),IF(AND(H4=S4),YES)) Thanks,
  5. S

    Get min and max to ignore some returned results...

    Hi, I need to take the min or max of some returned if-then results, but I really need some of those if-then returns to be ignored so that the min or max result makes sense. MIN(IF(hub!$F120=1,hub!G120,(10^10)),IF(bedplate!$F120=1,bedplate!G120,(10^10))) I put in the (10^10) so that any...
  6. S

    Shortening If-Then equations

    Hi, I have excel 2016. I wonder if there's a shorter way to do If-Then, to not repeat an emvedded equation twice, in one cell. If (big-long-thing=-10000, then "", big-long-thing) Want to avoid double length equations in excel, if I can. Thanks!
  7. W

    If Then statement help for visual basic - Excel

    Good afternoon. I am brand new at Visual Basic. I have written a few simple macros but now I have something that is a bit more challenging and I am having difficulty. The primary worksheet of my workbook - let's call it 'sheet A' consists of 21 columns and 250+ rows. It has a column where the...
  8. D

    2 Columns of Data - Need looping identifier (1,2 or 3) when column combinations change

    Oh Great & Powerful Mr Excel Gurus, please bestow your knowledge upon me, a humble desk jockey! :laugh: I have been tasked with creating a macro that will autopopulate a column in excel based on the values of two other columns (a store number (first column in example) and a date (second column...
  9. Gingertrees

    Need help to change If-then to Array

    The following code works as desired, but will be SLOW when there are more columns present (the elements are merely examples - my actual worksheets have 40+ columns and can have hundreds of rows). I feel like this could be an array formula, but I'm just learning about those. Could someone help...
  10. D

    VBA code to copy data from one worksheet to many

    I need a code to complete this objective: IF sheet count > 16 THEN copy data (range A1:L50) from a sheet named "Multiple" and paste into each worksheet until the last active worksheet has been populated. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you
  11. F

    CASE SELECT, or IF-THEN vba question

    Dear Excel vba gurus, A question about filling in a range for a vba newbie: In column A of my sheet 1, I have a listing of 9000+ items, but all of these are text, with no values. Also, all of these are being drawn from a pool of around 300 unique items. I have numbers that corresponds to...
  12. D

    Using an if-then statement to search for individual characters in a column of cells

    <tbody> GLYT Genlyte Group Inc. 4◄ 4◄ 2/4/2005 $86.98 $90.04 2/11/2005 3.52% SGTL Sigmatel, Inc. €◄ € 1/14/2005 $36.40 $40.01 2/11/2005 9.92% LDIS Leadis Technology, Inc. ∩⌂ ⌂ 1/14/2005 $7.52 $6.81 2/11/2005 -9.39% CEDC Central European Distr AC AC 1/28/2005 $32.37 $33.85 2/11/2005 4.57%...
  13. K


    I am trying to create a macro that autosums columns with a varying number of rows without including numbers from the sets of data above it. Her is an example: Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Autosum Rows 1-3 Row 4 Row 5 Autosum Rows 4-5 I found this formula that seems to work for the most part...
  14. T

    Embedded If Then Statement

    Have a large If, ElseIf statement. This goes 3 layers deep. The problem is, the "End If" portion of the 3rd layer is exiting the entire loop rather than just the local function. Here's a snippit. At the end of the "If Counter > 1 Then" segment is the problem. I've tried embedding the If...
  15. W

    Complicated If Then (possibly?)

    I am currently trying to design a spreadsheet to keep track of employee metrics for a call center. I have six different employees, and I'm keeping track of the percentage of total calls that each employee takes over the course of a given week. It looks something like this...
  16. J

    Rookie, needs a Macro or formula for if-then on 4 criteria

    Hello I have "IF" data in 1 column and I need to populate the "THEN" into another column. I am creating an index, and it would be easier to have it auto populate than to type everything in. Column N = Document type Column L = Index Number code for example I need to determine if...
  17. F

    If then question for text?

    Greetings all, I'm hoping to create a dashboard filtering information from another sheet in the workbook. The main data sheet has different statuses available followed by additional data points i.e. "Available" "Unit Number" "price" "contact information" "Location" etc" I was hoping to create...

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