if then

  1. C

    Input a value in a cell IF another cell contains a value

    I think this is a tricky one. I have a sheet where I paste different amounts of rows every time I use the sheet. I want the cells below C2 to show "TEXT" only if the cells below B2 contains value as I show on the image. If I paste 6 rows below B2, I want 6 rows below C2 to show "TEXT" in every...
  2. A

    Help with another IF THEN

    How do I write a formula for: IF B<400, THEN (H*L)*150, IF B>400, THEN (H*L)*160. What is this type of formula called?
  3. B

    Suggestions on if one cell value equals another cell value to insert a text in a new cell

    I might talk in circles here but I will try to explain the best I cant.... I have a condition format in column AJ for duplicates to make text red.... What I want to do now is in the next column I want to mark a Y or N for reviewing purposes. I feel like the answer can be so simple but I dont...
  4. P

    If/Then Conditional Formatting

    I know I am overthinking this. It is not a difficult task. For the life of me, I cannot figure out a simply Conditional Formatting. I have 2 pieces of criteria: If the value in cell D23 is equal to or less than 0 then highlight D9. If the value in cell D23 is greater than 0 then highlight D24...
  5. L

    Help with if then query

    i All, In English, I want to populate the cell J4 based on the table value (see attached image) If cell IA = WDDS the populate with table WDDS value 6:00 If cell IA = WDAS the populate with table WDAS value 12:00 If cell IA = WDNS the populate with table WDNS value 20:00 If cell IA = WEDS the...
  6. S

    If X in C4, copy to E4, Dependent Validation

    I've set up Dependent Data Validation so when a specific Session is selected only specific options are available in the next two columns. However, the third column the user is to input a number. The only restriction is for the Session called Previous Group. Those two dependent validation columns...
  7. J

    Nested IF in Sliding Scale Formula

    Sorry. I know there is a simple solution to this and I’m just blind to it. Calculating Sliding Scale Percentage Current Formula in cell A46 =IF($B$33<5000,”.007”,IF($B$33<10000,”.006”,IF($B$33>9999,”.005”,””)))*10 This works perfect, however I need this formula to consider the value of A43...
  8. K

    If Cell Contains Hyperlink Count

    Hello I am trying to construct a vba macro to count everytime a cell contains a hyperlink in range of data. Currenly having it search the row for a hyperlink and then if it finds a hyperlink it will count and not delete the row, deleting the row if it doesn't contain a row. I am currently having...
  9. K

    If Variable is Odd then

    I am having trouble writing a code to recognize if a number is odd or not and then determining what to do from there... It keeps pooping up with an "object required" error. Please let me know how I can fix it, or if you have ever come across this problem. Here is my code STNDRD=17 If STNDRDR...
  10. S

    VBA: SUMPRODUCT(CountIf) Help

    Long time lurker, finally broke down and made an account (1st post). I am in need of an if then statement in VBA. What i need it to do is count how many times each cell in Range B is in range A and does that count equal 10. the following is the formula that works in excel but not in VBA...
  11. J

    attempting to delete rows not containing certain text but having issues.

    Basically im trying to filter a large set of data. I have people's names and want to delete all rows not containing these names. I used this macro originally: Sub DeleteRows() Dim Cell As Range, cRange As Range, LastRow As Long, x As Long LastRow = ActiveSheet.Cells(Rows.Count...
  12. C

    Barcode Scanner Macro

    I'd like to setup some sort of a macro in excel with a barcode scanner I have. We have a factory with a large number of machines which are all bar coded that also have travelers with the production order in a barcode format. Right now someone walks the line and manually writes which work order...
  13. 7

    Formula needed

    Please can anyone help me to make a formula for this sheet? Thanks in advance!
  14. M

    Create "if then" statement in button click

    So what I am trying to do is when a button is clicked, depending on if a certain cell contains a text, will bring up a certain userform. So if "I6" has a date in it, userform1 would show. If "I6" and "I10" have a date in it, then useform2 would show. If "I6", "I10" and "I14" have a date in it...
  15. P

    Array with If Then

    Hello, I have a slight problem. I want a macro that can check if a value on sheet 1, column B matches one of multiple values in sheet 2, column B on and if so make the cell on the first sheet turn green. I need this to compare batch codes and to quickly see what ones have been approved. Only I...
  16. M

    Conditional Formatting

    Hello, I have a workbook with 2 sheets, sheet one has column I. Column I is filled with Percent's. Sheet has cell B2 filled in with one of the following "Jan, Feb, March, Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec." The Conditional formatting formula I thought would be something along with lines...
  17. T

    If one column has X, then replace all instances of (a word) in another column

    Your help would be so appreciated if you feel it, thank you. If Column "E" has an "S" or "U+U" in the cell, then REPLACE the instance of "Favorites" in that row's Column I with: <tbody> "FAVORITES 1 (Solos/OCs/twins only)" Similarly, If Column "E" has an "D" in the cell, then REPLACE the...
  18. G

    Write and IF THEN if cell is between two times

    I receive a large file each month which tracks staff who badge through a particular badge reader. I am trying to write a formula to tell me if each row was captured during regular business hours or not. below you see a paste of my excerpt (I cannot attach a sample excel file to this for some...
  19. T

    If cells contains this, do this until...

    Hi - Newbie here. Read the FAQs, rules and searched the forum and did not find an answer so created a new post. Bear with me. Question: If cell's contains this do this until... Hypothetical Example: Trying to write a formula to look for characters that begin with 6, then return the first...
  20. J

    Type mismatch on cell values after VBA update

    Hello all, I'm hoping to get some help with the following issue. I've written a set of macros around a few worksheets that I analysed for a thesis project. The project is now finished but I'm doing some follow up work and thought it would be safe to update my Office 2016 for Mac now. After this...

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