1. J

    Using IF formula on a DATEDIF cell

    Hello, does anyone know how to use an IF formula with DATEDIF as the logical test?
  2. Q

    IF Formula/Conditional Formula Help

    I am attempting a simple reinvestment strategy. In the scenario shown below every year in which the store hits $5,000 in Running Sales, an investment of $5,000 is made to open a new store. So in theory, a year in which $10,000 in Running Sales was generated 2 new stores would open. However, a...
  3. J

    Using Vlookup/If to extract values from one named cell in a big data spread sheet

    Hi, I am wondering how I can easily extract wanted data from a spread sheet that is connected to a SQL-database sorting values in random order. Lets say the data is sorted like his: (as you can see, they are not sorted with same intervals all the time) 1 A E 2 Savings...
  4. A

    Nested IF formula with wildcard

    I am setting up a spreadsheet to collect monthly figures. Of these figures I want excel to automatically calculate a percentage using two figures. I have this formula just fine. I want to have the formula present for all future months so that when I input the figures it automatically calculates...
  5. U

    Formula - Comparing 2 cells continously

    Hi All, Im trying to think of a formula which i can use and drag down without having to do it manually everytime. For example, im comparing Cell Value L2 against L3, in Cells M2, and M3, and then id want to compare L4 and L5 in Cells M4 and M5 and so on. Is there any one of doing this and...
  6. C

    Getting Rid of an #DIV/0! Error

    I am calculating an average from another workbook and am trying to get rid of this error without having to insert a 0. I have tried an IFError but cannot figure it out. This is my formula: =AVERAGE('\\netapp5\group\CommunityServices\^Department\Aquatics Files\Batherloads\Monthly Batherload...
  7. S

    Nested IF formula not working

    :rofl::rofl: I am simplifying a bank reconciliation by identifying each transaction on the bank and GL into categories. I tried nesting: =IF(T33="*DES:ACH*","PatientPayment",IF(T33="*CIGNA*","PatientPayment",IF(T33="*DXC*","Dental",IF(T33="*DENTIST*","Dental",IF(T33="*DES:DEPOSIT*","Other...
  8. D

    IF with INDEX & MATCH

    Hi, I need to tell my formula to search for one specific value in two different tabs. I currently wrote this (and it's working): =INDEX(' table (2)'!I2:S727,MATCH('TEST'!P3&'TEST'!Q3,'table (2)'!G2:G727&'table (2)'!H2:H727,0),MATCH('TEST'!R3,'table (2)'!I1:S1,0)) I have two conditions: BLUE...
  9. E

    Date Formulas with IF ?

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me in creating a formula based on dates. I need the formula to be able to tell me the month of a set date depending on the day of the month. The criteria is: If the start is after 1st of the month, populate the following month, if not use the...
  10. J

    Need Assistance with multi-condition "IF" formula

    This is the first time I have been unable to find the answer to a formula question on these boards before, so I figured I would finally post a question myself: First, some background - I work with multiple clients, who each submit cases to me. My boss recently asked me to begin tracking whether...
  11. E

    Blank cell when a corresponding cell left empty

    Hi all, I'm sure this is incredible simple for someone in the know but as I'm still a beginner I'm in need of some help :) I have recently collected a sheet to measure how long my team are taking to send out free samples to our customers. In Column G is the date the request for a sample was...
  12. T

    Use IF formula to reference data within a formula?

    Hi All, Is it possible to search the data within a formula rather than the text that the formula produces? I would like to return a value if a cell references a specific cell. i.e. =IF({A2 references C2},"Yes","No") Thanks in advance!!!
  13. T

    Indefinite/ Multiple Vlookups until hit blank column.

    <tbody> ID Vlookups? Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 1 34 45 2 20 25 29 30 3 10 </tbody> Hi All - I have the following table. First column is an ID. The following columns (ignoring Vlookups) are a number of additional IDs that relate to the IDs in the column. (e.g. IDs 34 and 45 are inputs...
  14. C

    Formula Error

    Hi Excellers, I have a formula I am using to count if an instance occurs. =IF($D$10:$D$100="Backs",SUMPRODUCT((MOD(ROW(H10:H100)-ROW(H10),2)=0)*(H10:H100)),0) but I am getting a #value error I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. "the search "Backs" will change on various lines but 5...
  15. M

    IF OR Function

    Hi I have the following problem with the following numbers in each cell Numbers A1 100 A2 121 A3 140 A4 98 A5 97 5% Decrease B1 95 B2 114.95 B3 133 B4 93.1 B5 92.15 5% Increase C1 105 C2 127.05 C3 147 C4 102.9 C5 101.85 Current...
  16. M

    IF formula based on specific values in a range

    Hi, I'm trying to average values based on 2 fields. The 1st is straight forward (by date). The second one isn't as straight forward. I need to average column C if column A contains houses numbers 31,36,37,41,46,48 and the date is 01-06-16. So the average of the example below is 9 (houses 31 &...
  17. N

    Trying to use SumProduct with IF statement from different worksheet in same workbook.

    Hi, I am trying to get a count of only non-hidden cells from a new worksheet within the workbook for column b where column a says a specific phrase such as service. I have tried the below, but am not getting exactly what I need and the numbers are not accurate...
  18. G

    If forumla question - urgent! Help!

    Hello, I've created a document that indicates whether or not we've received a missing document. So you understand the help I need, let me give you the story. There is a due date for us to receive a missing document. So I've entered this formula: =IF(J3<=I3,"TIMELY","LATE") Cell J3 = Received...
  19. P

    IF Formula (Or maybe something else...)

    http://www.box.net/shared/0ebhd83tg6 Hi Guys So heres what I want to do. I need to link up the PO's and part values on the Stock out and relevant values to the corresponding PO's on the Consignment stock sheet. (It makes sense when you look at the workbook) For example Column B on the Stock...
  20. pedie

    can if formula have another if formula inside the formula? sory for poor english! need help!

    If f1 i have a formula as below; IF(OR(H11<13,OR(I11<3,J11<3,K11<3)),"Declined","Accept") if g1 has word saturday can the formula show "Accept" but if in g1<> saturday then the formula ( IF(OR(H11<13,OR(I11<3,J11<3,K11<3)),"Declined","Accept") ) can someone please edit this fomula??? Thanks...

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