ifs and lookups

  1. G


    Sheet1: Sheet: 123: Basically I need a formula that takes all the lines that have 123 in column "I" on sheet1 to fill on sheet "123" starting in B12. I need columns K:Q to transfer over as well as the Debit/Credit columns. However, instead of the description column from Sheet1, I would like...
  2. R

    IFS statement and Lookup Function??

    Hi there, I'm trying to work out the 'rise of floor' of certain buildings on my Excel spreadsheet. As all buildings have different number of floors, I'm trying to come up with a formula based on what the subject level is, it categorises it as a low, mid, or high-rise floor based on the criteria...
  3. N

    Multiple sheets, multiple criteria formula excel 365 and Google sheets

    So after many hours and lots of assistance I am nearly there. What I would like now is the following, this is my current formula: =SUMIFS(Group1!$N$3:$N,Group1!$D$3:$D,"<="&$B$14) I would like to add to this formula is 3 more criteria. That formula is in H14 and I would like to add H13...
  4. N


    I have two formulas that work perfectly but I want to add another if (I think) element to the formula. I have just got a small sample of data and based on the small sample its not worth trying to find a short cut but when you have 100 data sets and 500+ rows of data. So what I am wanting is on...
  5. N

    Sim if with conditions

    Hi I want a formula that will sum data in a range based on a set criteria and I’m struggling. I have 1 - 100 data sets that I want to total 3 different columns with. Currently my formula reads = sumif(acc!$d$4:$ec$4,’FWD’,acc!$d5:$ec5) and that’s working to give me the total for all 100 data...
  6. J

    Populate data from different sheets into 1 page based on criteria

    Hello - I am having some trouble on how to automate excel to grab bits of data from cells in other sheets (same workbook) and bring it into a single page summary. For example, I am wanting to populate this table and based on what serial number is typed in (B-002 etc), the table below will...
  7. D

    Display Results Matching Search Criteria, Ignore Blanks

    I have a sheet called "Data" that contains many rows of information in columns A to K. I have a sheet called "Search" where I have this: The user can fill in the search fields (as many or as few as they want). These fields are named: C2 = "Agency" C4 = "User_ID" C6 = "Surname" E6 =...
  8. A

    Need help with either Conditional formula or VBA script to solve issue

    Hello I am having an issue figuring out how to get my duty excel spreadsheet to do the below and am looking for either a formula or VBA based solution: Basically I have the below spreadsheet and if there is a value in the additional duty column (starting at I5) I would like the value to be...
  9. W

    Need help to find correct formula! Multiple criteria and range levels

    Trying to come up with a formula for a Sandbox that calculates an employee bonus's Criteria 1 - Type of Mgr - These 2 levels receive bonus based on % variance to budget * General Mgr * Asst Mgr Criteria 2 - Type of Mgr - These 2 levels receive bonus based on Store Level Sales (4 levels of Low...
  10. A

    IFS with addition? Help Please

    I am looking for a formula that will add 180 days to G3 if the answer to E3 is NO with the result put in H3, if the answer is yes put the date in F3 with the result put in H3. I have uploaded a screen shot for reference. Thank you for your help!!
  11. A

    STD Deviation Discrepancy

    I am trying to find the standard deviation for data presented in different ranges and I am currently using the following equation: =+STDEV.S(IF((e7a1!A12:A1010>=Primary!K$5)*e7a1!A12:A1010<=Primary!K$6);INDEX(Table1;0;MATCH($D19;Table1[#Headers];0));)) The reason for the formatting is that its...
  12. C

    Show cell value based upon data contained in column below

    Hey all, I'm trying to work out the best formula to use for the below requirements. I have my sheet below, I'm looking to show the top field (row 1), if there is any amount within the corresponding columns below, into a new column. What formula am I best working with? This could extend to 20+...
  13. M

    IF and VLOOKUP statement - not working

    Hello Everyone! I am looking to create a formula to do the following.. If C14="THIS" then look in table on page 2 (columns B-F) for data in Cell E23(from page 1) and return pricing listed in column 3, but if Cell C14="THAT" then look in table on page 2 (columns B-F) for data in Cell E23 and...
  14. S

    Summarising a calendars events with lookups and ifs

    Hi all, I am trying to create a summary of a sort of calendar I have made. The calendar is a daily view and runs landscape, with the days/dates (custom formatted to just show the day i.e. d) at the top and then with the task/meeting categories to the left of this (column A). I want to summarise...
  15. P

    Return last value of a row based on another value

    Hi, I have written the following formula: =INDEX('Daily Breakdown'!AD1:AD1000,COUNTIF(('Daily Breakdown'!AD1:AD1000),"<>0")) this returns the last value in column AD which is not 0. However I want this to return the bottom/last value based on the value in column B So if column B is equal...
  16. P

    Date If Formula

    Hi, I would like to write an If Formula (think combines vlookup too) I would like to say if todays today is displayed in x field return the value in y field, if not repeat the formula for yesterday date so like today()-1 etc and repeat this for 2,3 todays.
  17. P

    Array formula (think index, match)

    Hi, Got an issue which is complicated so I hope this makes sense :) I want to write a formula in a spreadsheet saying if the value in column a (tab 1) is equal to that from the range in column a (tab 2) then check column S for the most recent value (date is in column B (tab 2)) and return...
  18. J

    comparing 3 columns with VBAI

    I need to setup code that compares 3 columns. column C will have comparison values. I am trying to compare column C to D. If column D value is matching C, column F should be greater than 1. If not I would like to prompt user "Please put greater value in column F" and exit out of the code. Is...
  19. S

    Generating leadsheets

    I have a workbook in which I will have multiple tabs. Tab 1 looks like this. Let's call this Tab - ALL. The common thread is the group name: I will create a second tab called "cash" and have a A1 also be called "cash" I want to then prepopulate this second tab with all accounts...
  20. R

    Help! Multiple Criteria

    Hello everyone, hope all is well. I will be making a presentation – automated gathering of info. I just can’t figure out how to make this happen. The first spreadsheet would be the output, the date on the top are the ship dates. I have customers that are ordering 2 items irregularly, need to...

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