iif query.

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    Combining Cdate with Iif in calculated query

    this is a great board for answers How would I incorporate CDate into the below query string in order to calculate the “stringed” date value ? Status: IIf( ([Status Cd]<>"COMP",[Status Cd],IIf([expires]< Date(),"Pass Due",IIf([Expires]-Date()<=30,"30 Days", IIf([Expires]-Date()<=60,"60...
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    Count records based off IIF query

    So my query so far is: Sum(IIf([tblrawdata]![DC_NO1] Is Null And [tblrawdata]![DC_NO2] Is Null And [tblrawdata]![DC_NO3] Is Null And [tblrawdata]![DC_NO4] Is Null,1,0)) Which show's me the result I am looking for which is to set the count as 1 if the records are null. My next part of this...
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    Using IIF to outsort data

    Currently, when I import data for a certain table, I run the data through several queries and only import the data that meets the criteria. I would like to add one more query but, I'm not clear on how to write the expression. Within the table are a number of columns. One column is for...
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    IIf and statement in MS Query

    Hoping someone can help me. I am using MS Query to pull data in from an Access DB. I need to create a excel equivalent 'If AND' statement in ms query. iif(and([CLCall]=1,[CLCall]=2),1,0) But get a syntax error each time. What am I doing wrong, pls help....
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    VAT Lookup Query

    Hi Guys, I hope someone can help me with this query! I have a badly written database to fix, I have invoice generating queries that contain the code VAT: IIf([VAT Applicable]=True,[Amount]*0.175,0) If i simply change all of the queries to 15% the historical data will be affected, so I need...

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