1. B

    importing text file

    how do I keep the text format columns for columns A and X when importing a csv or text file to excel? when I used to use Excel 2010 I could pick the format for each column but I don't see that option when clicking data>from text/csv file and then it creates a query
  2. O

    I want to include the hyperlinks from the table I am Importing using Power Query

    Hi, I have used iqy files for excel on mac. It loaded the table results and i was able to format it but it left the hyperlink as needed. I decided to try power query and used my windows version of excel and I am able to make the connection and pull the data. Much easier to deal with. But the...
  3. R

    Data importing from another file with infinite blank rows

    Good afternoon, I have run into an issue I am in need of assistance with. I am importing data from 5 Excel spreadsheets into a sixth, however when it queries the first of the five files, it’s returning the data plus an infinite number of blank rows, up to the max and is not...
  4. J

    Failing to import data to tables

    Hello all, Recently I have noticed that my dBase has not been importing all data from the excel sheets into the dBase tables. After examining the dBase, the tables and the raw data sheets, I see no reason why it shouldn't be importing. I was hoping someone here might have an idea why, though...
  5. H

    Importing Excel Range data to Word doc

    Hello All, I need to import an excel 'Range' which contains texts and images into Word document. I have used the below code. Problem is images are misplaced after importing into word document and few images are above the text content. how do i maintain the structured format even after...
  6. 1

    Importing Text Files to Excel

    Good morning - I have 115 text, tab delimited, files I want to import into a single sheet of Excel. I found this upon searching:, but I want to also import the text files last modified date into a...
  7. gheyman

    Access: Saved Import

    I have a saved import that I want to run using VBA instead of the ribbon (because I have other actions I want to happen while with the import (First I am deleting the records in the table where I am importing) My import name is Import_ModelGeneralvluItem I cant find it on the internet. Any...
  8. R

    Importing data from webpage

    I am trying to record a macro wherein I am importing stock market data of Nifty fifty stocks from NSE website: However, the destination cell only displays the following message "no data". Could you please tell...
  9. J

    Best Way to Deduplicate Records but leave one

    I have an extremely large table (4.8MM records) that is the result of users importing excels with the same format into this table. From what I can tell, there are a significant number of duplicates within this population (likely from users importing the same excel twice). The tricky part is that...
  10. T

    Importing a userform to an new worksheet vba

    Set wb = Workbooks.Add ThisWorkbook.Activate ActiveSheet.Copy Before:=wb.Sheets(1) wb.Activate Workbooks("Copy of TEST2 - Copy.xlsm").Close Dim path As String Dim fileName As String path = "C:\Users\andy_\OneDrive\Desktop\VAMLog\" fileName = "SAVEPDF.frm"...
  11. J

    Importing Excel Spreadsheet Automatically Without Conversion Error

    Hello, I'm trying to setup a macro that will allow me to upload a spreadsheet "ABC.xlsx" each time I run it; however, I keep getting a conversion error. The reason appears to be some data is not yet populated (blanks). Is there a way to import the data so everything is short text so everything...
  12. U

    Importing Data (Get & Transform vs Data Model)

    Hi, I'm doing my first baby steps in power query. I tried to create query from excel workbook through the 'Get and and transform' and it took ages, but when I tried to do the same through the "Data model' UI it took just seconds... Why is that? What is the difference between the two methods...
  13. S

    trim then add space

    hello I have some external data that I import daily into a spreadsheet using VBA. The data I am given is not consistent - there are often spaces in the string in data in column 'I', and I would like to clean it up before importing. The spacing is also never consistent so I would like to make...
  14. N

    for every new excel file imported .... display file name, sheet name & date created

    How do I go around doing this? everytime when i import a new excel sheet using an vba command I would like it to extract the files name, sheet name and todays date when importing? and have it above the data while it is importing ... I am unable to do it since the data is dynamic and i dont...
  15. S

    Importing macros

    Is there any way to import macros from a .bas file other than 1 at a time? I have many to do.
  16. J

    Importing q&a from word into excel for mail merge

    Hi! I am studying for the bar exam and have 20 old exams with model answers in a word document that i would like to transfer into excel with each question in a cell in one column and the answer in the adjacent column so that I might mail merge them to print out flashcards. I have tried various...
  17. J

    excel VB: Importing muiltiple CSV Files ( Including Dates ) into Excel Help plz

    Hey, I'm hoping someone can help. I've recently landed a very laborious task which involves importing multiple CVs into an excel document for manipulation. I found this code which works great! Imports all my selected CSV files Into Excel, into separate tabs, however, as its VB it seems to...
  18. I

    Importing new Data into Standard Data tables

    Hello, I using a VBA and VBScript to pull data from SAP and saving as a txt/csv file, then importing the data into Excel. My problem is that i would like to import the data into a data table, but Excel doesn't like to import data into an existing table. I've played around with connections...
  19. B

    Pop-up while importing excel file in MS Access

    Hi, I am importing worksheet from an excel file in access. When I try to import excel file. I can see below message. Both the excel file and access files are saved on the same path but in a different folder. Excel file does not have any formulas or hyperlinks. Pop-up is as below A potential...
  20. M

    Power BI: Convert text (yyyymmdd) to date (mm/dd/yyyy)

    I am importing a text file where the date columns are coming through as whole numbers (yyyymmdd). When I try to transform to date, I get error. I tried to add a custom column with DAX formula Date(mid([Column1], 1,4), mid([Column1], 5, 2), mid([Column1], 7, 2)). Then I get error "The Name DATE...

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