1. D

    Auto Filter in VBA

    HI - I wonder if someone can tell me where I have gone wrong? Thank you :) Sub TestMacro() ' written to test look up of data in raw data spreadsheet and copy/paste to another sheet ' I want to select the data in column AA and filter on only items that map to type 01. Income from the VLOOKUP...
  2. I

    Open userform when worksheet opens

    Morning, My goal is when i open the workbook i should see INCOME (1) open & either show the userform or not depending on cell value in B1 What i see happening is if i was last on worksheet INCOME (3) then i save & close the workbook when i next open it the code runs BUT when i close the...
  3. I

    Userform to worksheet code advice

    Morning, I have a simple userform which i will select a Month & Year from the drop down box & when i press the command button it will place the selected values into there respective cells. I wish the userform to appear when i open the worksheet BUT only if the cell in question is empty. Should...
  4. C

    Excel Formula to sum customers List with criteria and show return the customer with highest Revenue

    Ok, I have been unable to solve this formula. I have a list of financial transactions on a sheet named Income Stmnt Transaction. In Column I is the customer name, Column M is the revenue earned for a single transaction, and Column N is the account type. the customer who earned the most...
  5. I

    Could you check my code please.

    This is the whole code from my worksheet, When i click the Transfer button it should copy & paste like shown below. Copy G INCOME cell D31 & paste to G SUMMARY cell D9 Copy G INCOME cell E31 & paste to G SUMMARY cell E9 G INCOME D31 = £200.00 & pastes to G SUMMARY D9 £200.00 "correct" G...
  6. D

    (probably) a simple sorting question

    Hi all, I think this is probably quite simple, but google searches are bringing up something slightly different to what I want. I have an accounts sheet, columns A-C are income, E-G are outgoings. I want to sort income by date, which is column A, and the outgoing by date, which is column E...
  7. R

    Traffic light warning system

    Hi Hoping someone here can help me... I have a SS which has an income cell and then an expenses cell... In a new cell which looks at the expenses and shows what percentage of the income is now covered by expenses and gives the percentage figure and then like a traffic lights system, green from...
  8. I

    Merged code gives a Run Time Error

    Hi, I have two buttons on my worksheet but would rather have only the one. Thus meaning i need to merge the two codes together. The two codes are shown below. Once i run the code the first code runs & does whats its supposed to do but when doing the second part of the code i ger a run time...
  9. I

    Addition line of code for existing code

    Hi, I am using the following code of which works well, Private Sub GrassSummaryIncomeSheet_Click() Dim strFileName As String strFileName = "C:\Users\Ian\Desktop\GRASS CUTTING\CURRENT GRASS SHEETS\INCOME 2019-2020\" & _ Range("J3") & "_" &...
  10. I

    Could you check my code please

    Evening, I am using the code supplied below. I press the command button & the pdf is saved then the cells cleared so far all ok. If i press the command button again im expecting the message box to be shown to advise me that the already exists. This doesnt happen & the save continues once again...
  11. J

    Dynamic named range

    Hi all, If I wanted to create a name ranged of the cells in column A, starting when column B says "Equity", and ending when the work "Fixed Income" starts, how would I go about it? (i.e named range should = A5:A15) I've tried something like this but no bueno...
  12. leopardhawk

    CONCAT function

    I would like to add a formula to this cell (B53) to replace the two occurrences of the word "Dale". The cell currently contains approximately 822 characters. Excel limits the text within a formula to 255 characters. I understand that the CONCAT functions allows for putting text strings...
  13. N

    Sumproduct and if statement

    Is it possible to use sumproduct and if statements together, or is there an easier way of achieving what I need to do here? I have the following formula: =SUMPRODUCT(--(Statement!$J$1:$J$1724=C13),Statement!$L$1:$L$1724) What this does is look at my bank statement sheet for a particular line...
  14. I

    Expenses code saves Income sheet ??

    Hi, I have an Income sheet which prints fine on a button & the code shown below. Private Sub GrassSummaryIncomeSheet_Click() Dim strFileName As String strFileName = "C:\Users\Ian\Desktop\GRASS CUTTING\CURRENT GRASS SHEETS\INCOME 2019-2020\" & Range("A3") & " " & Range("D3") & ".pdf"...
  15. leopardhawk

    Need help with IF statement

    Cell C1 has the name 'Bob' in it and cell D1 has the name 'Sue' in it (without quotes). The formula below is returning 'Bob combined net income (before retirement)' just as it should and if C1 is blank, it is returning 'Name & Spouse/Partner combined net income (before retirement)'. This is...
  16. E

    Gross salary from Net Salary

    Hi please I need urgent excel help to find the gross salary, given the Net salary in Ghana Net salary( example)....... 2,723.50 S.S.F............................5.5% P.F...............................3% NB: (S.S.F. and P.F. are deducted from the gross salary before arriving at chargeable...
  17. K

    Calculating cumulative payments with regular increases

    If I had rental income from a house, payment x, and the rent increased y% annually over z years, how can I calculate the cumulative rental income in one formula? As an example, if the rent was 1000, and annual increases were 3%, I would use: Cumulative rental income = (1000 * 1+0.03^0) + (1000...
  18. K

    Macro for calculating taxes

    I'm having a lot of trouble starting this sub in vba. Here is what I have already, but I'm not sure if I'm taking to right angle. Sub tax()Dim income As Double Dim tax As Double income = InputBox("enter your income") If income >= 200000 Then tax = ".35/income" else if income End Sub Assume...
  19. T

    How to keep referencing cell while dragging formula?

    Hello, I would like to be able to drag the cell from C3 all the way down to C7 and still retain the formula on income / amount equals percentage. In other words, $100 / $1,000 is 10%. When I drag cell C3 down to C4, it changes the formula to $125 / BLANK = #DIV/0!. How can I set the formula...
  20. P

    conditional calculation

    sir, This is Income Tax calculation where for 1st 2,50,000 rupees no tax. For the next 2,50,000 rupees tax is 5%. Above 5 lakh but below 10 lakh tax, it is 20%. Above 10 lakh, tax is 30%. if taxable income is 450000(4.5 lakh) for 250000 nil tax upto 500000 5%...

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