1. S

    Vba code to replace, position and remove indentation in powerpoint.

    The code works with the replace , position except with the indentation I am trying to establish Before text = 0 cm, Special = None, Alignment = Left" I have established the code below Sub changeFont() For Each aSlide In ActivePresentation.Slides For Each aShape In aSlide.Shapes Dim x...
  2. K

    Grouping by Indent using VBA

    Goal: To use a macro to group my data based on the detail information being indented. I have the following in Column A of a worksheet: Item description detail detail detail Item description detail detail detail detail detail detail Variables: The number of Item...
  3. U

    Data Validation Based on Indent?

    I have a list with over 1700 items for data validation. I am sure Excel could not handle this many items for data validation and even if it could, who would want to read through this list. My client has the list indented based on hierarchy. I need everything with an indent value of one and the...
  4. R

    VBA Formatting/Indenting

    Hi All, Wondering if someone could point me to some information on proper formatting/indentation of VBA code in Excel. I'm proficient in VBA but never learned proper formatting and my code always looks like junk compared to others. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  5. P

    Please help....bold row based on indent

    Please help write a macro that will bold entire rows based on no indentation.
  6. D

    formatting (indentation, borders) based on values of 3 cells?

    hello, i'd like to format a cell based on the values of 3 cells altogether. explanation: i have a sheet arranged in such a way that two tables can fit on a page (when printed). columns A and F have names of items, columns B and G are numeric values, columns C and H contain dates, while column...

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