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    How to return text from a =MIN function

    Hi guys.. Not sure this is possible from the way I've laid this out. But what I'm trying to do is use the =MIN function to find the cheapest period cost but the answer to come up as either 'Option 1', 2, 3 or 4 depending which is cheapest Here's how I've laid out my data, I'm not sure if I can...
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    How can I make a column of my data work properly

    Hi Guys, Within the document you will see three blue sections (classes) and then a multitude of other classes that are white. This is the formula within Cell F4 =IF(NOT(ISNA(AA4)),AA4,INDEX(Termone!D$3:E$265, MATCH(D4, Termone!C$3:C$265, 0), MATCH(F$3, F$3:G$3, 0))) There is a shadow...

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