input box

  1. M

    Fill Input Box called by another macro

    Hi, I have written a macro which calls another macro (called 'Step1'). Unfortunately, 'Step1' is locked by my company so I cannot review or edit it. When 'Step1' is called, it requires a string to be entered into an input box. Is there any way I can send a string from my macro to fill this...
  2. K

    New Input Every Loop

    I have some code that allows a user to select multiple items from a list box and clear them out from the list. I'm trying to add a feature to allow the user to input comments for each entry if desired however the issue that I'm running into is that it will only ask for input once then it exits...
  3. tlc53

    Add Second Input Box

    Hi, Can someone help me with this please? Originally I was having trouble with entering a date in the input box, but that now works really well. Now I want to add another input box which asks for the user name (see last 2x lines of code below. This part isn't working or looking right. I...
  4. T

    Input Box to Delete Columns

    Goal: Need an input box where the user enters in numbers. if this is not possible, maybe loop the input box until the value is blank? This is where I am stuck on how to go about this. The numbers entered are searched through each worksheet in the workbook Row 12 is where the numbers are...
  5. B

    VBA inputbox user new line

    Hi, I have a VBA code that gets input from the user. I want that click on ENTER will get a new line.
  6. E

    Clear Contents two cells to the left if input date is <

    Attempting to modify a MACRO that deletes rows based on input box date < criteria - that works great! Now need to just clear contents of cell two cells to the left and not an entire row. Not sure what needs to be done on this line: ActiveCell.Offset(0, -2).ClearContents - not working. Dates...
  7. lmmay

    Sort using an input box to select the column

    I am using the following to sort an excel sheet: Sub Sort() 'Unprotect Worksheet ActiveSheet.UnProtect Password:=" cover700" Selection.Sort Key1:=Range(Selection.Address), Order1:=xlAscending, DataOption1:=xlSortNormal ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Password:="...
  8. E

    Copy and paste into separate sheet

    Hi all, Can someone help with my code below? I cannot work out why it's not working? The line in bold is highlighted by the debugger. Sub Macro10() ' ' Macro10 Macro ' ' Dim myValue As Variant myValue = InputBox("Enter the confirmed start date below", "Start Date Confirmation")...
  9. B

    MACRO (Scanning 2 barcodes for each row) - Need ASAP

    Good morning gurus, I have a problem that I need some assistance with. I need to be able to scan into an input box 2 variables. The first box will be a barcode scan of a serial number, and the second barcode scan will be a weight. I need for the 1st scan (Serial Number) to be in column A...
  10. K

    Input box to filter rows

    Hey! Looking for some help with creating an input box to filter an Excel spreadsheet that has about 1900 rows of data. I want to have a push button control that will produce an input box where the end user will enter data to filter the list. Data will be located in column A starting in row...
  11. B

    Excel VBA: Input Box returning "SN Found" or "SN Not Found"

    Hello Guys and Gals, I found this macro elsewhere, and modified it slightly to fit my needs. However, I'm unsure how to turn it essentially into an IF statement where it returns "SN Found" if it does find the serial number or "SN Not Found" if it does not find the serial number. I would also...
  12. S

    VBA to unhide a very hidden tab and then hide current tab

    Hi, I have a code that I use to launch an input box, when the correct password is entered it unlocks a specific tab, that was previously VeryHidden. I'd like to modify it so it also hides the current sheet when the answer is correct. When I try to modify, I end up hiding the active sheet...
  13. M

    tracking bad paswords

    So i have a lot of password protected macro buttons in my project and I am tracking the user name of anyone who enters the correct password on a hidden sheet called "users" its kind of a built in audit trail . I would also like to capture the user names of people who enter a bad password...
  14. L

    MSForms.DataObject "no variable"

    I have the Forms 2.0 Object Library loaded. I have a value in a string variable (strNum) I have a new form data object (doNum) when I use: Dim doNum As New MSForms.DataObject Dim strNum As String Dim strMessage, strTitle 'Input box to prompt for opers to query data strMessage = "Enter...
  15. X

    Error when Inputbox is Canceled

    I have an input box set up to prompt the user to select a range of cells. When i select cancel and no data range was selected, i get a run-time error '13: type mismatch. Clicking on debug it refers me to my set calculated_range line of code. Not sure what i am doing wrong. The code works...
  16. X

    Input Box Range to Cell

    I am new to VBA and having trouble. I have created a button that i want to prompt a pop up input box that triggers the user to enter a range of cells. I then want to use that range in a formula. However, doing so through the vba may be over my head at this point but if it is a simple process...
  17. S

    repeatinng a macro the number of times specified in a cell

    I have a macro that calculates a sheet, waits 1 second, then does it again. After 12 seconds, it switches to the next sheet and does the same thing. I'd like the macro to run certain number of times, based on the value of a cell that the end user inputs into a box. I've minimal experience with...
  18. H

    Excel VBA with SQL - Using an Input Box to filter Criteria

    Hello - Below is the VBA Macro with the SQL. The input box is prompting me, but not producing a result. Please help update my code if possible: Sub SO() ' ' SO Macro ' ' 'Initializes variables Dim cnn As New ADODB.Connection Dim rst As New ADODB.Recordset Dim ConnectionString As String...
  19. S

    Trouble With Dialog Box Applying to All Files in a Folder

    Hi Everyone! I am realatively new to VBA and have been piecing together this code from other posted codes. However, I am having trouble with an Application DialogBox The Project: I am designing a macro for a packing company that allows the user to select a folder and enter a date. The macro...
  20. L

    Copying from a filtered range in VBA

    Hi all! I am trying to filter a data file till there is only one row of data (excluding headers) and then I copy the relevant cells in that row. However, there will be some instances where my filter criteria is not enough to filter till one row of data. If that is the case, I want the user to...

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