input data

  1. A

    Inputting raw data from rows and extracting results from temporary formula result into respective rows

    Good day All, I want to input a set of 3 data inputs and extract the results from a formula. The formula itself is linked with many sheets and other formulas and is restricted to 1 row only for the input and result. From the 3 data inputs of a row, I will receive 2 results that will change...
  2. M

    Preventing Duplicated Data Input from Click Button from one sheet to another

    Hi there, Old thread I know, I'm having a little bit of trouble getting something to work. I'm also a bit of a novice, I'll admit. I'm trying to Populate a table, this I've succeeded in. Now however I need the information in a specific cell to be read and held against a portion of my table to...
  3. Y

    How to input data from a production batch, with a lot of composition

    Hello, I want to input a lot of data from a production batch into Microsoft Excel with version 2019. I want to search for an effective way to do it and to minimize any mistake from inputting at the wrong column, and to make the process a lot faster, because there's a lot of handwritten notes of...
  4. C

    How to Use Input Data Results in Hyperlink Code

    Hello, I created the top half of the coding below to trigger an input box. What I'm trying to do is to use that result in the second half of the coding in the red text below. The box successfully appears and let's me enter the data then disappears. Nothing else happens. I have tried quotations...
  5. A

    Input Data From UserForm In Correct Format in Excel in VBA

    I have a UserForm that asks the user to select a day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...) and input a position. I want to direct this information to the worksheet called Data. I want to the position to be inputed in the row that is associated with the day the user selected for it. The current code...
  6. M

    Looking for help creating a custom function in Excel.

    Hello all! This is my first post on here. From what I have seen, you guys are enormously helpful. I thought I would put forward my questoin I have hit a wall trying to create a custom function in VBA. I am trying to find unique values in a list of copied values in some column. This is...
  7. Z

    Command button

    How can I create a command button that, when pressing it, will calculate the area of a rectangle by getting values from the user at run time with the help of two input boxes (one for length and one for width) and stores the result in cell A1. This should be done in Sheet4
  8. J

    Hyperlink with input

    Not sure if this is possible to do but I know excel can open a webpage with a hyperlink but is it possible for excel to also input data on a site then submit that data. For example say a youtube video i wanted to search i would set the hyperlink to youtube with what i wanted to search also so i...
  9. K

    Help Please! Use Combobox selection to find and pull data from sheet to listbox?

    Hi all and a happy new year! I am looking for help with a basic user form that has: 1x Combo box. 1x List box I need it to pull data from 4 columns on Sheet 1. If the combo box selection states "Factory" then it needs to pull the stated data below from the matches to "Factory" in Column I...
  10. G

    change a form from input new data to edit existing data

    can any body help to change this form which works perfectly for inputting new data into a spread sheet to being able to edit the existing data in the spread sheet,scroll through the spread sheet to check existing data and still be able to add new data. Many thanks in advance. Private Sub...
  11. D

    input from vba user form

    hi i am new to vba i want to Update cells via a user form. user enter data in form and update in some cells like c5, c6, d5, d6, e6. e7. one more thing i want to show some data from the sheet on a user form. please help me... below given is code for 1st user form. Option ExplicitPrivate Sub...
  12. G

    Unload form past data to worksheet clear form ready for next.

    I hope some body can help me with this code I have created a form and want to enter data into the form, the form needs to find the last row on a spreadsheet offset to the next row past data into several differents cells (all on the same row), clear the form ready for the next lot of data...
  13. B

    Inputting data in different columns via input template(sheet) which changes by dropdown.

    I would like to create a template for inputting 20 pieces of data on a weekly basis. The data will ultimately be presented on a seperate sheet with week 1 to 52 as column titles and the 20 parameter titles down the first column. For the input sheet I would like to have 20 blocks and a dropdown...
  14. B

    Button to Push data to a sheet

    Hello All.... I have been working for sometimes on a workbook to calculate marks for my class. My workbook is comprised of 4 sheets. 1. Tools sheet, where I have a list of the various tools that a teacher uses in order to come up with a "Final Mark" for the term, 2. A sheet which summarises and...
  15. J

    Macro to Insert Specified Number of Columns

    Thank you in advance. I have a worksheet that I use to audit office locations for a specific organization. When I use it, a compnay may have 3 offices or 100 offices in the audit. I have a title page where I input data. My master file would have an additional worksheet with 1 office and all...

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