1. Jaafar Tribak

    Standard VBA InputBox Forced Into Taking More Than 256 Characters (Up to 4280) + Other Cool Features.

    Hi all, I have been playing around with the standard vba InputBox to make it more powerful and flexible. I have named this cutomized vba InputBox as InputBox4280Chars These are the main added features : 1- Takes up to 4280 Chars. 2- InputBox size automatically adjustable depending on the...
  2. B

    How to remove "?" from input box

    I have below code where code asks for date from user but there is help (?) in the prompt box. can someone hep to find out how to remove it. strdate = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Enter the weekending date (mm/dd/yyyy)", Title:="WEEKENDING DATE", Default:=Format(Date, "Short Date"), Type:=1)...
  3. R

    Disable AutoSave after 'Enable Content' but Before 'WorkbookOpen'

    Hi all You probably all know the AutoSave in Excel. And probably a lot will know how to disable it with VBA. Sub Workbook_Open() ActiveWorkbook.AutoSaveOn = False End If Situation: When a user is opening this file for the first time, Excel will ask to 'Enable Content' for security...
  4. D

    Excel VBA AutoFiltering using InputBox to specify the Criteria - *contains*

    Hi Folks, My goal is to be able to filter a column in a dynamic table for strings that contain non-alpha characters like #, $, etc using wildcards (*). I wish to use an InputBox to specify the special character. Something unexpected is happening: If I directly code 'Criteria1' e.g., for #...
  5. W

    Submit InputBox value a Cell

    I have the following code but needs it to submit input value into an excel cell. Sub UserForm_Activate() Dim myInputBoxVariable As Variant myInputBoxVariable = Application.inputBox(Prompt:="Enter Product", Title:="Stock-Position Request") MsgBox "Your input was: " & myInputBoxVariable End Sub...
  6. B

    InputBox and Cut and Paste based on value

    Hi, I have a problem: I need to line the same people in column B and currently it looks like this person is always in one cell from A-H but not always in column B as desired. If this person is in for example column H then I have to move him/her to column B and person from column G to column A...
  7. tomsov

    Saving excel sheet using inputbox to select date range.

    Hello, I've been working on a complicated workbook but have ran into a problem that I can't seem to solve. I need to output a list of invoices to an external application (it can be imported as an .xls file but must be in a stand alone workbook on Sheet 1 for this to work). I have so far managed...
  8. B

    Conditional formatting in VBA

    Hi, I have one question: I am trying to figure out how to add to the middle of my recorded macro part that will take a kid name from user and mark it green in the whole spreadsheet. I have tried the code below, but it doesn't work (error object required). Name = InputBox("Enter Kid's...
  9. T

    Loop Input Box if Entry is Invalid

    I am wanting to restrict the user entering into the inputbox to one of four answers. If not, the inputbox will loop until one of four answers is given. The answer would include both text and a number, a1, a2, b1 or b2. Would declaring the variable as a string be appropriate? I figured I could...
  10. I

    Inputbox to select the range from user to apply a specific function.

    Hi All, I have following VBA code to remove extra hidden characters from a range. It works fine. But many times I need to change the range for removing extra hidden characters and for this everytime I have to go edit the macro. I want an inputbox to be appeared to select (from user) the range...
  11. kelly mort

    Having trouble with how to format search criteria to match dates in a column- vba

    My dates are found in column B and in the format “dd-mm-yy” – this is how they look to my eyes but when I click on them, they look like “dd-mm-yyyy” in the formula bar. When I then do my search for the date with the inputbox entry, it throws back to me the message alert that the said date from...
  12. N

    VBA - Change inputBox date from US to UK standard (mm-dd-yyyy -> dd-mm-yyyy)

    Hello I've been searching a bit and seems like there's no real answer to this. As it is I can add the date (dd-mm-yyyy), but it won't see it as a date before I manually press enter on the cell. Problem is when another macro afterward search for the latest date and won't detect that cell as a...
  13. T

    Auto vbyes in Inputbox?

    Hey. Iam wondering if its possible to to code or do something with inputbox. The thing i need. my costumer is going to put in a value of 7 numbers/letters, and then press Yes. Is it possible to do the "yes" button automatic when 7 numbers/letters is filled in? Ex: inputbox is appearing...
  14. Jambi46n2

    VBA Inputbox Find and Replace Help

    I am trying to conduct an automated Find and Replace with VBA Inputbox to simply replace this: 07 July 2019\SpeeDee Royalty Calculation\07.27\Sales Reports\[07.27.2019 Nexgen SpeeDee Report.xlsx]rptCustomMonthlySalesOverview'!$A$4:$I$102,5,FALSE) To This: 08 August 2019\SpeeDee Royalty...
  15. Mackeral

    ERRORS in VBA FUnctions "InputBox" & "Select Case"

    These 2 VBA expressions do not function as it the are documented to, and I found that these had been recently implimented and broke code I've been running for years. INPUTBOX The docmentation says that if you hit the "Cancel" key that the routine returns a FALSE. It now returns an Empty String...
  16. A

    VBA Find column by header name and autofill column from inputbox to the last row

    Hello, I am trying to find VBA code which would find a header by name and then autofill that column from input box value to the last row. Currently I am using below code to replace value in column PostalCode by value from inputbox. It replaces "United Kingdom" in Column PostalCode with value...
  17. R

    Changing the name of Inputbox

    When I create an Inputbox in the top left hand corner of the box is displayed Microsoft Excel. Is there any way to change that, remove it, hide it? Can't seem to locate anything about this. Thanks
  18. F

    Outlook calendar export VBA with range period

    Hello guys, I am trying to modify a code that I found in order to export my calendar appointments in Excel. I need to export "Subject", "StartDate", "EndDate" and "Category". The main issue is that I want on a specific period of time by an Input Box, first to enter the start date and then the...
  19. sparky2205

    Handling blank entries in an Inputbox with input type range

    Hi folks, I am having a problem with an inputbox. Specifically handling the situation where a user doesn't enter any information and presses OK. I have dealt with this before, successfully, when the input to the inputbox is numbers or text. However, my input is a range. I have trawled through...
  20. L

    Input box cancel to not change the cell value even if its blank, but vbnullstring returns something?

    Hi all, following basic example: Sub testing2() Dim THG As Variant THG = InputBox("Try") If THG = vbNullString Then THG = "Blank" Sheet4.Range("C30") = THG End Sub I would like to input "Blank" in the field if the user hits OK, but if the user hits cancel I would like the original...

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