1. Q

    How to stop InputBox from looping after input?

    Hi there! I am using this macro to sort through a master inventory list and transfer a row if the inputted "Vendor" is found when the InputBox populates. However, after the input, the InputBox keeps popping up and infinitely looping. How do I make it so that once a vendor name is entered, the...
  2. R

    VBA loop through date type mismatch

    Hi all! I have a problem with the dates. I have a list of dates that I want to loop through and copy the result to another sheet. The condition is a date range. Here is my code: Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim lastrow, erow, i As Long Dim mydate, sdate, edate As Date...
  3. D

    VBA find next blank, display value from another cell in the same row, input value in blank

    Hello all, I have searched everywhere for this topic, but could not find anything and I am starting to think it is impossible. Basically, I want that the code finds the next blank in column F. Upon that, a msgbox should pop up with the text value of column C of the same row that the code found...
  4. G

    VBA - InputBox to select a cell but also store the worksheet as a variable

    Hi, I've got the following code which works but I need a way to also store which workbook the selected cell was on: find_cell = Application.InputBox("Select first cell in list of data to find", Default:=Selection.Address, Type:=8).Address I'm working across multiple sheets (and possibly...
  5. B

    IsNumeric giving error if variable is a text

    Hey guys, I have an excel file where I have a button to start a new month. When the button is pressed, it opens an InputBox, where the user has to insert month number. In vba, I have code to check if the input is a number, anf if that number is between 1 and 12. When I type a number...
  6. W

    Inputbox cell selection stopped working

    I am calling the InputBox function from a VB.NET application using this line: StationCell = xlApp.InputBox(Prompt:="Select the first station cell", Default:=rngDefault.AddressLocal, Type:=8) The inputbox is displayed, and when the user selects a cell, that cell address is supposed to be...
  7. F

    Array of numbers - from Application.InputBox

    I'm using this to create an array of numbers. The example array is shown below. Instead of entering {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,100,2000} ... wanted to input something like "1-10,100,2000". Is this possible? Sub arr_from_input() Dim arr_num As Variant Dim i As Long arr_num =...
  8. D

    Select column and change values

    Hi I have a code but is not working as expected. the purpose is for the user be able to select a column, the VBA will look for a specific value and change to the custom one. thank you for your help! Sub find_and_replace() Dim find_value, replace_value As String Dim MySelection As Range...
  9. kelly mort

    VBA code to close an inputBox when system is inactive for some time.

    In a post solved for me here by @Jaafar Tribak I used the computer’s system inactivity to display an inputBox where a user must enter certain credentials to get access to the userform again. It’s working very great. But there has been new developments and I need help to take care of that. As...
  10. R

    Dynamic holiday range formula

    Hi, I have the following formula which is inserted on sheets through VBA code: =SUMPRODUCT((B3:AF3="AD")*(WEEKDAY(B2:AF2,2)<6)*(ISNA(MATCH(B2:AF2,HolidaySheet!A2:A3,0)))) The A2:A3 range contains two holiday dates which are on a separate worksheet. The holidays change depending on the year...
  11. R

    Random value must be unique depending on date range

    Hello, I have a button that creates 12 month sheets for a specific year that is entered into an inputbox. The code below enters values (coming from a master sheet list) randomly every workday per month sheet created. I would like to have only unique random values per week, and a minimum of 2...
  12. R

    Color cells if workday and holiday (VBA)

    Hello, I got a macro button which adds month sheets for a specific year that is entered in an inputbox. The following code unsuccessfully attempts to fill all working days with a pink colour if they match a range of cells that represent the holidays (and include blank cells). Is there a way to...
  13. E

    How to add OnError vba on my current subroutine?

    I tried adding OnError on my current sub. I success adding it but it always shows the Error message even there is no error. How to add the OnError correctly? Public Sub Searcher() Dim wss As Integer wss = Application.InputBox("Please enter Sheet Number", "Sheet Select", Type:=1) With...
  14. R

    Userform listbox search button

    Hi, I have a search button in a userform to highlight/select the matching list item based on the value entered in an inputbox that is activated by this search button. I would like to be able to select the list item, regardless of case sensitivity. With the code below my entered value does not...
  15. R

    Macro to add month sheets containing days

    Hi, I have a VBA code (see below) for a macro button to add month sheets in a workbook. Now the month sheets are sorted from January to December, but I would like them to be sorted from December to January; while still keeping differently named sheets at the end of the worksheet tabs. After...
  16. S

    How to prompt an input box and add comment when certain value is selected

    Howdy y’all, I am working on a sheet that will ultimately have a lot of non-Excel-savvy folks using it. For that reason, I’ve been asked to protect the sheet to limit how much can be edited. As such, I don’t want to allow “edit objects” when protecting because there are several shapes/text...
  17. S

    Copy a column selected by input box to the next available column on an existing sheet

    Very new to VAB and I have a workbook with both values and free text survey responses. I'm trying to cut the Free Response Text columns to their own sheet in my workbook. The columns this free text will be in may vary depending on the survey data entered, so I've used the input box to allow the...
  18. T

    Using InputBox to selectively place data into the specified Row

    Hi All, I have a button that leads to a UserForm where the User enters in some information and is prompted with an InputBox. The intention is that the user types in the row that they want the aforementioned UserForm information to be placed. I seem to be struggling with transferring the row...
  19. W

    VBA - Posting Multiple Table Results in MsgBox Using an InputBox to Search [VLookup?]

    Hey everybody! I've been scouring these boards all week and have seen a pretty kind community. I'll be frank, I'm applying for a job and I have an assessment they want me to complete to the best of my abilities. It was expressly stated I could use whatever resources I could get my hands on and I...
  20. U

    VBA InputBox need user to enter details if not loop back on itself

    So I'm new to doing this !!! I have used the record Macro function and then expanded when necessary. what I need help with is having my input box require a text entry. if its blank have and error message and for it to return to the message box, if cancelled the new sheet be removed and go back...

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