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    Refering to a Sheet that has been Named using InputBox

    Hi, I am stuck on a piece of code that I can't figure out. If I have just inserted and named a new sheet using VBA how can I refer to this new sheet further down in my code? So far I have this... Sub VlookupDivStocks() Sheets.Add.Name = InputBox("What would you like to Call this sheet?")...
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    Insert VBA Code into New Workbook module from Sheet

    Hi, I am trying to insert the worksheet 'Quality Check Form' into a new workbook and have the code below work. It is bringing the code over with the sheet but the macro is not working. I believe the code needs to be applied to the workbook the sheet is being imported to apposed to just the...
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    Insert Sheet with Button

    I need a code that will insert a copy of a existing sheet and promt for a rename. Thanks

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