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    Insert Text between two bookmarks of a word document into a new word document (after bookmark)

    Hello, i hope you all are healthy! I want to insert the text written between two bookmarks ("Beginning_old") and ("End_old") of an baseline word document, into a new word document. In the new word document, the text should be inserted between a bookmark called "Beggining_newdoc" and a...
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    Insert text from Excel into word document - after bookmark

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I want to insert text from an excel-cell (B16) into a word document. The text should be inserted after the respective bookmark ("B1"). I have written the following code: Sub InsertAfterBookmark() Dim objWord As Object Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws =...
  3. A

    Insert column dose not work

    Hi there I have an excel workbook and I can't insert any column in any worksheet. I will appreciate helping me on this. Here is the excel file .Excel file
  4. P

    Range.Insert not working when filter is active

    I haven't noticed this issue in regular Excel because I have an active filter, I can still right-click and insert a new table column. However, periodically, when I try to insert a new column in VBA, I run into a run-time 438 error when I have an active filter. Has anyone else experienced this...
  5. B

    Inserting Rows with formulas automatically populated from the row above

    I'm sure this is a simple fix, but I am trying to insert rows in an excel spreadsheet and I want the row I insert to automatically populate the same formula from the row above it. For example: In cell N6, I have =IF(C6="@",E6,0) In cell N7, I have =IF(C7="@",E7,0) Now if I insert an entire...
  6. J

    Referencing an "icon"

    On the INSERT menu of the Excel ribbon, right under "shapes" you can insert an "icon". Once you've done that, how can you reference the resulting picture via VBA? I tried searching but most of what comes up for "icons" is in relation to conditional formatting.... Thanks!
  7. H

    Insert rows with formulas based on a cell value

    Hey, Please I need help in this case; thank you in advance! I insert data and have the data in Table1 in Sheet1: <tbody> A1 DATA B1 Order =COUNTA(A2;A1000) (result: 2) A2 Car 1 B2 25 A3 Car 2 B3 45 </tbody> Every time I insert new data, new data might add/cut rows to/from this table...
  8. S

    Power Query - insert column by repeating single value from another query

    Hi, I have a power query qryTotalSales that simply has SalesAgentID and SalesVolume as an aggregate SalesAgentID SalesVolume 1 27 2 4 3 72 4 11 In another power query qryThreshold I have restricted...
  9. G

    Insert Found Column

    Set fnd = Range("8:8").Find("WBS", , , xlWhole, , , False, , False) If Not fnd Is Nothing Then Intersect(Range("8:5000"), fnd.EntireColumn).Copy Range("B8").PasteSpecial xlPasteValues Intersect(Range("8:5000"), fnd.EntireColumn).ClearContents End If Hello The code above is working...
  10. D

    Insert a picture into named excel worksheets by client id vba

    Hi everyone, I have a workbook containing multiple sheets. The first sheet contains a unique 4 digit id to identify the client. Other sheets within the workbook are named after a year group so Y1, Y2, Y3 and so on.... Elsewhere on my PC, i have files that are named with the 4 client digit id...
  11. C

    Using more than one formula in a cell

    I have the following in which i want to populate a notice using more than one formula, sorry my knowledge does not stretch to more than one formula :( I hope I have explained easy enough as below Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Date...
  12. D

    Trying to insert a formula

    What is wrong with this code to insert a formula? ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("CSS_quote_sheet").Range("M11").Formula "=IF(D11<3,3,D11)"
  13. C

    Conditionally insert rows

    Dear MrExcel, I need to insert rows based on certain numbers and I need your kind help and assistant to help me out. I have 2 columns, A & B A is containing value (string) B is containing value (number) If the value in column B = 1 then no inserting rows But if the value in column B <> 1...
  14. A

    Insert a line break after word wrap

    I have a multi-line textbox I want to insert a line break after word-wraps to a new line. Can someone help with a vba code that can do this. Thank you kindly
  15. N

    VBA Code to insert the same data for many clients!!

    Hi, I have a userform with many controls, and below are some of them txtBarCode (TextBox) [where I insert the needed Item's Barcode] cmbNum (ComboBox) [(List from 1 to 8) to Identify the clients number] txt_Name1, txt_Name2 ...txt_Name8 (TextBox) [To insert the client names, (if cmbNum = 3...
  16. A

    How to insert in cell A1 the name on the tab

    Is there a way to insert the name on the tab of an excel sheet into cell A1 without having to type it every time?
  17. D

    Excel macro insert 10 blank rows at top of every tab in a workbook

    Hi, is it possible to use a macro to insert 10 empty rows in row 1 of a workbook and do this for every tab in the workbook? Then I would like to copy a table and I insert this into the 10 blank rows created? I have 100 tabs on the workbook so want to avoid doing things manually. Thanks.
  18. R

    insert cellls vba

    Hi Guys I have the following code Cells(LR, 28).Value = txtCNum4.Value In my useform txtCNum4 is a text box name Lease Period What i want is when the user enters a number let's say 10. vba inserts 10 cells after Cells(LR, 28) and i also want vba to add a heading month1 to month10 to...
  19. E

    Exporting only one row from a spreadsheet into a database in Access

    Im trying to find a way of exporting one row of data from a spreadsheet into a database in Access. I ideally don't want access to open in this process as it sometimes causes everything to not respond. I had though about a simply recording a macro to copy & paste one row into access but I think...
  20. L

    Insert Rows

    I am looking for a quick VBA solution. I have a range of numbers (not consecutive) in one column, 881 to be exact. I need to insert 146 blank rows in between each number, then move to the next number in the same column and then insert 146 more blank rows, until I reach the end. Does anyone...

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